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Quick update on submissions to Plus One Magazine

Wow.. When we were collecting images for the +Plus One Collection we got a measily 20-30 submissions in the first few days. The momentum didn't pick till the very end.

In the first three days we have 197 images submitted to the gallery so far. The window to submit is open till May 31. See it here -

What are we going to do next?

First, we're going to go through all images, add captions an authors, based on the form people filled out. If didn't fill out a form, your image will be deleted.

Second, we're going to clean up the gallery. There are multiple submissions from some people (someone submitted 40 images yesterday!) and there are images that don't fit the theme of architecture. Those will be deleted as well.

Third, next week, we'll start the voting process and you can help us determine which images to include. So if you want your picture to be there from the beginning, don't wait to submit till the last minute.

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You collected all images at smugmug. Will the voting take place here in G+ or at smugmug ?
Can't wait to vote! :D
+Ivan Makarov how do I upload photos to this gallery? I can looks through the photos, but I don't see any Upload button or anything like it...
+Mohan M thanks, Mohan, but when I click there it says "These aren't the photos you're looking for."
I saw some people mentioned this in comments to one of the previous posts...
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