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It's been a long journey, but it's finally here.

We're excited to announce that +Plus One Collection is BACK ON SALE and is now available in three versions - ebook ($5), softcopy ($65) and hardcopy ($75). On our page we also have a coupon for 15% off the print books. Take a look -

I'm especially excited about ebook - because it has all photographs submitted and because it's so affordable. Skip your morning coffee and enjoy great photography!

We've raised thousands of dollars for +Kiva so far. Let's raise even more!

To those who are helping us spread the word, I'm going to pick a random person who re-shares this post, and send him or her a hardcover copy of the +Plus One Collection (one of the proofs I got this week in the mail).

Simply re-share this post to your circles, and you'll be entered in!
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Fine, congratulations!
And now my best desires that it becomes a best-seller!
Shared, E book downloaded and eagerly waiting for LE book, good work +Ivan Makarov and your team !!
It's as exciting as it was when it first went 'live'. There's no stopping this +1 train!
just bought the e-book, Great effort +Ivan Makarov really something to have my work included with other fantastic photographers. Appreciate the team's efforts :)
Don't skip your morning coffee! Do what I did: buy the ebook and enjoy it with your morning coffee (or tea, in my case)!
I received my limited edition book, it is AWESOME!!! I've shared this with my stream. Thanks +Ivan Makarov for all your hard work and your team!!!
Thank you Ivan I am sharing this. Best wishes going forward with Kiva.
oh how i wish i could get that book! but oh well, it's a student's life :]
Once again, thank you +Ivan Makarov (and all the crew) very much for this terrific project! I'm so proud of being part of it and really enjoyed the experience. And good luck to all the Kiva guys that will try to make their dreams real.
I ordered 3 the other day for Christmas presents. This is an EXCELLENT book. The quality is fantastic and the photographers in it and the app have done an amazing thing by sharing. +Ivan Makarov what a great project. Take a bow my friend, this is a huge success and my hat is off to you and everyone who participated.

Truly impressive collection.

I now need to get some of the photographers to sign my Limited book :-) +Lotus Carroll youre first !!!
shared and I ordered my one yesterday. Can't wait to see it. And it will be interesting to compare it with the LE. Hope my friend +Markus Landsmann who ordered a LE will show it.
Just purchased and downloaded the ebook (don't use a dial modem Internet connection :P). The photos are fantastic and it made me wanting to look at the special edition book once again tonight.
+Stefan Bäurle I have a fast internet connection but I can welcome every single bit with a personal handshake ;-)
There must be some thousends downloading it right now
i don't like you cuz ur makin me read, oh and hi
the post isn't 'hot' enough yet ! share share share people ! I'm downloading the ebook right now, will get the book april 3 !
Congratulations and many thanks for getting to this point +Ivan Makarov I ordered yesterday and am really looking forward to seeing it.
I'm really amazed with the collector edition. Great work +Ivan Makarov . Downloading ibook now so i can check it on ipad everywhere i go ;)
Thanks everyone for your feedback. Been away from computer for a while now.. Appreciate all the re-shares!
Thank you very much again, Ivan! I can't wait to receive my book in the mail, and I just purchased the ebook. Going to promote this on FB, Google+, and on my personal web sites. :)
Was unable to purchase the limited edition version but ordered my hardcover. Can't wait to see my photo in it :). You've really done a fantastic job with this +Ivan Makarov.
Just wanted to add here that this would make a great Christmas/Holiday gift for friends and family...I will proudly bookmark my picture as well so they open right to it. :)
Such a great book! Wishing I could get one... but sadly I our family is in the unemployment line right now... no funds! But I am thrilled to promote it to everyone I know! Thanks for including my image in this great project! :)
One more share :P and another big thank you +Ivan Makarov and all the others that made this possible
Is the ebook for iPad only or can it be viewed on any computer or tablet, +Ivan Makarov?
I was looking on the website but couldn't find any information.
+Andrea Ewald it's more for computer - the bigger the screen, the better. But you can put it on the iPad as well.
+Jonathan Goody sorry, can't join. In meetings all day - plus work firewall blocks video connections anyway
+Andrea Ewald the ebook is essentially a PDF file. So you can look at it at any device that can read such documents. It looks good on my TouchPad (same display like iPad 2) - but it looks much better on my large PC monitor.
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Thanks, +Stefan Bäurle. I downloaded it but now I don't have time to look at it. Has to wait until tomorrow. :)
+Andrea Ewald It's in PDF format... so you should be able to view it with any PDF reader/viewer software... Just bought the ebook version... it's awesome.
Thank you and very one who helps with the publishing!!
Hi +Ivan Makarov, I sent you an email a little while ago, not sure if you received it yet. Thank you for being so gracious and helpful.
+Ivan Makarov - just wanted to thank you and your team on the tremendous effort you have put into this project - its a fantastic collection of photographs. Well done to you all. Can't wait for the printed version to arrive, so I had to get the ebook too - its brilliant.
+Ivan Makarov Didn't know if you knew, but might want to post on the PlusOnepage or here, TWIT podcast Triangulation (#44) just did a real nice interview KIVA co-founder Matthew Flannery. Again, thanks for letting me be a part. Blessings.
Mohan M
+Ivan Makarov I sent two emails to you. I am unable to download the eBook. My email has the transaction id. Could you please have a look into it and help me get my copy of ebook ..
Great stuff +Ivan Makarov Got the ebook, ordered 2 hard copies and 2 softcover copies, so a couple of new presents to send out ; )
I've been sharing this for days now!! :) Every time I get a notice in my
NO CHIT???? Whooo Hoooo!! I've never won a thing in my life!! Thanks sooo much +Ivan Makarov !!
Mohan M
+Ivan Makarov Is there also any app for iOS ? Because you had mentioned about viewing it on mobile too ..
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