Plus One Collection - Limited Edition Shipped + New Project Tomorrow!

Google, Apple, HP all started in a garage. Why not start Plus One Collection in a garage too?

Glad to see some of the +Plus One Collection books are starting to pop up in California g-plusers mailboxes. Others will follow tomorrow, with international shipments ariving after that. We shipped most of books on Monday, a few today, and few more will ship later this week (waiting on couple more boxes to arrive).

Here's a behind the scenes from the shipping party. It started with most of Saturday spent unpacking and inspecting the books, then we started packing around 3pm on Sunday, and finished around 4:30am.

As you can see, it was a big family and friends effort. Much thanks to +Stefan Bäurle and +Peter Manis who lend a helping hand.

As you get your books, feel free to post pictures - we'd love to see where they end up and what you think. Tag with #plusonecollectionshipped

One more thing.. Starting a new project tomorrow. Nothing huge, but stay tuned!
Plus One Collection Shipped!
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