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Plus One Collection - Limited Edition Shipped + New Project Tomorrow!

Google, Apple, HP all started in a garage. Why not start Plus One Collection in a garage too?

Glad to see some of the +Plus One Collection books are starting to pop up in California g-plusers mailboxes. Others will follow tomorrow, with international shipments ariving after that. We shipped most of books on Monday, a few today, and few more will ship later this week (waiting on couple more boxes to arrive).

Here's a behind the scenes from the shipping party. It started with most of Saturday spent unpacking and inspecting the books, then we started packing around 3pm on Sunday, and finished around 4:30am.

As you can see, it was a big family and friends effort. Much thanks to +Stefan Bäurle and +Peter Manis who lend a helping hand.

As you get your books, feel free to post pictures - we'd love to see where they end up and what you think. Tag with #plusonecollectionshipped

One more thing.. Starting a new project tomorrow. Nothing huge, but stay tuned!
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May I ask (I might have missed it if you said already), who'd you use for printing? Looks good!
Really? Wow. Did they cost a fortune? I've been pricing out book printing and Blurb was so high… (no offense Blurb! LOL)
+Amy DangRabbit we got a nice discount on the volume order. May explore other options in the future if we ever do this again. But they're been good to work with - plus, always good to support our economy
I found the info on the website - thanks :)
I'm looking at mostly NY printers and the prices are much cheaper, but still researching myself. I think the Plus One project is fantastic by the way… don't mean to sound like a downer :)
That's so cool! Thanks for sharing, it's fun to see all the steps. :)
nice! I got mine today. AWESOME!
Wish I could be there and be of help...Thank you all for the effort!!
Ha! Great set of shots. It's like an unboxing stream, but in reverse :)
+Ivan Makarov I'd love to have a copy and share it here on the East Coast. Let me know how I can get a copy. :)
+Tim Moore we've sold out the limited edition - but we hope to launch a standard version of the book sometime next week.
+Steve-Maxx landeros I used USPS - UPS/DHL/FedEx were too expensive - plus I couldn't find similar boxes that would fit our book so perfectly.
I got mine yesterday, love it - the book quality is very high. Thanks to all who worked on this +Ivan Makarov +Stefan Bäurle +Andy Lee and +Peter Manis - and anyone else of course. To all who contributed and bought the book, thanks as well. I am also going to buy the regular book too.
MINE IS HERE!!! WOOHOOO Thanks Ivan and everyone else involved in making this project happen! What a great piece of art!
I'm so stinking envious. :)
Mine arrived today. It looks gorgeous!
Mine arrived today too! YAY!!! It looks amazing!!!
Received mine today as well! Awesome work!!
Got mine this afternoon! Fantastic job on the book, +Ivan Makarov! It turned out great! Thank you and thanks to everyone who helped! Already showed it off to a neighbor and he's going to order a standard edition.
I just got the book today and it is absolutely great! Thank you so much +Ivan Makarov !
Mine arrived today in Hamburg, Germany!
Thanks +Ivan Makarov and everybody involved!
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