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Look at that - +Plus One Collection Limited Edition shipped!

35 boxes are on their way to my house. A fun weekend ahead when I'll first unpack them all, and then put it back into individual boxes to ship all over the world. Or stop by my house and pick up your copy if you can't wait.

Oh yea - standard version of the book and ebook will be out next week as well! Want to order it ahead of the public? Sign up here -

Can't wait.
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I'm so excited about this - I can't wait to show it around the onOne office.
I will definitively stop by. Either to only pick up the book or help packing!
+Brian Matiash PS - just looked at the map to see where Auburn, WA is - they should have just dropped off a copy by your house!
+Ivan Makarov Close - I am about 2.5 hrs south in Portland, OR. :) But, it's still on the way south!
+Ivan Makarov, I am convinced that you have started something good. I admire you and the volunteers who are helping for doing it. For, me one of the highlights is discovering Kiva through following this process to the extent I was able.

I am building the capacity to promote my photography with G+. Nothing wrong with trying to help with good projects to the extent that I can, along the way. Even if it is only telling you that you have my support for this and similar projects, even if it is only that, it is worth it.

Keep up doing what you do, all of you.
BTW - still not done with prints.. Hoping to pop 30-50 of them tonight.
+Ivan Makarov Will you clarify something for me ... on the One Collection Artists page, the photographers in the limited edition book have an asterisk by their name. The footnote states these "artist's photograph will appear both in the print book, and in the ebook".

Maybe I missed something, but what happened to the collage concept to publish the other works that didn't appear in the limited edition?

Are these several hundred photographs only going to appear in the ebook and apps or will they also be in the standard edition book?
This is so exciting. Once you start sending them out I am tempted to ditch work and start camping by the mailbox until it arrives!
+Javier Acosta no worries. Feel free to stop by after 3pm on Sunday - I should be up late that night, I imagine. Email me for details.
+Bill Wells it turned out to be too hard to implement. The cover for the book has the collage, from from 190+ images in the book.
+Ivan Makarov +Plus One Collection I was hoping for a little bit longer explanation. So, I'll assume that we won't see more than half of the submissions in print anytime soon. Hopefully, I'm wrong and everyone's work will be in the standard edition book, however small.

Maybe I'm just naive, but "too hard to implement" seems kinda' lame to explain why so many supporters' work wont appear in the standard book (if that's the case). Also, guess I'm not too eloquent when I sum up my feelings by saying, "This su*ks. The Karma's not feeling too good right now".

I'll defer to others for more succinct comments.

+Bill Wells let's applaud +Ivan Makarov and his team for their tireless and sometimes thankless effort and work...not whinge and show bitterness. I am really getting tired of complainers. Don't talk. Do.
+Bill Wells not sure what else to say here. We tried, and couldn't find a way to make it happen. If you can find a way to put 520 pictures into one 8x10 cover that also has two logos, I'm happy to look into it.

We couldn't and literally spent many nights on this, to say nothing about the other aspects of the project which we never mention.

Just to give you an idea of what it takes to organize something like this - I spent close to 100 hours just in the past 6 weeks working on legal and accounting aspects of it all, organizing a non-profit corporation. It's no easy task but has to be done because we got bigger than just a little internet project. When I did that? I have a full-time job, and I have three young kids at home, so mostly between 10pm and 4am, giving me three-four hours of sleep before kids wake me up at 7am, and I have to go to work. That's just on legal and accounting stuff - I still have to make prints, get the book reviewed, ordered and shipped.

+Andy Lee who is our designer does it the same way - I get emails from him at 3-4am UK time.

So we try to do our best, but we can't do it all. Don't think it's fair to accuse us for not trying, when we already spent hundreds of hours making it happen - all at hours of the night.
I found this too late to participate but I have been following with admiration- well done for the inspiration, the effort and all the sleepless nights!

Every so often I take on projects with multiple participants - the vast majority are appreciative, but someone occasionally complains. Once they actually take an active role in making it happen, the light usually dawns...
+Bill Wells Sorry to hear that your not happy fella!
I think this was inevitable and unavoidable after the decision was made by everyone that because of the huge response to the project the book was to be curated.
Not everyone was going to be fortunate enough to have their image included in the printed book. In defence and support of +Ivan Makarov he has worked tirelessly on this project and it's down to him that everyones image will be included in some form. Wether within the app or the eBook. For this.. he has gone above and beyond what was required of him and has worked so damn hard you can't even begin to imagine the amount of work he has put in thus far. All through this process Ivan has made sure to keep everyone updated via his stream with all decisions and have asked for feedback every step of the way.
And don't forget the other great folks who have devoted so much free time to this great project +Sebastian Kobs +Ingo Meckmann +Tricia McDonald Ward +Vincent Mo +Lotus Carroll +Steve-Maxx landeros +Stefan Bäurle +Marc Evans +Thomas Hawk +Joel Tjintjelaar +Patrick Smith +Mark Forman
Wether you care to believe it or not - We tried our utmost to include everyones image in the standard edition as icons in the back of the book, to be perfectly honest it just looked a mess, there would have been four double page spreads with images used no bigger than 9mm square, I don't think this very practical from a creative point of view because it kind of defeats the object, and does a complete injustice to the quality of the images that where submitted. I assure you that the image quality in the eBook is outstanding and well worth purchasing just to see all the great images in high resolution.
Again i'm sorry to hear your not happy and indeed this may suck for you but for hundreds of others myself included I'm proud to be a part of this project - if my image was included or not.
+waxy waxman Your complaint about getting tired of complainers is duly noted. I've been a supporter of Ivan and the project since its inception. Still am. In fact, I just sent my email to him to help out reviewing the ebook version. Are you helping out this weekend too?

The line between disappointment and bitterness if far from fine. I'm disappointed ... not the latter. Look at the past comments about the project. Lots of "thanks" from a bunch of people (including me) for Ivan and his team's efforts. To characterize my comment as "bitterness", a complaint, or thankless is simply not true.

The idea of a G+ book isn't new. There was a group of street photographers that had the idea back when Google+ was in early beta. It failed because nobody took the same leadership role that +Ivan Makarov did in this project. I don't need to thank him for it again. I already have.

If the people who didn't make the cut with this book want to collaborate on an "also ran" version of a print book, I'll gladly coordinate the project. Instead of the Plus One collection, maybe The Minus One Collection would provide enough parody.
+Bill Wells I'm sure arrangements can be made to forward you all the images submitted. This will, of course, provide you the opportunity to publish the book in any fashion you see fit. You can call it the My Karma's So Righteous Plus One Collection.
+Ivan Makarov and +Andy Lee ... Seriously, all I wanted was to have my photo in the same book as +Lotus Carroll and +Thomas Hawk ... +sly vegas if he's in there too ;) This is the perfect example where size doesn't matter. I'd have been happy with a photo the same size as one in a 10th grader's yearbook. Not sure if that's 9mm square. Proud to have been a part of this project. And of course, the need for curation was understood. Disappointed that those whose photos weren't selected couldn't have had their work included in the printed (standard) book in some small way.
+Marc Evans Bring it on ... but only if you'll help. Not sure if the title will fit on the cover, may have to work on it ;) Satire aside, I think Ivan's concept of an ongoing magazine sounds pretty good. Maybe someday, one of my photos will be good enough to make it. BTW, like your work ... especially the Salton Sea album. Thanks for sharing.
+Ivan Makarov The amount of work that you and +Andy Lee have done on this project is phenomenal, and I'm so grateful to you and everyone else who has volunteered their time and contributed their beautiful work!
You should take a picture of all the boxes when they arrive!
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