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Wow, new online courses at +Stanford University

Computer Science
- Game Theory
- Design and Analysis of Algorithms I
- Cryptography
- Software Engineering for Software as a Service
- Natural Language Processing
- Computer Science 101
- Human-Computer Interaction
- Probabilistic Graphical Models

- Lean Launchpad
- Technology Entrepreneurship

- Information Theory
- Making Green Buildings

- Computer Security -

-Model Thinking
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already signed up :) But I will have to decide on which one I should really focus. Hard choice!
Easy choice. HCI signed up :)
standford cannot do subdomains? :)
so much info., maybe my clone can take the hard stuff.
How much do these classes cost?
+Matthew Dye Yes, I'm also looking forward to SaaS course. And Cryptography. And Game theory. And NLP, ... :-)
I have geezed on the database and AI classes and need to muster some time management, discipline and focus the SaaS is the likely target for me.
The courses only cost your time - and full effort to prepare with the pre-study (usually from Kahn Academy) and then keep up with it - it's an experiment and we can make it work by taking avail of the opportunity.
wow...thanks 4 d info....but is it possible to do more than one course at the same time???
Great stuff---does anyone know if they offer any government or political science courses?
ohhh , perfect , i realy like GAME THEORY and nash ....
Signed up for Game Theory and LaunchPad, thanks this was a great share.
a great post ever seen !! thank u so much
What is this all about... They will be hosting these lectures???
hey.. why your picture shows up on my profile?
is there any way to remove it? i want to see from google something like "full custom" not like those from facebook having adds from finding love ,, hate those things man. google look nice.
Although I'm acquainted with the basics, I signed up for CS101.
I want to see and hear how this works at Stanford. :-)

Question: I didn't get a confirmation mail. What about the rest of you?
I hope that my application was registered...
im new on this site, hope i pressed the right button to add!
many thanks, what about examination? Are they something like E-learning classes?
I think it depends on the course, each one has a different format and structure, you have to check out each course site
are der any lectures on electronics???
Some say change is scary. Others say life is full of opportunity. Oh to be 18 again and have so much opportunity.
I juss might take the whole courseload. awesome
Awesome! Thanks for sharing +Ivan Kutil The hardest part is deciding which ones to take!
Woohoo, Natural Language Processing and technology enterpreneurship for me
not a subdomain of the main website, no email notification or whatsoever after registering... weird!!
OMG! THE POSTER IS DAVID TEN- Oh, wait, now that I look closer, nevermind Moves on
+Ivan Kutil, I'm very interested in this list, taking the AI and ML course online this year. I like what Stanford is doing by offering free online classes.
Suscribe to ALL the courses!!!11!!!1 :allofthethings:
Hi Chaminda Gunasekara... I have a question, the links that you share us... are first to register into the courses, or its apart?

because after my registration in the courses I haven't seen my courses in the course schedule...

I read that the courses started at October 10Th and end at December 16 th.
For that reason isn't possible to see all my courses restrated?

Can anyone help me please?

Thanks for sharing :D
+veronica o The registration link is for email notifications on courses, but you have to individually register for each course. For list of resources list of courses (I still have my doubts on how these courses are taking place, because I myself have registered, but haven't taken any yet), anyway as mentioned in my previous comment, these are not from Stanford.


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