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Deprecated UiApp widgets (15.4.2013)
- DeckPanel
- DecoratedPopupPanel
- DockLayoutPanel
- DockPanel
- StackLayoutPanel,
- TabLayoutPanel,

IMHO I recommend you use HTMLService instead of UiApp
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I have talked to Arun Nagarajan about this and he said I shouldn't worry about using UiApp. If it is working fine there is no hurry or urgent need to switch things over to HTML Service. I do want to give it a try though! :)
The problem i face is that there arent many examples right now showing how to make some of the older Ui items in new HTML Service.
+Ivan Kutil no doubt, but getting started or many samples would be nice for people who are familiar with UiBuilder to move to HTML Service. Right now there are none or very little.
+Ivan Kutil- You can get a nice look and feel entirely in UiApp as well. Check out the mark*N*mail app I made @ mnm
It was built entirely using UiApp.
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