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Are these roses? They smell like roses, and the leaves and thorns are similar. But the flowers look like berry flowers.
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This is a wild rose. Modern domesticated roses were bred to have a lot more layers of petals, but this probably how they started. There are still a few varieties of single layer domesticated roses, but they're not very commonly grown.

As for wild roses, there are in fact more than one relatively common species of these. The most common is the noxious invasive Japanese Rose. This will indeed take over everything. There are actually some native species of rose as well though. Sadly, I can't tell the difference

+Jess Mink can you tell which this is?
I don't know if those are native or invasive roses. They don't look like the evil ones that have stymied me hiking in the past though, so they may not be noxious invasives at least.
Based on the number of flowers on each stem, it might be Rosa Multiflora. They're pretty different from the wild roses I've seen before. After taking these pictures, I noticed some much bigger bushes, which could certainly be problematic for hiking.
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