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Did these guys just make a functional quantum computer? What does this mean for cryptology? Or is this not as big of a deal as I'm thinking it is?

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Anker is giving away an iPhone 7, for anyone that isn't totes butthurt about their 3.5mm. 

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What are animals thinking and feeling?

I first heard about +Carl Safina while listening to, I think, a +Scientific American podcast. Now he has shown up in my +TED podcast feed. This talk touches on some fascinating points about animals, their cultures, and how we humans interact with them. Spoiler: it's mostly bad for the animals. 

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Hooray for Memorial Day sales plus 18 months free financing!

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There are not enough pluses in the world for this. 
Amazing.  Bravo. 

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This is fascinating. I don't think bonobos get enough press. 
Did you know that bonobos can build a fire (and roast marshmallows), give a haircut, play video games? It amazed me how smart they are.

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Pretty cool video. Can you figure out how they did it? If not, take a look at this:

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My Hack Days project for the day: turn a pile of wood and some screws into an aquarium hood. 
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I stumbled on the solution to my issue of "no more podcasts in iOS6 Music app": Tell Siri to play the smart playlist. Seriously. Go to the Music app to play the smart playlist and it is empty. Tell Siri "Play playlist 'Unplayed Podcasts'" and "she" complies. Also, my other music playlist with lots of "song of the day" podcast episodes now can play those missing tracks as well. Thanks, Siri!

#iOS6 #siri

My new phone arrived nice and early today. HUGE upgrade from the 3GS with a flakey battery + a 3G with no useable apps. Quick run-down: significantly lighter than the 4S and noticeably thinner. Also, it looks like I've got LTE at home, which confuses me as AT&T's coverage map doesn't indicate that there is any LTE in the greater Seattle area. Turning off WiFi, though, the cellular data is pretty fast. There is some latency in establishing the connection, but then the page loads are "blazing" fast. Maybe that's just because I've gotten used to page loads on the 3G where I have to keep the display from timing out before the page actually loads.

But, like the "maps" issues, it's not all sunshine and lollipops. The first thing I noticed is the way podcasts have been ejected from the Music app. They now have their own Podcast app that collects them. Ok. That seems logic on one hand. But for me, this is a pain. For years I have used a smart playlist to collect my "unplayed podcasts" so I can put them into a play order that I want to hear, pop in my headphones, hit play, and go about my business for the next six hours or more with uninterrupted podcasts playing continuously in my ears. Not now. Now, I have to play each one individually or let the Podcast app play them in whatever order it feels like. This is a huge loss for me. I'm thinking I'll still be using my 1st gen iPod Nano so I can have this functionality. Yes, it was recalled. Yes, I put in to get the return authorization. No, I did not send it in. Now the MRA has been cancelled and I can't return it. Ok. I guess I'll be putting it to use.

One other, bigger issue I'm having is responsiveness. Sometimes it just hangs. Sometimes areas of the screen are unresponsive. Trying to unlock the phone when regions of the screen don't respond to touch is ... problematic. Trying to make selections in Settings can be frustrating. But really, being able to type in my pass code is perhaps the biggest barrier I'm facing. I'm going to be talking to Apple. I may be waiting for a while to get a replacement, but this is not an acceptable experience.
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