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Internet is not just a tool: it's a new way of Thinking, towards a new way of Living
Internet is not just a tool: it's a new way of Thinking, towards a new way of Living

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Che cosa ne pensate?

Spesso nella mia pratica clinica mi scopro a consigliare ai miei pazienti di tenere un diario della propria giornata.
Si tratta di un diario che assume toni differenti da come ce lo immaginiamo solitamente.
Essendo inserito all'interno di un contesto terapeutico, le parole scritte (o disegnate, o musicate) escono dalla pagina ed entrano nel flusso di coscienza della persona.
A sua volta la ricerca di uno spazio e di un tempo per scrivere il diario si carica di magia, la magia della nostra Vita.

Qui trovate alcune miei riflessioni a riguardo.

Voi che cosa ne pensate?
Tenevate o tenete un vostro diario personale?

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[+++ Tag a Parent in Trouble +++]
Spanking is linked with kids becoming aggressive and less successful.
According to a metà-analyses of more than 50 years of research.
Scientists at the University of Texas and the University of Michigan examined data from more than 160K children and found that the more children are spanked, the more likely they are to defy their parents and to show increased antisocial behavior, aggression, mental health problems and cognitive difficulties.
(Journal of Family Psychology, online April 7)

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Online #Gambling #Addiction and Endless Runner Games: the Doorstep?
Endless Games may be the door to Online Gambling Addiction: it starts as a will of the Mind, but soon become an arc reflex mediated by dopamine.
In this post (with clip) I introduce the topic.

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How does Cyberbullying usually start?
The origins

The more I study Cyberbullying, the more I see it's a multi-factorial issue.
Here I explain why.

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Is Privacy a component of Freedom?
My answer to the comment

Privacy and Freedom are pieces of the same puzzle, and it's mandatory to keep our core Identity safe.

We can think at our mind and psyche as an extension of our evolution: as ancient cells developed a membrane and a nucleus to protect themselves from the outside World, so living beings developed different "levels" of mind.

While we expose a part of ourselves to the outer World, we still keep something for ourself.
So our Identity is influenced by the Social, but we still keep a core Identity that is somewhat Indipendent from the outer World.

There is where Freedom comes.
That (almost) untouched nucleus allows us some degree of Freedom: thoughts, feelings, behaviors.
It allows us to be Individuals along with Social Beings.

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How do you make your Children turn off their device?
Our Children often seems addicted when they use their device, and Parents struggle to make them turn off their smartphones.
Fortunately most Parents don't know they can accomplish their goal with just few simple moves.
Here I explain how...


Take your parenting style to the next: enter the Digital Parenting Inner Circle on Snapchat at ivan_psy

More of these videos here:

#parenting #internetaddiction #digitalcitizenship

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Snapchat and the False Privacy Promise for your Teenagers
The killing feature that made #snapchat so appealing for our Teenagers was the ephemeral nature of its content.

Of course there are many workarounds to recover "deleted" snaps, and the unawareness of them created many #cyberbullying and #pornrevenge troubles.

Here I explain the workarounds every Parent should know and teach to his/her Children.

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The next Web of Things of the Science? It may start with new Google app: it lets anyone do scientific experiments.
A nice app that may motivate your Children about Scientific Research.

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It's not the device you give to your children: it's how you support them.
Does learning improve when every student gets a laptop?
It depends: this school had great improvements when the tablets was filled with learning and didactic apps.
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