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SEO - Search Engine Optimization Circle

Here's the first part of my SEO circle.
200 SEO consultants, strategists, analysts, experts, gurus, bloggers, writers.

In my personal opinion, we can learn a lot from photo - art - creative crew on Google+. They are so well connected and they are willing to share.
I think this isn't a case for all kinds of SEO experts and that's bad. There is so many web sites on the world and not so many SEO consultants, we don't have to be selfish and greedy. There is a lot of place for all of us on the web.

Share your circles and share your knowledge.

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The very 1st sentence:
Here's the first part of my SEO circle. :]
+Bojan Kezele Konvencija, profesija ili nesto trece, peto, SEO konsultanti su, recimo, u USA veoma trazeni i veoma dobro placeni, donose profit, njihovi rezultati su lako merljivi, a SEO ima the best ROI, pa ti vidi.
Puno sajtova, svi sve znaju a samo 10 mesta na prvoj strani.
Tu se vracamo na cinjenicu da na prvoj strani ima samo 10 mesta. :]
A Google menja algoritam veoma cesto. :]
Eee, lako je onda tebi, ako imas 50 na prvoj strani onda ti ne treba SEO za bilo kakav projekat. :]
Good share man, have added most of them to my SEO circle...
Welcome man, it's a really good list, quite a few I already had over on Twitter but it's less personal over there...
Actually it's a local search circle. Lots of non-SEOs in it.
First shared circle I've looked at and I'm in it :-)
I am an SEO writer and analyst. Would love to be included in the circle. :)
I Publish well "circulated" website on intersection of SEO and Social. Would appreciate if you add me.
Thanks for the list Ivan! Would love to be added if you're still maintaining this, I blog about SEO on +Northcutt
Hi Ivan from Charleston, South Carolina. I'm an Online Marketing Consultant for small businesses here and would love to be added to your circle. Thanks.
Hi Ivan!  I do SEO in LA, would love to be added to the circle.
+Ivan Dimitrijević Sorry, forgot to tag you in the last comment...  Would love to be added to the SEO circle!  Thanks in advance!
I've been following the #DanPetrovic since the day I choose  #SEO   as professional careers and now its been 4 years I've been working as SEO expert in #Pakistan
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