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Social Media: Sharing is Caring - Circle Sunday

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Feel free to suggest more business pages related to Australia.
I'll try to include them for the next update.
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Uhhh, you are feeling my pain +Ronnie Bincer. :]
Auto update feature for circles is on my wish list from the beginning. Together with Blogger interface for G+ posts.
yup... this type of 'pain' has been felt for quite some time!
Yeah, we have some circles with v 4.52 or 5.07 update marks. :]

That remind me to put these circles on circlecount for more exposure. :]
+Ivan Dimitrijević when you update any 'G+ How to' circles, please add my new Page to the group: +Making Google Plus Work - thanks in advance (it will be a place where I re-share people's how-to-make G+... tips)

Plus I'll be doing HOA interviews on how people are making G+ work for them... (when the HOA access opens back up again that is)
I put you new page in my social media circle, but I like your idea for some How To - G+ Tips & Tricks circle. :]
+Ivan Dimitrijević I do a lot of #googleplustips in my personal Profile... but I also do many #youtubetips there as well. So I'm making a dedicated PAGE that will cover the G+ tips/tricks and ideas on How to make G+ Work.

That is why I'm trying to build up the new page. I'll re-share anyone's posts there that +mention/notify the page when they post, etc. (as long as the post's topic is related to Making Google Plus Work - either mechanically or conceptually). Thanks for helping spread the word about +Making Google Plus Work !
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