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Google+ SEO & Google SPYW – The Ultimate Resource List

I have to admit that I have a really great time curating this list of useful Google+ SEO and Google Search plus Your World resources. I am feeling so "enchanted" now. :]

The following 100 resources will help you understand how Google+ is now integrated into search and other products, and how you can start adjusting your online marketing strategy for Google+ and Search Plus Your World.

Why I am still betting my future on Google+ - +Robert Scoble

How Google+ is really f***ing up marketing - +Robert Scoble

Best Google+ shared circles ever shared - +Gabriel Vasile

10 Great Ways to Get Discovered on Google+ - +Louis Gray

Google+ SEO - +AJ Kohn

Google+ Entertainment - +Denis Labelle

Google+ Politics - +Denis Labelle

Google+ Universities - +Denis Labelle

Google+ Nonprofits - +Denis Labelle

Google+ Media - +Denis Labelle

Google+ Sports - +Denis Labelle

What the Plus! - Google+ for the rest of us - +Guy Kawasaki

Google algorithm changes that greatly refine search - +Lee Smallwood

An Interview with Google’s Senior VP Engineering, +Vic Gundotra about +Google+ and Misconceptions - +Hillel Fuld

Google’s Results Get More Personal With “Search Plus Your World” - +Danny Sullivan

Real-Life Examples Of How Google’s “Search Plus” Pushes Google+ Over Relevancy - +Danny Sullivan

What’s The Debate About Google’s Search Plus Your World? - +Danny Sullivan

Google Plus - Why Would You EVER Want to Start Work on Another Social Network? - +Chris Brogan

Why Every Marketer Now Needs a Google+ Strategy - +Rand Fishkin

Google+: The Ultimate You-Sourced Search Engine - +Erica McGillivray 20

How Does Google's Search Plus Your World Impact Adwords and Other Forms of Online Marketing? - +Joe Mangum

PlusRank – The NEW Google Algo on Google+ - +Chris Lang

What does Google's social search mean for SEO - +Nancy Messieh

The Mother of All Google+ Resource Lists - +Nancy Messieh
How Will Google Plus Affect SEO? - +John Paul Titlow

How Google’s Social Search Shift Will Impact Your Brand’s SEO - +Erin Everhart

10 Awesome Animated Google+ Profiles - +Amy-Mae Elliott

Google+ Executive to Critic: ‘Make Sure You’re Using It Correctly’ - +Lance Ulanoff

Get Yourself Featured in New Google Search Plus Your World Personalized Search - +Mark Traphagen

The SEO Power of Google+ Plus Google Author Rank - +Mark Traphagen

Does Engagement Trump Recency in High Ranking G+ Posts? +Mark Traphagen

Is AuthorRank Most Important for High Ranking G+ Posts? - +Mark Traphagen

Google Plus will build your search traffic - +Ian Lurie

Google Plus Box Ranking Factors Report - +Ian Lurie

Google+ Pages - +Dan Petrovic of +Dejan SEO

How is Your Company Standing on Google+? +Zac Grace of +Dejan SEO

Search plus your world plus SEO world - +Zac Grace of +Dejan SEO

Google Unified - +Dan Petrovic of +Dejan SEO

Building Authority and Influence in Google+ - +Jason Acidre

PlusBlogging – How to Dominate your Market in Google+ - +Jason Acidre

How To Social Proof Your Google Adwords Campaigns - +David Rodnitzky

Seven changes Search plus Your World brings to PPC - +Andrew Girdwood

Your essential guide to Google Plus - +Kristi Hines

How to Harmonize G+ With Your Other Social Platforms - +Guillaume Bouchard

Google+ Growing Your Social Network: Quantity vs. Quality - +Aaron Friedman

Google+ Optimization vs. Community Building - +Lee Odden

What Google Personalized Search plus Your World Means for Marketing – SEO Tips - +Lee Odden
How Google’s “Search Plus Your World” Should Change Your Social Media Strategy - +Courtney Seiter

Google “Search Plus” Impact on Local: Limited So Far - +Greg Sterling

Link Building in the Age of Google Search Plus your World - +Jason Acidre

Rank for Anything You Want on Google Search Plus Your World - +Miranda Miller

How Google Search Plus Your World is Changing SEO - +PJ Fusco

What the merging of Google+ and Google Search means to SEO - +Jon Henshaw

Sharing a search story - +Matt Cutts

Google “Search, Plus Your World”: Twitter Not Happy - +Chris Crum

Webmaster Reaction Towards Google Search, Plus Your World - +Barry Schwartz
They Did It: Google Personalizes Search & It Is Not Evil - +Jon Mitchell

Google’s Search Plus Your World? – Not in My World! - +Arnie Kuenn

Google ‘Search Plus’ and Our Ever Decreasing Circles - +Nichola Stott

Evil or Not? Another View of Google's New Social Search Moves - +Robert Hof 60

Get more out of Search with Google+ - +Google+

Get more out of Gmail with Google+ - +Google+

Get more out of YouTube with Google+ - +Google+

Get more out of Maps with Google+ - +Google+

Get more out of Blogger with Google+ - +Google+ - +Google+
Get more out of Earth with Google+

Search, plus Your World - +Google

Search, plus Your World - The Official Introduction on YouTube - +Google
Search, plus Your World

Inside Search: Search Plus Your World - The Official Page - +Google

Inside Search: Personal results - +Google

Inside Search: Visibility of personal results - +Google

Inside Search: Details about your personal results - +Google

Inside Search: People in your personal results - +Google

Inside Search: Profiles in search - +Google

Inside Search: Turn off personal results - +Google

Inside search: Related people and pages - +Google

30 Hands On Google Search Plus SEO Techniques for Getting Personal - +Tadeusz Szewczyk

Google 'SPYW' Brings Google+ Into Search Results +Michael Liedtke

Google Rocks SEO With Search Plus Your World - +Bernie Borges

Three Reasons Google Search Plus Your World Will Change Your World - +Stacey Acevero

Google+ for SEO? Don’t Focus on Your Brand Page! - +Eric Wittlake

‘Google Search, Plus Your World’ – An SEO’s Perspective - +Mike Essex

Search Plus Your World: Google’s SEO Game Changer - +stephanie cain

Google Search, Plus Your World: Where Google Plus and SEO Converge - +Jannette Pazer

5 Harsh Truths About Google’s ‘Search Plus Your World’ Update - +Obaidul Haque

How To Rank On Page One Of Google’s Personalized Search - +Dino Gomez

How Google Search Plus Your World Will Impact SEO - +Marcus Taylor

5 Ways Google Search Plus Your World Impacts SEO - +Jacob Stoops

How Google Search Plus Your World Affects SEO - +Sean Patrick Si 90

Google+ for Business: 5 Things Marketing Professionals Should Know About Google+ - +Ashley Zeckman

Twitter: Google+ Integration In Google Search Is “Bad” For Everyone - +Matt McGee

How Google Search+ Your World Influences SEO - +Laurie Sullivan

When Search & Social Act Like Children, Users Lose - +Lisa Barone

How G+ Uses SEO to Steal Search from Facebook and Twitter - +Cyrus Shepard
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+Ivan Dimitrijević, what a list! Takes ages to go through it but it is a fantastic thing! SEO in business is the main reason for me to get in touch with Google+. Still in the beginning, though. +Margie D Casados, thanks! I found my way here through your shared post.
+Ivan Dimitrijević you've put a lot of work into this list Ivan and produced a resource that will be used for a long time to come - thank you and thanks for including one of my posts too - really appreciated
+Ivan Dimitrijević my pleasure Ivan - such a great resource for everyone interested in increasing their visibility online using G+

And congrats on the +Guy Kawasaki re-share - but then again it doesn't surprise me that he did ;)
My dear friend +Ivan Dimitrijević you just become a superman of google world. :) Congratulations. Excellent job. Uh, how much effort. Just great!!!
Epic list, thanks for the mention.
Awesome work +Ivan Dimitrijević. Thanks for the mention.

Saw it yesterday, sharing it this morning to cover a different time zone.
This is an Amazing collection. Keep up the good work.
+Ivan Dimitrijević Thanks so much for accumulating this list - this is going straight to my "Bookmark" circle. Nice to have everything in one post.
Thanks +Ivan Dimitrijević for the mention of my article. This is a great list of Google+ resources and I'm flattered to be a part of it.
Ivan, thanks for the inclusion in this great list. This really is an ultimate resource list, nicely done!
This is an amazing post. Thanks for gathering all this info.
great post! quite an extensive and useful list.
I think you deserve to feel enchanted and downright awesome after putting together such a list. Well done. A resource list like this is very helpful. Google SPYW is going to be exciting to watch - as is the promotion of G+ there. I cross referenced some of +Danny Sullivan examples against the 23 "Panda Questions". As you can imagine, Google+ doesn't fair very well :) Thank again, Ivan!
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