Google+ SEO & Google SPYW – The Ultimate Resource List

I have to admit that I have a really great time curating this list of useful Google+ SEO and Google Search plus Your World resources. I am feeling so "enchanted" now. :]

The following 100 resources will help you understand how Google+ is now integrated into search and other products, and how you can start adjusting your online marketing strategy for Google+ and Search Plus Your World.

Why I am still betting my future on Google+ - +Robert Scoble

How Google+ is really f***ing up marketing - +Robert Scoble

Best Google+ shared circles ever shared - +Gabriel Vasile

10 Great Ways to Get Discovered on Google+ - +Louis Gray

Google+ SEO - +AJ Kohn

Google+ Entertainment - +Denis Labelle

Google+ Politics - +Denis Labelle

Google+ Universities - +Denis Labelle

Google+ Nonprofits - +Denis Labelle

Google+ Media - +Denis Labelle

Google+ Sports - +Denis Labelle

What the Plus! - Google+ for the rest of us - +Guy Kawasaki

Google algorithm changes that greatly refine search - +Lee Smallwood

An Interview with Google’s Senior VP Engineering, +Vic Gundotra about +Google+ and Misconceptions - +Hillel Fuld

Google’s Results Get More Personal With “Search Plus Your World” - +Danny Sullivan

Real-Life Examples Of How Google’s “Search Plus” Pushes Google+ Over Relevancy - +Danny Sullivan

What’s The Debate About Google’s Search Plus Your World? - +Danny Sullivan

Google Plus - Why Would You EVER Want to Start Work on Another Social Network? - +Chris Brogan

Why Every Marketer Now Needs a Google+ Strategy - +Rand Fishkin

Google+: The Ultimate You-Sourced Search Engine - +Erica McGillivray 20

How Does Google's Search Plus Your World Impact Adwords and Other Forms of Online Marketing? - +Joe Mangum

PlusRank – The NEW Google Algo on Google+ - +Chris Lang

What does Google's social search mean for SEO - +Nancy Messieh

The Mother of All Google+ Resource Lists - +Nancy Messieh
How Will Google Plus Affect SEO? - +John Paul Titlow

How Google’s Social Search Shift Will Impact Your Brand’s SEO - +Erin Everhart

10 Awesome Animated Google+ Profiles - +Amy-Mae Elliott

Google+ Executive to Critic: ‘Make Sure You’re Using It Correctly’ - +Lance Ulanoff

Get Yourself Featured in New Google Search Plus Your World Personalized Search - +Mark Traphagen

The SEO Power of Google+ Plus Google Author Rank - +Mark Traphagen

Does Engagement Trump Recency in High Ranking G+ Posts? +Mark Traphagen

Is AuthorRank Most Important for High Ranking G+ Posts? - +Mark Traphagen

Google Plus will build your search traffic - +Ian Lurie

Google Plus Box Ranking Factors Report - +Ian Lurie

Google+ Pages - +Dan Petrovic of +Dejan SEO

How is Your Company Standing on Google+? +Zac Grace of +Dejan SEO

Search plus your world plus SEO world - +Zac Grace of +Dejan SEO

Google Unified - +Dan Petrovic of +Dejan SEO

Building Authority and Influence in Google+ - +Jason Acidre

PlusBlogging – How to Dominate your Market in Google+ - +Jason Acidre

How To Social Proof Your Google Adwords Campaigns - +David Rodnitzky

Seven changes Search plus Your World brings to PPC - +Andrew Girdwood

Your essential guide to Google Plus - +Kristi Hines

How to Harmonize G+ With Your Other Social Platforms - +Guillaume Bouchard

Google+ Growing Your Social Network: Quantity vs. Quality - +Aaron Friedman

Google+ Optimization vs. Community Building - +Lee Odden

What Google Personalized Search plus Your World Means for Marketing – SEO Tips - +Lee Odden
How Google’s “Search Plus Your World” Should Change Your Social Media Strategy - +Courtney Seiter

Google “Search Plus” Impact on Local: Limited So Far - +Greg Sterling

Link Building in the Age of Google Search Plus your World - +Jason Acidre

Rank for Anything You Want on Google Search Plus Your World - +Miranda Miller

How Google Search Plus Your World is Changing SEO - +PJ Fusco

What the merging of Google+ and Google Search means to SEO - +Jon Henshaw

Sharing a search story - +Matt Cutts

Google “Search, Plus Your World”: Twitter Not Happy - +Chris Crum

Webmaster Reaction Towards Google Search, Plus Your World - +Barry Schwartz
They Did It: Google Personalizes Search & It Is Not Evil - +Jon Mitchell

Google’s Search Plus Your World? – Not in My World! - +Arnie Kuenn

Google ‘Search Plus’ and Our Ever Decreasing Circles - +Nichola Stott

Evil or Not? Another View of Google's New Social Search Moves - +Robert Hof 60

Get more out of Search with Google+ - +Google+

Get more out of Gmail with Google+ - +Google+

Get more out of YouTube with Google+ - +Google+

Get more out of Maps with Google+ - +Google+

Get more out of Blogger with Google+ - +Google+ - +Google+
Get more out of Earth with Google+

Search, plus Your World - +Google

Search, plus Your World - The Official Introduction on YouTube - +Google
Search, plus Your World

Inside Search: Search Plus Your World - The Official Page - +Google

Inside Search: Personal results - +Google

Inside Search: Visibility of personal results - +Google

Inside Search: Details about your personal results - +Google

Inside Search: People in your personal results - +Google

Inside Search: Profiles in search - +Google

Inside Search: Turn off personal results - +Google

Inside search: Related people and pages - +Google

30 Hands On Google Search Plus SEO Techniques for Getting Personal - +Tadeusz Szewczyk

Google 'SPYW' Brings Google+ Into Search Results +Michael Liedtke

Google Rocks SEO With Search Plus Your World - +Bernie Borges

Three Reasons Google Search Plus Your World Will Change Your World - +Stacey Acevero

Google+ for SEO? Don’t Focus on Your Brand Page! - +Eric Wittlake

‘Google Search, Plus Your World’ – An SEO’s Perspective - +Mike Essex

Search Plus Your World: Google’s SEO Game Changer - +stephanie cain

Google Search, Plus Your World: Where Google Plus and SEO Converge - +Jannette Pazer

5 Harsh Truths About Google’s ‘Search Plus Your World’ Update - +Obaidul Haque

How To Rank On Page One Of Google’s Personalized Search - +Dino Gomez

How Google Search Plus Your World Will Impact SEO - +Marcus Taylor

5 Ways Google Search Plus Your World Impacts SEO - +Jacob Stoops

How Google Search Plus Your World Affects SEO - +Sean Patrick Si 90

Google+ for Business: 5 Things Marketing Professionals Should Know About Google+ - +Ashley Zeckman

Twitter: Google+ Integration In Google Search Is “Bad” For Everyone - +Matt McGee

How Google Search+ Your World Influences SEO - +Laurie Sullivan

When Search & Social Act Like Children, Users Lose - +Lisa Barone

How G+ Uses SEO to Steal Search from Facebook and Twitter - +Cyrus Shepard
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