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Ivan Dimitrijević

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Top 6 Sights to See When in New York
New York City is the center of art, culture and fashion, as well as a home to the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building, Times Square, many national museums and much more iconic sights. The city…
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Ivan Dimitrijević

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Read what else Ivan Dimitrijevic is reading for work. Quibb lets you share what you're reading for work. Use Quibb to share news about your industry, discuss what matters, and see what colleagues are reading. Our mission is to connect professionals over business news and informed commentary ...
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Ivan Dimitrijević

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6 Things You Need to Know When Starting Your Own Business

You have a dream of being your own boss?

You can make that dream come true by following some simple and necessary steps. Whatever type of industry you want to indulge in, there are some rules you need to apply to effectively start your business. The idea of starting one is appealing to a lot of people and, most importantly, it can be a very rewarding experience. You can be in complete control of the product line you decide to launch and of the complete financial situation you would find yourself in.

Here is a set of steps to follow in order for a successful start of your own business.
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Ivan Dimitrijević

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4 Things to Consider When Purchasing a House
Buying a house is not an easy thing to do. You need to think about a lot of things before you make your final decision. You need to estimate your budget, think about all the expenses it will require, as well as the hassle of moving and choosing the right location for the house. You may need to hire a real estate agent as well, which will result in you having even more expenses. All of these things require careful est...
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Ivan Dimitrijević

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20 Things Only Women Turning 40 Would Understand
There are quite a few interesting little life lessons that women turning 40 know all too well.
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Ivan Dimitrijević

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You have a website and you want more people to know about it? You have several ways in which you can attract more visitors to your site. You can try social media networks, rely on search engine optimization, or try to advertise by directly speaking t...
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Ivan Dimitrijević

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6 Ways You Can Make Extra Money in College
Parties, hitting clubs, travelling and studying on top of all that, requires a lot of money, which you can’t simply ask your parents to give you.
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Ivan Dimitrijević

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Become Visible: 3 Ways to Boost your Business with Social Media
Every business owner understands the importance of social media and how it can affect business. Having this in mind, it is essential to establish your online presence and let your potential clients learn more about the services you are offering. On t...
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Ivan Dimitrijević

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The development of the internet brought a great change when it comes to doing business. A couple of decades ago, the onl…
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Ivan Dimitrijević

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5 Things Independent Women Should Keep In Mind Before Starting A Relationship
Strong, independent women need be ready for the trials of a relationship, as well as being aware of the strengths they contribute to a great relationship.
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Ivan Dimitrijević

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Can I Put My Crying Baby In Its Crib For A Little While?
Whenever you're in a dilemma regarding your baby, you should explore your options and find out what is the smartest step you should take.
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Ivan Dimitrijević

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One of the most common business challenges that people face nowadays is the lack of traffic on their websites. This is a…
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Digital Media & Online Marketing Consultant, MyCityWeb Co-founder
  • MyCity Web
    Co-founder, 2014 - present
  • Dejan SEO Australia
    Senior SEO Consultant, 2012 - 2014
    I, in association with my team, have worked in one of the best Australian SEO companies, Dejan SEO, providing advanced SEO, Social Media consulting and writing services, as a Senior SEO/Social Media/Inbound Marketing consultant.
  • Web Design Studio Shindiri
    Senior Digital Marketing Consultant, 2009 - 2012
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Australia - Niš
Contact Information
+381 64 37 597 07
Digital Media & Online Marketing Consultant
Search Engine Optimization, Social Media and Internet Marketing professional since 2003. 

I'm a co-founder of MyCity-Web - Digital Media & Online Marketing Agency, seasoned blogger and SEO/Inbound Marketing consultant with years of experience. My skill sets include Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimization and blogging on a wide variety of topics.

Each and every team member of MyCity Web is a devoted expert who will strive to perform the work assigned to them with a dose of professionalism and efficiency. Keep in mind though that through time, while working with each other, all of us have learned something from one another, so now, frankly speaking, we are all trained to do all sorts of things. We will be happy to work out a plan, specifically designed to suit your needs and we will stick to it, point by point - no exceptions! Finally, we know how hard it is to make it in the business world nowadays and therefore, we are open for negotiations.

In the past, we have delved into subjects ranging from Web Design, WordPress, Social Media Marketing and E-Commerce to Business, Finance, Legal Issues, Psychology, Health and Fitness and Home Improvement. We have ghostwritten articles that were featured on serious blogs where not just anyone can post, including the likes of Australian Science - a top scientific blog that puts research and quality above all else. 

We have also worked with Dejan SEO, a well-known Australian company whose clients included big brands such as Virgin Australia. We have had clients from three different continents thus far - Australia, North America and Europe. In addition to working with clients and providing great content and SEO services, we are also experienced bloggers and have had our articles posted on many serious blogs that put a lot of emphasis on grammar, research and overall quality.

The four pillars of our success so far have been:

Good teamwork - spend one day at the office with us and you will quickly realize that it is more akin to a busy anthill, where the whole team works like one large organism, rather than a traditional corporate prison where ideas come to die. Creative thinking is encouraged during brainstorming sessions, all the content goes through an in-house editor before it is sent out, team members help each other out with new projects and there is a warm family atmosphere that allows great information to be put together in a fun to read manner, instead of a cold business arrangement, which leads to spammy and poorly written articles.

Detailed research - upon starting a new project care is taken to choose the right man or woman for the job based on their previous knowledge, experience level and writing style. It doesn't make sense to give an entrepreneurship related article to a fashion or fitness blogger and expect them to come up with good material. After this, the writer spends anywhere between 30 minutes to a couple of days actively researching and compiling information before sitting down to actually write. This intense research, coupled with previous knowledge of the subject allows the writer to produce quality content.

Dedication - we do not opt for quantity over quality and our services are not dirt cheap. Every single person at the office is 100% dedicated to producing the best material they can and we like to believe that this stems from the fact that we actually love what we do and care about what we write.

Understanding what people like to read - our approach to writing is pretty simple: we take a look at the blog and the subject, and then try to write something that people will find useful, insightful and easy to read. We write for people, not just for search engine algorithms.

Feel free to browse through some of our work on this very page and you can see for yourself that we do indeed try to provide useful information that can be appreciated by the online public. All the little SEO elements are there, but they come naturally, from the general flow of the article. 

We hope that you like what you see and that we can work together in the future. 

My Interests

I would be really interested in sharing with and following people who post about specific topics. 

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Blogging, 
  • Article Writing, e-Books
  • Social Media, Google+
  • Graphic & Web Design
  • Photography & Art
  • Lifestyle, Health, Home & Family
  • Architecture & Interior Design
  • Gardening & Landscaping 
  • WordPress
  • Digital Marketing

  • Faculty of Economics - Nis
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4 Fantastic Reasons Why Blogging Can Change Your Busines

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