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When people would ask me why I use Vim, I'd usually answer something along the lines "works great for me". From now on I'll say "It's (one of) the best editor(s) out there, go here
and learn it" (thanks Ensign Failure :)

I never actively "preached" that everyone should learn it because I couldn't recommend a good way to start. I started learning it by reading a crappy book, and then switched to reading the help which is a horrible way to start. This guy does it right and is also pretty entertaining :)
In these videos Derek Wyatt will cover the basics of vim. If you’re just getting started or think you may be missing some of the basic ideas behind Vim, these videos are for you.
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The thing I always missed in VIM tutorials was that they never warned me of stuff I will surely miss when switching from other/usual text editors or WYSIWYG editors. E.g. "look, you'll have a hard time doing X and W, and will constantly want to do Y (since you've used Word all your life), which you can't do, but don't worry - just continue doing Z and you'll be fine".
Hm, well Vim is almost like every other "simple" text editor when in insert mode. The key difference is that when you want to do anything other than typing text, in a simple editor you grab the mouse (move the cursor, highlight something, click on a menu item), while in Vim you get out of insert mode and type something to make the same thing happen.

Also, you can do a ton of stuff that simple editors can't do at all. I can't really think of anything that an editor like UltraEdit or Notepad++ can do and Vim can't, or that Vim makes harder (the opposite is often true).

Can't quite compare it to WYSIWYG editors since there must be another "layer" there (like HTML, LaTeX or whatever) to do layout, tables etc. in Vim.
Right right, it wasn't a critique in the line "VIM can't do something" but a suggestion for a way of introducing VIM to long time MS Word or N++ users (for exactly those moments when the user wants to reach for the mouse :)). I know that comparing VIM to MS Word is fuzzy, but it would be very useful to have a guide that says "you will miss selecting the whole paragraph by triple-clicking. here's how you do that in VIM...". Map common actions from the editor the user was using before to VIM, and after that teach him/her new stuff :).
Vim is a way of life... Wish I'd started with emacs instead, though:)
I think I prefer modes to CTS-inducing and nonsensical shortcuts in "insert mode", but I say "think" because I've only used Emacs for several hours in total - not trying to invoke the editor Holy War here :)
I use vi only, but think emacs is more powerful... I am afraid i will never know, cause i love vim and am too lazy to start emacs:) (and too old)
Pogledao sam prvi skup videa od ovog lika i stvarno je jako dobar i po stilu pricanja i po kvaliteti introductiona. Super je kak cijelo vrijeme napominje da ne diramo misa ili arrowkeys :D
ja san vim poceo ucit kad san doda set mouse=c i disejblao arrowe u normal modeu. dzaba je napominjat, triba ih ukinit :)
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