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Rocket Yoga will get you there faster. Breathe, Relax and Go with the Flow.
Rocket Yoga will get you there faster. Breathe, Relax and Go with the Flow.


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Liian moni kärsii tuki- ja liikuntaelimistön vaivoista, jotka olisi ennaltaehkäistävissä tai hoidettavissa ihan omin kätösin. Voit itse tehdä hyvin paljon oman kehosi ja oman hyvinvointisi eteen. Ihmiskeho on monimutkainen, ihmeellinen ja mystinen laitos, mutta sinä pystyt huoltamaan kehoasi ihan itse enemmän kuin uskotkaan. Tarvitset vain ripauksen tietoa, taitoa ja “ahaa”-elämyksiä!

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Miten päästä eroon jumeista? ------ Lue täältä lisää...

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Vinkki Isälle: Joogaa 5 kertaa.

Tee osto holvissa, ja kirjaamme oston isälle varausjärjestelmäämme. Tarvitsemme isän nimen ja sähköpostin, jotta lahja kohdistuu oikein.

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Finding the balance in Asana practice – what is enough
by Jari Kauppi - Rocket Blog in

For me it is about finding balance physical asana practice and the rest. Too much practice is counter productive, my body needs time to recover. I do not need to do all the poses in the series to feel good, listening to my energy levels and body’s responses will help. How to do that?
This is my personal learning and discovery. When I feel that my body is not responding to the instructions given by my mind/brain, then I know that I have been doing too much and need rest or restorative approach. When the instructions are not flowing through my body as needed, I know that I have not practiced the pose or transition the needed repetition or I’m repeating same thing over and over again, and need a change. When my muscles shake or resist in a pose, I know that I am using too much force to get to the pose, or I should modify the pose to give my body a different impulse and learn something new.

Sometimes it is about giving the pose time, sometimes is is about the pose a change by trying a different approach physically or mentally. Modifying the personal Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga practice according to my needs is the key for keeping up with the practice safely and continuosly.
The practice is not about perfect asanas, but learning about the connection between mind, body and soul. So give yourself a change to connect and search, avoid pulling and pushing to the limits. Allow yourself to let go of expectations and wants, and go with the flow – it will teach you so much more than just the pose.

The It’s Yoga Philosophy gives room for creativity and exlploration. Use it together with function over form and you are on your way. Find the balance between active practice and restoring and relaxing. For some it’s taking several days off in a month, and for some taking one week a day is enough. But the most important part is in the practice, finding your potential, finding what works for you, finding Yin and Yang in Your practice.

I am now taking this learning into my workshops in Rocket ABC and 302 Course in Teacher Training.

Namaste, Jari

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ROCKET ABC - kurssi Sunnuntai 11.12.2016 klo 15 - 17:00.

Tällä kurssilla perehdymme turvalliseen ja tehokkaaseen Rocket joogaan:

Kertaamme aurinkotervehdyksien tekniikat. Tutustumme ylösalaisin asentojen turvalliseen harjoitteluun. Otamme ensi askeleet "lentämiseen", syventäen Bandhoja, hengitystä ja Dristejä. Hinta 25€.

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It’s Yoga, Kids Certification Course (IYKC)

The researched-based courses, It’s Yoga Kids for 3-7 year olds and Rocket Kids� for 8-13 year olds, are comprehensive programs to certify you to teach yoga to kids. Yoga Alliance certification is recommended, but only yoga experience is required.

The intensive course takes place over 3 days and includes: It’s Yoga, Kids Certification Manual • Complete curriculum for 32-classes with lesson plans, themes and sequences • Expert knowledge about children’s anatomy, physiology and sensory integration • Content for toddlers, teens and children with special needs • Principles of traditional yoga for kids • Age appropriate application along with specific “do’s” and “don’ts” for yoga with children • How to lesson plan, sequence and lead fun, creative and educational yoga classes • Ideas for incorporating art, music, books, props and storytelling in kids’ yoga classes • Behavior management techniques to support a positive and non-competitive environment.

IYKC completion provides: Certification for teaching yoga to kids ages 3-7yrs and 8-13yrs, instructor listing on our website and eligibility for an internship at It’s Yoga, Kids� to observe, assist and team teach.

Trainer: Mara Gaudagni.

Friday 17 – 20

Saturday, Sunday 10 – 13 & 14 – 17

Price 450€ (Includes Value Added Tax).


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Flow with The Rocket
Creativity is part of the Yoga practice. Trust your Inner Teacher, and Flow with the poses.
Rocket Yoga - The Original Power Yoga - Ashtanga Vinyasa.

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Come join our classes, teacher trainings and retreats with It's Yoga.
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