Interesting day so far. Senator Dunleavy suspends his campaign, former Senate President Huggins announces his.

From a fiscal policy perspective, there are two things that give us significant pause about former Sen. President Huggins. The first are the spending levels he shepherded through the legislature during his term as Senate President. Second and fourth highest in Alaska history; exactly the same thing that gave us pause during Parnell's campaign for reelection in 2014.

The second is his response to SB 128, the Senate's proposed permanent PFD "restructuring" bill last legislature, when things came to a head at the end of the 2016 session. Some voted for, some voted against; Senator Huggins did neither. In legislative parlance, he took a walk.

Fortunately, working with others Reps. Lynn Gattis and Tammie Wilson showed up for duty when the bill reached House Finance, worked the process and stopped it . If we were to think about an R legislator to succeed Senator Dunleavy as a candidate on fiscal issues it would come from those that have reported for duty when the hard votes were taken, not from those that didn't.
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