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I'm sharing my ultimate how to guide on cover letter writing this week on LinkedIn.

Cover letters are often critical to get short-listed for roles - this could save your hours and boost your chances of landing that hot job.

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Want some expert advice on how to get the best LinkedIn profile picture? Check out my post this week at

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The 12 habits of truly confident people

1. They get their happiness from within.

2. They don’t pass judgment.

3. They don’t say yes unless they really want to.

4. They listen more than they speak.

5. They speak with certainty.

6. They seek out small victories.

7. They exercise.

8. They don’t seek attention.

9. They aren’t afraid to be wrong.

10. They stick their necks out.

11. They celebrate other people.

12. They aren’t afraid to ask for help.

A brilliant and insightful list from Dr. Travis Bradberry.

I think if anyone has all these habits, they damn well should be confident, because they are amazing human beings!

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5 Things you should ask about every salary offer - sharing some interview coaching advice recently on LinkedIn that every job applicant should know.

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This week I'm sharing strategies and tips for how to negotiate working from home. Check out the blog at

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Enjoyed contributing to this great article on changing careers for Vice.

One of the most rewarding things I do as a career coach is help people take the plunge and follow their passions.

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Check out our blog this week on how to create the perfect LinkedIn profile photo - because first impressions matter!

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Have you ever been asked about your intentions to start a family in a job interview?

Interesting article following NZ's new Labour Party leader tackling that question head-on, after being asked if it's OK to take maternity leave if you're the Prime Minister.

In Australia "it is unlawful to ask a woman during a job interview whether she is pregnant or intends to become pregnant" but I'm wondering what the reality is....

How good are you at selling yourself in interviews?

Check out some useful tips for developing your personal branding and the art of bragging in job interviews in this week's LinkedIn article:

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I've just shared my ultimate guide for negotiating your salary during the hiring and interview process, check it out on LinkedIn at:
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