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Hi Dartisans,

I've drafted a high-level messaging API that could work in various environments that need some kind of boundary cross (wire format and object serialization, e.g. between web- and service workers, web sockets...). My desire is that instead of sending a blob through postMessage() and rolling your own parsing on the other side, most applications could define their own data types and communication model in a more apparent way.

The main idea is that each side of the pipe provides a 'hub':

You register adapters that handle the serialization and deserialization:

You register message handlers (a service that responds to requests):

And the rest of the API is either generic stream (sendMessage, onMessage) or request-reply model (call, invoke).

I've also drafted three "transport handler" for web_worker, web_socket and service_worker, which gives you an idea how this may work on different transports:

Please, please, please, let me know what you think about it! I'd like to have a polished API that may be useful for different projects. It is not used anywhere yet, and it is possible to change it in any way that provides an improvement.


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cross-posting from misc@dartlang:

Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) are a hybrid of regular web pages and a
mobile application. I'm working on the low-level API (service_worker
package) and high-level abstractions (pwa package), and now it has
become useful enough that I'm looking for further feedback. I'm
looking for requirements, suggestions, anything that you would like to
see with these.

Some features that the pwa package would like to support:
- offline-enabled web apps (*)
- push notifications (also events in the client apps if they are running)
- typed request-reply messaging between worker and window

The later item could be used between the Window and the WebWorker
scope too, and I'm planning to implement it as another library.


(*) Already there, e.g. in the example directory there is an
offline-enabled Angular application with deferred library loading and
"best-effort" image caching. I'm probably missing some edge cases

Contact me via e-mail:

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Flutter, Dart, and Google in Aarhus. Mikkel shares his experiences joining the Dart team in Aarhus working on high-quality animated charts for Android and iOS.

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I've created a Dart-y wrapper of the ServiceWorker API. If you are using that in JS, please let me know what you think of the API and what you would do differently.

/cc +Tomáš Zvěřina 

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I presented this short talk on Wednesday. It's about indie game development but the 3 tips are useful almost universally.

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If you ever wondered what goes on inside a compiler. #dartlang
Recording of my tech talk on how to build a fast compiler in Dart from Thursday January 12, 2017. Slides:

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I've created a twitter account and a bot to automate the notifications. When a HN submission is Dart-related, it should appear here:

I plan to improve it over time, and in the meantime, please let me know any suggestions you have about it.

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Videos from last month’s Dart Developer Summit are up on YouTube and we thought we’d cherry-pick the highlights for you:
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