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Stream in 360 stream, from UX Bp meetup


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360 Live video - UX Budapest Meetup

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When cancer starts ripping apart his body, Donald Dump is going to wish he hadn't cut medical research. What a horrible, vile animal. Luckily, this sociopathic monster doesn't have the last say when it comes to the budget.

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This just reveals how the opinions of the plebs are not really their own, being that they're obviously engineered by the very "elites" themselves, whom the plebdom were supposedly punishing with a Leave wrench thrown in their globalist machinery.
So this brrrxit, is slowly revealing itself to be a story about how an entire country got its leash yanked back so hard it nearly broke its neck, all because the oligarchy of finance dynasties living amongst them, have gotten scared by the European Union and its regulatory and investigative institutions who would have the authority to piercingly look in to their treacherous financial meddling bullshit and hold them to a standard which they are powerless to control. So they have therefore evaded accountability by conspiring to create a sovereign compartment for their interests, completely uninterested of the cost and impact to the lives of the general population who are used as merely a ballast for them to hide amongst and burrow a nest in.
When a country with a drug trafficking problem becomes controlled by the cartels who have enormous power money and influence to where they can buy politicians and control policy, turning their nation in to a safehaven for all the bullshit they do internationally, they call that a "narcostate".
Substitute drugs for illicit financial services and insider trading and you have the mighty United Kingdom... The brexit is just the final stage in the confiscation of power by this oligarchy.
All we need now, is a name for this... globally unique shitstain. Did I go too far ? I think I went too far. Sorry old chaps :)

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Google Cloud Next '17 Extended event in Budapest.

During the event we stream the key sections and there will be also local presentations.

Keynote Streaming (18:00 - )

Local Presentations and Roundtable (19:30 - 20:30)

Berkecz Ádám (AutSoft):

Introduction to the Serverless Architecture

Tömösvári Imre (AutSoft):

Running microservices on Kubernetes

Roundtable - Discussion with cloud Experts

Streaming from SF. (20:30 - )

Cloud Next Official site:

Sponsors of the event: Doctusoft, Skawa, BME Aut, Reklámművek

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I wrote down a bit of an inside look on the implications of writing a web framework in Google's trunk-based dev environment.

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Why didn’t Trump tweet that Tuesday’s warmth crushed the D.C. record by 9°F?
He’s tweeted over 30 times that cold temperatures in the winter disprove global warming.
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