Over the many months and years I have met many people who are addicted to porn. Some of them have confessed that they are totally helpless with the high-speed broadband Internet connection at home. Is there a way out? Yes there is.

Make sure that you implement a password protected porn filter on the Broadband home router and NOT on your computer. This password(s) should be unknown to you. If you do the filtering on your computer, it can be bypassed in many ways. But if you implement it on your home router, any device (like iPad, iPhone, Android phones etc) connecting to it through WiFi wireless connection can have the porn blocked too. So it would be safe for the whole family. 


1. Log in to home router. From your home computer open a web browser and log in to your router's setup screen. You can access the setup screen using a web-link (URL) such as: or etc. Log in with the router user (admin) name and password. Check the router manual to find the details of default login or simply Google to find the details of your router.

2. Implement OpenDNS which is FREE. In the DNS entry of the router setup screen, enter (for Primary DNS address) and (for Secondary DNS address). Once you freely register with OpenDNS, you can control the filter settings from your OpenDNS login. If you have any doubts about the configuration process, check here: and look for "OpenDNS Home". NOTE: If your Internet Service Provider (ISP) has disabled DNS entry on your router (Sky routers in UK are classic examples of this), buy another router with editable DNS and connect it to your ISP's router serially. Enable wireless (WiFi), configure DHCP and DNS entry on the new router and edit DNS like above and disable wireless on ISP's router (do a Google search for more info).

3. Some housekeeping. This is the MOST important step. Once you configure and see the porn-filtering work, ask a reliable person (like your friend, spouse etc) to change the password of the router setup login. Request him NOT to tell you the changed password(s) and NOT to forget it in case of any emergencies. Clear the browser history and all the stored passwords. NOTE: If you don't want to do this step, you can randomly type a big password which you don't take note, on notepad (or in any text editor) and copy paste that as new password on your router password setup. But you will need to reset the router to make any changes in future.

(1) If you have 3G or 4G Internet subscribed through a mobile/smart phone, call your service provider and they can block porn for your phone number.
(2) Anyone can do a hardware reset and get the router back to default settings. But not many people know about it. Some ways to deal with a hardware reset are as follows: (a) Lock the router in a box and hand the keys over to some trusted folks, so access to reset button is denied. (b) Use a super glue and flow it over the reset button. As this can be irreversible, one can have problems if they need to reset the router for any problems like power surge etc if it happens. (c) If someone is an electronic geek, he can disable the reset button wire to the circuit board (after opening the router), though a tough option.
(3) Note that this is only a technical solution to the issue of porn addiction, but if counseling and other helps are needed to deal with the emotional damage done, kindly do that simultaneously please. Making yourself accountable to someone mature is a great idea too.

Enjoy a porn-free life. Like any harmful addiction - porn distorts our thinking, degrades women as sex objects, smothers good relationships and destroys marriages. You can contact me for any doubts, queries or help (if your googling fails). Thank you.
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