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Can't wait to pick two of these up, finally going to have that 4k feel I've always wanted.

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As a thirty-something raised in the United States, I have already had my fair share of classic movies treated in a reviled manner with scores of remakes, reboots, and resets.

It'll never end.

Some on this list surprise me as it seems very apparent that the remakes will either bomb because of anachronistic storylines, and cultural differences from the time they were made in (and no amount of modernization can really bring that across the gulf of time, case in point being the remake of Red Dawn).

However, others are simply obviously going to fail at the Box Office in the face of the poor treatment of movie production and lack of good script writing or bad actor use. 

Prepare to cringe at some loving childhood nostalgia-bombs such as The Neverending Story or Flight of the Navigator.

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While its still important to note that this happened on the mainland, this is one of the worst cases of official product being "contaminated", I have yet to see in China:

A woman in one of the many markets of Xi'an in the Shaanxi district purportedly ended up with a rotting goldfish in her Pepsi bottle, discovering it only AFTER having taken a sip already.


Now, this is a bit extreme compared to the relatively minor problems with products using local Chinese water (being contaminated, like the highly publicized "Red River of Blood" where chemicals from local industry have caused the water to look like what its being called). 

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I rarely ever cover a product, and some of you may be aware I am an ASUS fan, but as a professional, and as someone who just sits in front of monitors most of the day - this beauty is definitely something to look forward to.

Quality aside (which is staggering), this monitor isn't too large (only 24") is totally ergonomic and can be adjusted to viewing perfection.

Not only that, but it is also the best aspect ratio that currently exists (16:10 as opposed to something horrible like 16:9 or 4:3)

The fall of 16:9 can be directly attributed to the ignorant American masses, and supporting higher-quality and superior aspect ratios like that of 16:10 is important. Its rare in digital history when we actually start DE-evolving and using older/worse technology. Imagine if we just said "Forget Blu-ray! Lets go back to CD-ROM!" or "Forget 3Ghz 8-core CPUs! Lets go back to 486SX processors, math co-processor? hah!"

I'll be picking up 3 of these ASAP.

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This sounds promising, although I believe it could have been treated seriously (instead of as a comedy) as the subject material is more than interesting in itself.

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Israel Smith hung out. <a class='ot-hashtag' href=''>#hangoutsonair</a>

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Israel Smith hung out. <a class='ot-hashtag' href=''>#hangoutsonair</a>

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A Chinese National managed to not only sneak into Japan by boat, but also into the U.S.  Yokosuku Naval Base. Nothing definitive has been substantiated by Japanese Police except for some minor evidence of the person's identity. Speaking broken English and Chinese he apparently "Wanted to leave China and join the U.S. Military"?

The link is here:

What I find interesting is that the MPs (military police) apparently caught the suspect, but handed him over to local police. Now whether this kid (24 years old) was really just this wide-eyed, or a spy, or maybe just in the wrong place at the wrong time, just change the fact that he wasn't held longer or even indefinitely by the U.S. military. It just seems bizarre.

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Though stories about "exploding" chairs killing Chinese office workers on the mainland is now old news (from faulty parts using poorly controlled pneumatic pressure)  - the ramp up in public toilet incidents appears to be increasing.

Though not really connected on any direct level, what makes this noteworthy is the violent level of the accident. These so-called "toilet explosions" (likely caused by a drop in proper sewage protocols due to laziness on the part of maintenance workers or a cost-cutting idea of residential-community managers) are horrifically deadly. This one in particular was attributed to water leaking into the toilet’s electronics (wth?) and causing a short circuit. 

You can catch up on one of these incidents from SearchChina (a Japanese run website for news in Japan). As usual, the best way to get news on what is going on in China is actually from foreign sources that get leaks internally from the country because of the heavy government censorship and media control to try and place the country in the best light.

If you can't read the article in Japanese (or your browser does not support auto-translation) the highlights state that the explosion, which "most of the residents heard" not only had black clouds of smoke coming out of the windows but the force would've killed anyone if they had been using it at the time (and likely anyone else in the room as well).
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