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Did you know that out of 61 rockets fired yesterday by #Hamas, 13 hit #Gaza? Approximately 20% of the rockets yesterday, fell on the civilians of Gaza. Hamas' addiction to terror is endangering civilians on both sides.
#israelunderfire #hamasterrorists #humanshields
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Perhaps then Israel could ensure a higher hitrate if Israel supplied them with better weapons.. It's only fair..? 
+Feras Al-Aidi it is only fair if morons like you knew how to think for yourself. But you don't seem to be taught that, just like you don't seem to be taught proper english. Please go learn something more useful than hate speech. That way you can benefit your family and maybe your people more.
Let's be clear: The issue here are the Muslim extremists - whether they be Al Qaeda or ISIS, Boko Haram or Hamas. Countries which respect human rights, others' religions, and generally are life-loving - not death-glorifing - need to stand together against Muslim extremism. Direct your sympathy toward the majority of the population of Gaza, not the Hamas leaders who rule them. 
What about Israel's contribution to terror? If we define terrorism as the unofficial or unauthorized use of violence and intimidation in the pursuit of political aims, then Israel can be considered as a terrorist state as well. How many resolutions of the +United Nations have been violated and broken by Israel?
+Jochen Fromm if you are going to make up definitions you can make up any bullshit.

Reading some of your public posts, you seem a fan of this plan.

But, I suppose it is a family tradition, now relax, let your right arm rise in salute, just like your grandparents used to.

Just don't ask them the full story of how their neighbours "gave" them their good silver and then... went 
+Feras Al-Aidi

" Perhaps then Israel could ensure a higher hitrate if Israel supplied them with better weapons.. It's only fair..? "

Maybe the police should give criminals better weapons. It's only fair. ..
Israelis are criminals. Murderers and thieves.. 
+Jochen Fromm UN is a Kangaroo court, even top UN officials admit it. 1/3 of UN countries are Muslim, many don't even recognize Israel. 
+Feras Al-Aidi

Hamas are criminals and terrorists, as bad as ISIS

Hamas Charter:

Preamble :

" Israel will exist and will continue to exist until Islam will obliterate it, just as it obliterated others before it"

Article 7:

"The Day of Judgement will not come about until Moslems fight the Jews (killing the Jews), when the Jew will hide behind stones and trees. The stones and trees will say O Moslems, O Abdulla, there is a Jew behind me, come and kill him."

Article 13:

"Initiatives, and so-called peaceful solutions and international conferences, are in contradiction to the principles of the Islamic Resistance Movement"
+Antony Jackson a man states an undisputed fact about UN violations and you call him a Nazi? With all of the barbaric haters on the Internet you're among the worst. Your knuckle dragging behavior is bringing us back. You don't want war to end you love it. Obviously. You men who rant and rave and rail against each other -- you're all terrorists. Perpetuating conflict is your one note existence. Isn't there anything else you could do? Are there no other behaviors available to people? Where is any sense of decorum among fellow human beings? Beyond ridiculous. You're asking the world to be peaceful? Where's your peace? 
+Antony Jackson   you use character assassination approach for any body disagree with you.  This is the real BS.   You have to discuss Ideas.  
You refuse definition to terrorism. because any dam definition will describe Israel and Zionism aggression. Occupation is terrorism. killing children and civilian is terrorism. apartheid is terrorism. ethnic cleansing  is terrorism.
The way you established Israel was by terror and murder. read the history of Haganna  and Shtiern terrorism.

Every time I hear people like you. I salute those brave Jews who refused Zionism and aggression Like This  ex- solder. you may learn from his experience.

With those humans we shall make lasting Just Peace. for all people in this land. 
+Harry Pierson If  you accept that   we are all humans deserve to live in peace and dignity. End Occupation end ethnic cleansing in  Palestine.  I assure you that there will be no resistance in Palestine including Hamas. If any body refuse peace Justice and coexistence. we shall join fighting him whether he is Jew Christian or Muslim.  Being different make this world more beautiful provide we complement each other. not kill each other.
israel will oneself always defend and the people in israel protect!
israel has very good weapons and a good IDF!
+M. Murra you are just a racist sack of shit

You also don't understand the meaning of words, do you need a dictionary? You seem to think that I need to make up my own definitions , like you do.

Of course, that'd just make me as much of an idiot as you are. I hope it also doesn't turn me into a racist too.

I know lots of idiots that aren't hate filled racists, what makes you so different? 
+Jacqueline Weise  Power + Arrogant +Injustice+Ethnic Cleansing + Occupation +Apartheid.  Will Never defend any Nation.   it prolongs it's and human suffering.

Much Less Power + Justice + Coexistence + Win - Win thinking. Will defend the world and make it better place to live in. 
+Stephanie Hunt no I didn't, I suggested that his moronic misunderstanding of language (which you seem to do to) might be linked to the jackbooted murderers who sired his line.

Words already have definitions, you don't get to make up your own shit and make up arbitrary associations.

It is, at least, quite funny that the racists seem to believe that "not understanding words" = "the right to make up word definitions"

Just because you are ignorant and stupid, that doesn't mean that the little you are aware of trumps the huge mass of information that you've (either through ignorance or wilful hate) never learned. 
+M. Murra Please look up the definition of Occupation.  Before you then shift to Siege, the fact that goods and medical services are provided by the 'would-be siegers' negates that definition, too.  At best one could argue for a blockade, but then Egypt would have to be condemned, too, which, may be inconvenient for your argument.

The truth is that the Arabs in the borders of Mandate + War(s) borders of Israel contain two sociologically-divided populations (the so called West Bank, and the Gaza strip), are not loved by their cousins in Jordan who are overrun with other so-called Palestinians living now for 60+ years in refugee camps.  These refugees, although ostensibly very closely related to Jordanians, are considered different enough to merit being cordoned off and prevented from intermarriage, let alone citizenship.

Political 'Palestine' is a persistent attack against the sole Jewish State in the world, and is used by pseudo-religious hate mongers in their decades (centuries, millennial...) animosity towards Jews.  The sad fact, though is that beyond the Zionist Arabs (Muslim, Druze, and Secular) in Israel who are blown up by homicide vest wearers, the Arabs in the other countries of the region also suffer for the amount of militant hooliganism that is devoted to the 'cause' in stead of development and uplift.  In short, without the so-called 'Palestinian Cause' (i.e., Destruction of Israel), the Arab and other Muslim states wouldn;t know what to do, period.
72 hours and you Israeli's couldn't figure out what they wanted: 1) end the occupation, 2) open the borders, 3) stop building IDF guarded illegal Israeli settlements on Palestinian land? I think that's why they're firing rockets at you and will continue until these basic human rights demands are met. How bout just stop stealing their land for starters. 
+Feras Al-Aidi
Itse olet rikollinen ja murhaaja!! Jos sinua kivitettäisi vaikka pienillä kivillä niin varmasti kostaisit! Saati sitten jos ammutaan raketteja niinkuin HAMAS tekee!!
+Murlin Evans Please look up the definition of Occupation.  Before you then shift to Siege, the fact that goods and medical services are provided by the 'would-be siegers' negates that definition, too.  At best one could argue for a blockade, but then Egypt would have to be condemned, too, which, may be inconvenient for your argument.

The truth is that the Arabs in the borders of Mandate + War(s) borders of Israel contain two sociologically-divided populations (the so called West Bank, and the Gaza strip), are not loved by their cousins in Jordan who are overrun with other so-called Palestinians living now for 60+ years in refugee camps.  These refugees, although ostensibly very closely related to Jordanians, are considered different enough to merit being cordoned off and prevented from intermarriage, let alone citizenship.

Political 'Palestine' is a persistent attack against the sole Jewish State in the world, and is used by pseudo-religious hate mongers in their decades (centuries, millennial...) animosity towards Jews.  The sad fact, though is that beyond the Zionist Arabs (Muslim, Druze, and Secular) in Israel who are blown up by homicide vest wearers, the Arabs in the other countries of the region also suffer for the amount of militant hooliganism that is devoted to the 'cause' in stead of development and uplift.  In short, without the so-called 'Palestinian Cause' (i.e., Destruction of Israel), the Arab and other Muslim states wouldn;t know what to do, period.
I sympathize with everyone involved in this sad sad affair. Yes, technically Hamas was elected and it could be argued free and fair elections don't occur in occupied territories, if that is your point. I also appreciate my distance as a US citizen. This runaway problem has its core in the arbitrary awarding by the British of very ethnically diverse area of Christians, Muslims and Jews known regionally as Palestine (though not formally a created state) to the Jewish refugees of WWII in 1947. Do you think the people who already lived there might have deserved a say in that ridiculous decision. This goes back to the Balfour Declaration which consisted of the British promising land that was not it's to giveaway. A similar promise was made to the Palestinians. "Terrorism" is the tool of a desperate people. Yes, Hamas talks tough, but has not the means to destroy the state of Israel. Give me a break. With what? Sticks and stones and homeade rockets? Please just because Israel did not formally declare "wiping Hamas and Palestine off the map, doesn't mean they can't and aren't doing it as we speak. How can you expect sane people with generations of ties to this land to just give it up to the state of Israel? How can you expect the building of Israeli settlements on UN designated Palestinian land not to go unnoticed or to stand without retaliation. The problem seems so obvious. Since when does one race of people need its own state. That is a recipe for extreme zionism, racism and genocide. Without getting into WWII and the concentration camps, it seems  a better row to hoe would be to force Jewish integration into the larger middle east community. Or at least force Israel to respect the human rights and dignities of all races, including the Palestinians. What the Jews endured during the holocaust is not a license to play the same card against another race of people. I regret any loss of life on either side and am sorry the fabrication of Israel (based on a fiction called the OT) was taken as a literal mandate by the british, us and un.
+Kyrinn S. Eis   From Your script, I understand that you are  either misinformed.(Shallow knowledge). or well  aware of the Palestinian case and intentionally distort the facts and justifying  evil doing.   
If  you agree that  all parties and humans  deserve to live  free with Peace , justice and dignity life. It will be my pleasure to listen more to your perspective . explain my perspective. hope we can help even small step toward achieve above mentioned goal.  Other wise I am not interested in fighting with any body here.
Evil, shallow, hmmm. Words carry power and, like most conversations I've had with Israeli supporters. your response carries many negative implications of my character based simply on the notion that I think the creation of Israel in 1947 was a mistake. If God wanted you to have it so badly, don't you think you would not need artificial means to fabricate your claim. My only question to you is, I continue to read how Israel has proceeded to build Jewish guarded settlements on land stipulated for the Palestinians in the Oslo Accord. Is this true? Do you think it might be a severe challenge to the "peace process." Not clear what you are disputing, that Israel is a fabricated state, or that the source of it's fabrication is NOT based on Old Testament? I l I've in a country where questioning Israeli actions in anyway is deemed anti-Semitic and racist. Where my government chooses unabashed support for Israel in monetary aid and weaponry. To watch it being used as it is saddens me. Israel's ( and Israeli defenders) immediate dismissal of my US taxpayer concerns with such condescending labels such as those you and the all powerful almighty AIPAC throw out are transparent and pathetic distractions used in a sad attempt to nullify any critique. I'm tired of lobby's controlling my elected government. I'm tired of AIPAC;s stranglehold on our politicians. So please, clarify for me, why are you entitled to raze Palestinian homes and replace them with Israeli settlements in direct violation of international law and the Oslo Accords? Thank you.
Absolutely. Not a majority by a long shot but yes, of course. Do you think, now with 67 odd years of bloodshed behind you, that it was a good decision to create a "jewish" state. I know other mid-east countries are referred to as Arab states, but they don't promote themselves as such or enforce what the world is coming to know as a slow-motion ethnic cleansing. Do you think the creation of a race based state is a propellant to zionism and encourages discrimination, racism and violence? Perhaps if it would have been "race undesignated" such extremism on both sides would not be so powerful today. We call it a melting pot in the USA. Illegal settlements has a catchy ring to it. Can you explain to me how building new jewish communities in Palestine designated territory by the Oslo Accords fuels peace or resentment and war?
+Murlin Evans  I fully Agree with you.  BTW  Shallow and evil is  directed to:  +Kyrinn S. Eis  not to you. 
I don't understand why the anti-Semitic supporters here keep raising the matter of ethnic cleansing, because Israel is the most tolerant, and most democratic of any neighboring countries. Rocket-attack and suicide-bomber cleansing is more like it, because they have to deal with places & people driven into the ground by the greedy like Arafat and the misogynistic murderers like Hamas!
Murlin evans you assert that other mid east countries do not describe themselves as Arab states. did you realize the at least Saudi Arabia prohibits anyone of Jewish origin from entering? a far more racist move than any taken by Israel. 
For sixty years Israel has defended it's borders from hostility and aggression. Seems they took the opportunity to secure one of those borders. If you look objectively. 
No murlin the Arab countries won't allow the Palestinian to cross into their regions. They oppress with passion. But realize this is not about ethnicity, they are all Semite, this is about the war mongering of Islam. If they weren't hell bent in killing all non muslims, they would be living in peace. 
+Feras Al-Aidi right ... maybe you give the IDF your address. I am sure they will be more than happy to put it down. Idiot Muslim.
I'm fed up with all this historical  arguments. The 3d generation of Jews lives on this land that makes the modern history. Period.
Now, message to original poster: I think that the best way to teach the beast how to behave is a symmetrical warfare: give the locals opportunity to obtain these low tech rockets and mortals to match Hazans/Hamsans. Let them shoot indiscriminately all this stuff into Gaza just for the pleasure of entertaining themselves. For sure, Israeli government has no clue what is going on
+rasoul nejati raped your daughter today? Mutilated your mother? Muhammad is watching you Muslim pig. That's all you are really good at. That and crying like a baby.
13 out of 61? I thought Muslims don't drink alcohol, like we do in Canada. 
+Jochen Fromm the UN is a joke. Their resolutions are intended to destroy Israel and are neither reasonable, moral, or humanitarian.
So much for REAL concern about their ppl. 
IsrsHell makes me sick! Bunch of civillian killing, child murdering scum. They love blaming others but never take responsibility for their own actions. 
Assad killed almost 150,000 Syrians.  Why no anti-Syria demonstrations around the globe?  Why no ethnic cleansing chest beating cries from any of you?  Because it doesn't grab the headlines, that's why.
+Jacqueline Weise yes Israel will keep fighting to keep its civilians safe, I kinda gave up trying to argue with stupid, at least I know the truth.
+Jochen Fromm what other institution lets terrorist (Hamas is defined as a terrorist org by multiple countries) use their schools for storing weapons)? Better yet, ban ki-moon traveled in a Qatari private plane- Qatar is well known for funding multiple radical terrorist groups who have killed thousands of muslim. Is this what an institution that is supposed to uphold #humanrights does? Just because Qatar has the world's third largest natural gas reserves does not mean that integrity and security need to be compromised. Not only is the #UN anti Semitic but they suck at doing their job--protecting human rights (as shown in what's happening in Syria, Iran, ISIS).

+SaL-MaN Akhtar fucking Muslim. Go be a good Muslim and rape your daughter, mutulate your sistet and mother. Fucking Muhammad is watching ,,,
+Allen Saltzman that's because most people will say anything believe anything as long as it makes jews look bad, if someone breaks into a house the owner of the home can shoot and kill the intruder if the owner is jewish he will get charged with murder and he is a criminal and he is inhumane......
+Lonnie Marion the UN is obsolete. What do you expect from an organization that puts Syria Iran and Lybia on the human rights council? 
92%of muslims killed this era we're killed by muslims!
+Murlin Evans if Hamas is so concerned about land why are their demands about money? If they are so concerned about their ppl, why can't they promise that all cement will be used to build gaza and not tunnels? Oslo called for a demilitarized gaza, even you can see that has not happened. 
Gil Barel - Go F**k yourself! You Ignorant, racist, pig faced bald bast**d. Come back when you have something intelegent to say and take a bath this month.
+SaL-MaN Akhtar iam almost thinking what gil said must be true because you got really truth hurts huh
Dorit Mizrachi - which demands were about money?? Lifting the land, sea and air blockade. Removing IsraHell millitary presence from Palestinian territories, a sea port, a airport. And the halt of illegal settlements in occupied territories. Wheres the demand of money?
IsraHell recently classed gaza as enemy territory just so tthey would not have to pay compensation for the cillians they murdered. Nobody expects a dime from IsraHell, getting meat from a lions jaws is easier! The only thing the palastinians want is the sight of IsraHeli backs as they leave their country.

Shm Gold - I dont get offended, not from Israhelli filth, its in their mentality, zionists are pathological liars and I enjoy taking their silly arguments to bits.
+SaL-MaN Akhtar been a good Muslim today? Raped your baby girl? Your pig prophet Muhammad is watching you filthy Muslims 
Israeli and  Zionist Supporter.
 Living most of my life in Middle east and mainly Jerusalem west Bank. 
I find your language full of distortion an misinformation  far away from the truth.  Objectively thinking. what you want?  Live in Peace? or keep fighting until you kill all Palestinians .  and then turn to the 1.3 billion Muslim,  and another billions supporters for brethren  (Jews + Christians)  who are against Zionism?


More and more people around the globe is not buying your lies any more.
+M. Murra sion es Jehová Dios quien es el mismo Jesucristo pero los ciego no ven éso somos justificado por Fe pero todas las profecías se ancumplido sin un solo error Dios es realidad para mas información Google plus Edwin abreu lean y analicen todo
+Murlin Evans Murlin, the Old Testament is not a fiction but is the word of God and true. Asking the other Middle Eastern countries to assimilate Jews is an idea contradicted by history, which has seen the Jews driven out of most of these nations entirely. Your comment about Israel wrongly building in the West Bank seems to ignore the numerous wars that Israel has fought and won to retain their very existence. Israel won that land in the West Bank, and the United Nations cannot really tell them it belongs to the Palestinians. It may have been intended for the Palestinians at one point. But numerous wars have put it fairly and squarely in the hands of Israel. That is the way history has always worked. Israel was generous to give back the Sinai to Egypt. It gave Gaza to the Palestinians, withdrawing entirely from it, and the thanks it gets is constant shelling by rockets and other forms of terror.
+Murlin Evans  First off, I want to thank for you expressing your opinion without the use of ad hominem attacks on others.  We should be able to have a discussion without attacking each other or insulting those who we disagree with.  #### However, you made a number of factually incorrect statements in your post, which I feel might be influencing your opinion on this topic.  So, allow me to provide some education in the area of Middle East history.  #### 1) The British did not "arbitrarily" award anything in 1947.  The British tried to work out an agreement acceptable to both Arabs and Jews, but they failed (big surprise there). So, they turned the problem over to the newly-formed United Nations.  The UN established a Special Commission on Palestine (UNSCOP) to devise a solution.  Delegates from seven nations — Canada, Czechoslovakia, Guatemala, The Netherlands, Peru, Sweden and Uruguay — met and recommended the establishment of two separate states, Jewish and Arab, to be joined by economic union, with Jerusalem as an internationalized enclave.  The Jews accepted the plan, while the Arabs rejected it and launch a war of annihilation to "drive the Jews into the sea."  #### 2) In 1939, the year WWII started, Jews were 30% of the population in the Palestine Mandate area.  So, it wasn't just "Jewish refugees from WWII" that drove the UN plan.  There were already over 500,000 Jews living there before any WWII refugees arrived.  #### 3) The Arabs were involved in the negotiations from the very beginning, but refused to compromise and accept a Jewish state, even on a small sliver of land, as was allocated in the original UN plan.  So, "the people who already lived there" did get a chance to have input. And remember 30% of "the people there" were Jews.  The UN General Assembly rejected the Arab demands for a one-state solution and the partition plan was approved.  #### 4) You wrote, "Hamas talks tough, but has not the means to destroy the state of Israel. With what? Sticks and stones and homemade rockets."  Over 800 Israeli civilians have been murdered by suicide bombers since the first bus was blown up in 1989.  It is estimated that at the start of the current conflict, Palestinian terror groups in Gaza possessed over 10,000 rockets, over a third of which are medium and long range varieties that were obtained from Syria and Iran.  The Syrian-made M-302 rocket has a range of up to 160 km and carries a 144 kg warhead.  These groups also have hundreds of mortars, advanced Russian anti-tank weapons plus hundreds of AK-47s with thousands of rounds of ammunition.  Not what anyone would refer to as, "sticks and stones".  All of which can easily kill you, if used how Hamas intends.
  #### I could go on, since I've only addressed about half of your comments, but this post is already too long.
+M. Murra You talk as though Israel wants to keep fighting until it kills all the Palestinians. But who is the one who insists on fighting? It is Hamas who rejects ceasefires and breaks truces. It is Hamas whose charter insists that peace with Israel is something it does not want. Harry Pierson has already cited Article 13 from the Hamas charter: 

"Initiatives, and so-called peaceful solutions and international conferences, are in contradiction to the principles of the Islamic Resistance Movement."
+Anthony Loera we also deliver them water, electricity, and building materials for tunnels. (no sarcasm at all)
+Mark Asia Naiman no no... It's Christians' blood for mazza... But for bread we have to use Muslim.. 2000 years old tradition in Israel..
No Islam for that long...
Gra f
+Jeffrey Selco , take it easy +Feras Al-Aidi is a just a backward muslim. They didn't evolve yet and instead of of brain have a disk with pre-recorded messages of hate to repeat .
Thank you for the was as I expected. HAMAS continues to put the lives of the Palestinians at risk simply because of extremist egos making suicidal decisions. I feel badly for the Palestinians to be manipulated by these idiots.
Israel don't cave into Hamas demands, they must be out of rockets soon
+Feras Al-Aidi Muslims massacred by other Muslims since 1971:

Pakistan 1971: 3 Million Muslims Dead.
Sudan 1983: 1 Million Muslims Dead.
Iraq 1988: 800,000 Muslims Dead.
Algeria 1991: 150,000 Muslims Dead.
Syria 2011-2014: 250,000 Muslims Dead.

Where is the outrage for all these dead Muslims? Where is the outrage for ISIS shooting dozens of Iraqi soldiers in the head and video-taping the whole grizzly murder scene? Where is the outrage for Bobo Harum kidnapping 250 school girls? Where indeed!    
But no, lets continue attacking the one democracy in the area.

Some of you Israeli haters believe that all your propaganda on social media is going to help your cause, newsflash, people are slowly waking up to the truth and the real irony is your downfall will also be because of social media because in the end truth will always win out over lies and propaganda.   
"I don't see any attention from the rest of the world," a member of the Yazidi minority in Iraq told the New Yorker. "In one day, they (ISIS) killed more than two thousand Yazidi in Sinjar, and the whole world says, 'Save Gaza, save Gaza.'"

In Syria, the group hoisted some of its victims severed heads on poles. One of the latest videos of the savagery shows a Christian man forced to his knees, surrounded by masked militants, identified in the video as members of ISIS. They force the man at gunpoint to "convert" to Islam. Then, the group beheads him.  
+Nick Yossefi you get the government you deserve if you vote for Hamas and dance, celebrate and pass out candy for every terrorist attack. Innocent people? It's certainly not the so called moderate Muslims when they act like this. 
+rasoul nejati Bullshit. All lies. Israel could have flattened Gaza and get rid of this issue. Because of the holocaust they don't. Any other country would. If the Palestinians really wanted peace they would have had it a long time ago. Stop this bullshit. Muslims don't want peace with anyone. They just want to kill everyone that is not Muslim. See what's going on in Syria Lybia and Iraq every day. No one cares when Muslims kill other Muslims. That shows that Muslims don't value life. Europe will wake one day soon and then you Muslims will really have a problem. They will have no problem to do to you what they did to Jews. 
+Craig Iskowitz Thank you Craig. Finally! Somebody posts on here that can actually read history. This is how it happened.
israel will bomb gaza free or occupied, free palestine!
Muslimophobia from Gil Barel is racist and not worthy of comment, apart from saying that Israel is committing crimes against humanity by its persistent bombing of civilian areas in Gaza.  They must be brought to account for those crimes of murdering innocent women and children. They are behaving like manic barbarians, and the sooner they are stopped the better.
+M. Murra You so naive. End occupation that means every Jew is dead. 2) Americas, Australia, New Zealand should evacuate lands too. How about that?!
+Gary McCollom My solution for the poor Syrians the world ignores : hire a token Jewish Israeli. Once a single Jewish Israeli is involved, they'll have the world's undivided attention. 
The history of Israel is more complex than Craig Iskowitz would have us believe. In fact, the Israelis ethnically cleansed much of their territory awarded by the UN in 1948. Arabs were killed or forcefully expelled under their official policy. The British were pursued by terrorist Israeli gangs such as Stern and Haganah, who blew up the King David Hotel in Jerusalem, and executed at least one British soldier in 1948. They also murdered a peace envoy, Count Bernadotte, a UN envoy there to help solve the problem of Israeli aggression and terrorism against the local Arabs.  The great tragedy is that Israel is still doing it, especially in the west bank, where thousands of Arabs have been thrown from their own land as land has been illegally stolen for new settlements. In Gaza, they voluntarily withdrew but yet have blockaded the area, converting Gaza into a giant ghetto. And they are surprised when the Palestinians fight back? The resistance should be applauded for their courage in fighting to portect their people from brutal Israeli methods of indiscriminate bombing and shelling of civilian areas, murdering women and children to the count of thousands to date.
+Peter Lewis The Gazans earned the blockade with their violence. There was no blockade when Israel withdrew in 2005. Not until 2007 after the Gazans fired thousands of rockets into Israel and kidnapped Shalit did the blockade start.

The Palestinians started this war, and it ends when they stop firing missiles. It's just that simple.

You would think Americans would get a clue from 9/11 and the Boston Marathon bombing, and that the Brits would get a clue from the 7/7 and their soldier being hacked to death on the streets of London.

Boko Haram literally means "Western Education is forbidden." Coming soon to a location near you. Sunni Muslims are responsible for 70% of terrorist murders throughout the world, and the world frets over Israel protecting itself from missiles with a 125 mile range and 375 lb explosive payloads.

These are the Khaibar class missiles, named after a famous slaughter of Jews by Muslims.
+Gary McCollom  You want to understand.  Masonic,  Zionism is well known for conspiracy .  they help make fire and massacre every where  (Islamic extremist is not more than naive ignorant Muslims MANIPULATED  by Mossad and CIA - starting from fighting with them in Afghanistan against soviet Union IN 1980'S .) . to distract the world from their Israel genuine and main crime in Palestine.
All your lies will not help any more. the world is discovering your  lies and bloody deeds.   
+Peter Lewis, instead of applauding the Palestinians for violence, why don't we applaud those Arabs and Muslims who got involved with the democratic Israeli government, which has numerous ethnicities and faiths within it, unlike the neighboring countries?
Why don't you take the peace and tolerance within the country into consideration?
Everyone who accuses Israel of ethnic cleansing must answer why Muslims and Arabs live in peace within Israel! Evasion of this fact indicates manipulation to demonize Israel.
These are facts, not propaganda, & I have been to the Middle East.
We can also safely say that approximately half of the world's population, women, are in support of Israel, because otherwise they are subjected to a life of misogyny.

Given that I have only noticed 1 comment from a female in this thread, it looks like a sausage party of men fighting over women's rights while disguising it in everything but that.

One reason the violent Muslims hate Israel is because they treat women well.

I would hate to be the wife or daughter of any anti-Israel supporter here.
Is that why Israelis enjoy killing women in Gaza? Like most North Americans, Daniel is ignorant of the Middle East and its problems, seeming to believe that all problems can be solved by gun and bomb. He has also ignored the known history of Israel in its racist ethnic cleansing policies. Does he deny the facts? And most Palestinians are very unhappy, even in Israel, when they have been denied the state promised by so many politicians over the years, thanks to Israeli intransigence. The Palestinians have been robbed of their land and their heritage by Israeli thugs and bullies.  
+Peter Lewis

"Is that why Israelis enjoy killing women in Gaza?

stop making shit up.

Male casualties of combat age outnumber female casualties of combat age by 8-1

Israeli Arabs are terrified they'll end up under the PA if there are "land exchanges." They live better with more civil liberties than Arabs in any Arab country.

You are the ignorant one, and more bigoted than anyone else posting here.

You talk about history? Look at the number of casualties in any war. You think wars are bloodless?

What about the casualties in Syria? Assad kills 500 at a time with one barrel bomb. The Turks killed 40,000 Kurds, and the very word "genocide" was created to describe the Turkish massacre of the Armenians, yet Erdogan had the nerve to make the same idiotic arguments you do.

ISIS is slaughtering thousands with crucifixions and beheadings. And yet you are trying to convince peopke that Israel is "slaughtering" Palestinians on a scale never seen in the history of war fare.

Wars are ugly and brutal and people get killed. That's why Hamas should never have started a war, and that's why they should accept an unconditional cease fire.

Instead, they are counting on useful idiots like you to excuse their behavior and to force Israel, through "international outrage" into concessions that will lead to worse conflicts in the future.

This time, the Israeli people are United in their belief that HAMAS Cannot come Away with a victory through the sacrifice of Palestinian lives, a tactic that only works on weak minds like yours. Israel will not sacrifice its citizens for international pity points.

Typical american: loads of abuse but no "weak" mind says that murder is wrong and what the Israelis are doing is evil and wrong. Or perhaps you exult in murder: like your futile gun culture!
Ferass....Israel will kick hamas butt. Muslim dog terrorist run you cant hide. Israel will stand forever. JESUS SAID SO.
Gilad....Christians go to Heaven. They can kill the body but ,they cannot kill the soul. To be absent in the body is to be present with the Lord. We are not afraid to die because we will live again forever. 
Is it coincidental that most of the reactionaries on this blog live in the southern US states? They still appear to resent the loss of slavery and persecution of minorities, which is presumably why they support the Israelis.....and much of the current problems with the Middle East stem directly from US pursuit of military solutions (Iraq especially, now turning into another nightmare). 
That Christian man that was beheaded is now with Jesus. Hes better than all evil people here on earth. Hes not worried about your hatred anymore or war.
+Daniel Walton Jesus is word of Peace. he  is peace his message is Peace. Either you are stupid. or racist.  Zionist Israel create every thing evil in this area.  and will face  What it deserve. wake up.  better  for you to stay on Jesus side. don't try to take Jesus to your side. Idiot.
Israel  aggression is against all Palestinians including Hamas. Palestinian are reacting to aggressor - Zionist Israel.
 Palestinian Christians  in Gaza is opening their churches to their brethren Muslim to pray for same god. after Bloody Israelis destroy Mosques.  Jesus was in Palestine,  Palestinian Christians know Jesus better than you.
Godbless Israel and Godbless the United States of America the greatest Armed Forces in the world for world peace.
Dont push us....the shock and awe works...the MOAB works real well. Run Hamas run...we will find you...its your time to die.
+Feras Al-Aidi Palestinians are murderers. 280 convicted Palestinians murderers, responsible for the deaths of 569 Israelis, were released in exchange for Shalit.

Of the 78 prisoners released just to get the Palestinians to come to the bargaining table for the recent peace talks, 69 were convicted murderers. The Palestinian Authority gave each of them $100,00, just as they always reward terrorists and their families.

Message received: Palestinian terrorism pays.
+M. Murra

"I was ordered to fight all men until they say 'There is no God but Allah'."

-- Prophet Muhammad's farewell address, March 632

"I shall cross sea to their islands until there remains no one on the face of Earth who does not acknowledge Allah."

-- Saladin, January 1189

"We will export our revolution throughout the World .... until the calls 'there is no god but Allah and Muhammad is the messenger of Allah' are echoed all over the world."

-- Ayatollah Ruhallah Khomeini, 1979

"I was ordered to fight the people until they say there is no god but Allah, and his prophet Muhammad."

-- Osama bin Laden, November 2001
+Peter Lewis Give it a rest Peter, folks like myself, I am a Canadian btw not a southerner, have had generations of freedom and free speech, we can and will research stories for ourselves and not let propaganda color our thinking.  

Talk about Iraq all you want, the IS and the rest of these murdering bastards are just that, about killing in the name of religion.  
It is you who in the USA have been interfering by bombing Irag  and Afghanistan, and using war as a weapon to cow any perceived opposition. My backbone consists of aiding downtrodden peoples, not bullying and browbeating them into submission. Canadians should know much better: they used to support the UN, but now I'm not so sure where they stand at all. It is you who should be ashamed of approving the murder of women and children: do you have no conscience? The savagery is very one sided in Gaza, and mainly coming from Israel. The British people know where they stand, but I wish I could say the same for the politicians.
+Peter Lewis Britain is almost a lost cause with the infiltration and takeover by Muslims, not going to happen in Canada or the USA and you speak of the world, the worlds official powers are almost uniformly complete silence, the only wailing and gnashing of the teeth we here are from Muslims like yourself spreading your lies and propaganda to try and undermine Israel, as well as the closest anti-semites out there and the bleeding hearts as well who fall for your bs, what about the children.

Did Hamas wonder about the children before they started attacking Israel.

It is clear as day that the word is finally waking up to the threat of Muslim indoctrination, and to think, you infidels have helped us wake up, ty for that, not for me, but for some of fellow Canadians who got too caught up in your propaganda.   

You claim to not know where Canada stands, I'll tell you where, we have a government with a backbone that see's the UN for what it is, corruption, I mean for cripes sake when you have a country like Iran being put on the human rights committee that is all one needs to know.   
+Harry Pierson  If Peace and coexistence is our Goal you will find thousand of examples and phrases to support our goal in all religions.

You Chose to select isolated Phrases out of it's contest just to support your   goal  of hatred and aggression.  I can pick similar from your side.
Such Argument will not help.   If we agree that all of us are human and deserve decent free life. if we agree that  being different make the world more beautiful provide we complement each other instead of killing each other. we can find common language. and we will find thousand of supporting statement in all religions.  
+Peter Lewis, you evade my points, particularly on misogyny in countries (not military casualties), and who's accepted/allowed in each. Thank you for your time and consideration.
You are the one evading reasonable arguments. What on earth has misogyny has to do with Gaza is quite beyond me, and is just another cheap jibe against muslims. The issue here is about murder of innocents, pure and simple by a well armed aggressor, the state of Israel. They are behaving like barbarians and cannot expect the support of anyone in the west for their crimes against humanity. They should be arranged as soon as possible before the ICC in The Hague as soon as possible to answer for their crimes.
Funny how you just described the religion of Islam, fascinating that you honestly believe this propaganda of yours and others is going to work and turn the world against Israel, you can clearly see by the stunning silence from the worlds governments, in particular the Muslim governments, you guys have already lost all that thee is to do now is finish off the fight, for however long it takes.

Btw, when is the religion of Islam and sharia law going to be brought before The Hague, for crimes against humanity because all of these crimes are done in the name of Allah and Islam.   
+Peter Lewis, thanks for showing how little you know or care about women's rights. While you try to confuse everyone here a to where MOST of the hate & violence originates, try to fit in some time to learn how women are treated (legally) in countries surrounding Israel. Good points by +Gary McCollom; Sharia law is a good example of who truly has "ethnic cleansing" on their minds. Isn't it a goal of Hama's to spread Sharia law? 
+Peter Lewis, here's a link for your convenience:
Please note the following points:
1: “in 1998 the Constitutional Court of Turkey banned and dissolved Turkey's Refah Party on the grounds that "Democracy is the antithesis of Sharia"”
2: “the European Court of Human Rights determined that "sharia is incompatible with the fundamental principles of democracy".”

Peter, despite all your points, the bottom line is that you promote misogyny and the erosion of democracy in support Hama's and what they represent. Gaza & Palestinians suffer because you support their being dominated by misogynistic & violent Hamas who cannot even hold to Egyptian-sanctioned cease-fires or keep their own rockets from hitting their own lands!
What a joke! If you can't produce rational arguments, you shouldn't be messaging and wasting time of others. I hope that Hamas will resist the Israeli criminals in defence of their peoples. 
+Peter Lewis, I hope you get a chance to live under Hamas' rule, then try living in Israel. I also feel sorry for any women in/around your life, as you support the misogynistic and cannot even answer to the points on Sharia law. Calling this stuff a joke means you belong in the Middle East, but outside of Israel :-)
+Peter Lewis  I think it is waste of time arguing with such close mind Zionist Israeli. They invent lies and believe it to justify their aggression. and want us to believe it.
They invent  horrible Islam  and want to force the rest of the world to believe in it.  I am not religious person.  but the simple fact  is.  to be Muslim you have to believe in TORAH and Jesus Christ and all their teaching.  What Extremist Muslims is doing like Isis. has nothing to do with Islam. 99.99999999 of Muslims do not agree with them.  And I have every reason to believe that Islam Extremist is Cultivated and manipulated by Zionism to justify their bloody Massacres and destruction  not only in Palestine but also in Iraq and Syria now.. Extremist Movement origin started in cooperation with CIA and MOSSAD in Afghanistan in 1980's. All of us know how much Zionism manipulated american Policy.
Did we forget that Iraq has been destroyed, over 1 million killed and still suffering based on  lie  that Iraq has mass destruction weapon.  
+M. Murra There is a tiny part of me that wants to believe some of what you are saying, I guess the biggest part I will believe is I realize that the majority of Islam is not like the terroists but lets get one thing clear, crystal clear, these terroists and groups killing innocent people are doing it in the name of Islam and because of what they read and believe to be gods word in the Koran.

Since I took some time to scroll back through your comments its clear as day why I don't believe folks like you because people like yourself that support Hamas and by extension Hams and sharia law, can and will repeat any LIE that they feel will further their cause.

That is almost 100% the reason why the mindless sheep in our western societies, ie: the loony left will believe just about anything people like you say.

I unequivocally guarantee you that you and your people and your religion, Islam, will NEVER rule the world.  
+Gary McCollom I respect your response at least, the language is not attacking and accusing Like most of others. for me it sounds logical.
I believe that arguments should be objective . specially when it is between two parties coming from different cultures and different beliefs.
May we agree  that the objective should be:  to make clear to each other our perspectives to the subject of discussion. complement the picture  and conclude ways of boosting peace and coexistence.
Other wise we shall have diff argument.

To answer the queries you mentioned.
1-  Any killing is bad act. specially civilians and for me it is absolutely  unjustified.

2- As I told you I am not deep in religion. but I know that basic rule in Quran and must follow.  (God created human being and make them different nations   to get to know each other and complement each other. those who is closest to me among  all is who do good to each other.
who kill single innocent life is as if he kill all humans.  

Those killers as I mentioned is ignorant  may be naive Muslims  manipulated and guided by invisible evil  source.  and 99.99999 Muslims against them.

3- What Happening in Gaza and before in Palestine.  Israel continue worst kind of aggression, genocide ethnic cleansing, apartheid, displacement,
against all Palestinians. Hamas is one group of Palestinians.  Palestinians  are spectrum of Muslims, Christians,and even  few national Palestinian Jews, liberals, leftist, conservatives. ALL ARE VICTIMS OF ISRAEL.
 and struggling against it's brutality and aggression.
I may differ with Hamas Ideology. but for sure it is different from ISIS and extremist. Without Israel aggression HAMAS will not exist.

4- Finally  I unequivocally guarantee that I and over 99% of Muslims admit that in practice your countries democracy and civilization is inspiring us and find many of our beliefs is achieved  on ground by your nations and want to learn from you.  convey the true nice face of our culture and even religion. to complement each other and make this world more beautiful. for all.   any other allegation is completely false allegation.

5- Who spread such allegation want this world to keep fighting each other.
think, who might benefit from that. 

6- May you tell me what those Zionist people want to achieve.  the Jews suffered from Holocaust. and never learn other than they have to do it to  other innocent and even wrong nation.    I don't generalize here. some has better conclusion like this ex - Israeli solder. please spare few minutes to listen to him
Despite Ben Gurion's ill advice,  "If I was an Arab leader I would never make terms with Israel. That is natural: we have taken their country", Hamas does want to negotiate:
Hamas released its official legislative program. The document clearly signaled that Hamas could refer the issue of recognizing Israel to a national referendum (March 2006)
In an April 2008 meeting between Hamas leader Khaled Meshal and former US President Jimmy Carter, an understanding was reached in which Hamas agreed it would respect the creation of a Palestinian state in the territory seized by Israel in the 1967 Six-Day War, provided this were ratified by the Palestinian people in a referendum (April 2008)
In a letter to UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, Haniyeh repeated his group's support for a two-state settlement based on 1967 borders: "We would never thwart efforts to create an independent Palestinian state with borders [from] June 4, 1967, with Jerusalem as its capital." (2009)
Ismail Haniyeh again repeated that, "We accept a Palestinian state on the borders of 1967, with Jerusalem as its capital, the release of Palestinian prisoners, and the resolution of the issue of refugees", and that "Hamas will respect the results [of a referendum] regardless of whether it differs with its ideology and principles". (Dec 2010)
 On the other hand
Netanyahu: Israel’s claim to Jerusalem based on Bible (2010)
We can't go back': Israeli PM rejects 1967 border proposal (2011)
Israeli peace activist: Hamas leader Jabari killed amid talks on long-term truce (2012)
- Also read -
"Self-defense or provocation: Israel's history of breaking ceasefires" (imeu)
+M. Murra That is a fair enough comment Murra, first and foremost though, your last comment about listening to this Israeli soldier, not a chance friend, we have many people in Canada that would also say very many a bad thing about how our country is being run, unless I see 100's of soldiers saying whatever is in that video, then and only then would my common sense and logic kick in and suggest that yes, maybe something is horribly wrong with israels actions, but I don't see that.

Since the day I was young and could start to understand how things work I have never been against people coming to the country I live in, Canada and wanting for a better live for themselves and their families, all I have ever asked is that new comers make an effort to assimilate, in some form anyways, not saying to give up your religion or anything like that, just don't start trying to force change in the countries that some folks have chosen to emigrate to.

On the other hand, in Canada, there have been many a story of Muslims trying to bring sharia law into force and shunning some of our customs and what not in favor of what happened in their homelands, I don't have any time for that, do what you want in your churches and temples and your homes, but do not bring it into society and try to change what was here before they emigrated here.  

So long as immigrants in every new country they go to respect some of these simple concessions and really, they are not concessions because you are going to a place like Canada for an obvious reason, you desire a better life for you and your family.  

Now Canada and the USA and likely places like Australia are not nearly as affected as many European countries are because of the huge influx of Muslim immigrants, I have educated myself on all the issues facing Britain, France and many other countries in Europe with huge Muslim populations and it does not shine a good light on the Muslims that went to these places.  

Read what I said with great patience and understanding Murra, as I have no problem with Muslims, all I want is for us all to co-exist and help humanity to further progress into, who knows, maybe the universe.  
+Gary McCollom I feel happy that we mange to rationalize our arguments.
Many things need to be said to explain this complex engagement between west and Arab  and Muslims people. impossible  in one page.
Let me say  first that I agree with most of what you said about the immigrants.  off course we can't generalize,  I personally know many who immigrates  for different reason. Most of them, specially intellectual do appreciate their new societies. and even many like to keep their own values but seamlessly try to integrate.  Many also uneducated or low educated they were living almost primitive life,  before they seek better opportunity in the west.  Most of problems come from such type of people.

Don't forget dirty politics, some of terrorists, has been adopted and cultivated by western agencies. for dirty politic goals. 
One example is exporting hundreds  extremist  (to my surprise) from Europe to help with local stupid ones in destroying our countries, Libya, Syria. and Iraq. 

Going Back to our Main Subject, Israel /Palestine.     
I am not trying to be single minded and make false propaganda against Israel.
My Motive  is to safe Life of all, to help make peaceful life for all,
Don't miss read me, this does not make that aggressor and victim  on same level.

I am sure that there is many Israeli solders and intellectuals, not only Eran
I don't have many reference, I refer to,
1-  "  Break the silence Jews"
2- Son of the general
3-  U.S. Jewish Leader Henry Siegman to Israel: Stop Killing Palestinians and End the Occupation

4-Jew voice for peace
+M. Murra I really do appreciate your willingness to discuss this with civility and while I agree with some of your points I could just as easily show you other scholars and some are Muslim as well that are calling on Hamas to end their reign of terror and allow for peace to take hold, unfortunately and I really hate to say this because I do fear the fallout but this situation looks like it is never going to be resolved and why, well this for me does it.   

Why was this not good enough for the Arab leaders back then Murra, clearly both the Jewish people and the Muslim faith have historically important areas in Jerusalem, that I understand, but its clear as day that the Jewish people were willing to live with Jerusalem being a neutral site so as that both religions could observe their faiths, it is also clear as day that the Muslims did not want this. 

This is the point where I lose a lot of sympathy for the point of view that you are trying to relate to me because after the Muslim nations rejected this they proceeded to attack Israel over and over and in each war/skirmish the Palestinians lost more land until we are now at the point where we are and everyone claims that Israel is illegally occupying territory, maybe technically but from where I come from if you attack another nation and lose you can't very well complain about the results after the fact.  

For me anyways, this is where all the comments indicating that these surrounding Muslim countries don't care at all about the palestinian people, they were just a means to the end to try and remove Israel from Jerusalem and by extension the middle east.

You yourself claim to respect Israel's right to their own religion, if so, this resolution should have been accepted as it was fair, don't forget as well that back then the UN was nothing like it is now, you can judge me if you like but I have no time at all for the UN anymore and further to this point in time, it was not long before that the great wars were over and all of us in the west were quite aware that war is really never the answer, though the last big one clearly was.

I really hope you are as fair as you seem to be, I do wonder a bit because you keep pointing to these other things, like rounding up bad Muslims and sending them in to fight for the destruction of the places you mentioned, even if all of that was true, it all still was set in motion by the refusal of the Muslim countries to accept the partition plan from 1948, everything since has been lies and politics from both sides, hence why I don't think it will ever be settled amicably and thats a damn shame.

So far as folks like this guy go, which was a good article, I had to do my own search as your link did not work, I also don't put much stock into these few and far inbetween folks, from both sides, who criticize their own people and why you might ask, well because of our freedoms in the west people are allowed to express their views, some do it for altruistic reasons and others do it to do harm to a current government they don't like for instance.  

We have many of these types of people in Canada as well, its the product of free speech of which there is no doubt that human were meant to be free.

I always find it kind of odd all the criticism of the west, North America got started a lot later in history then every other civilization and look what we were able to accomplish over here and yet look at some other parts of the world still and ZI would include many Muslim nations as well in that comment, I don't mean it to be rude its just something that I have noticed.      
Another thing to keep in mind Murra, folks like myself and some far smarter than me have a unique perspective on this story as we are not hindered or unduly influenced by either side, having said that, I have to acknowledge that Israel is more like us then many Muslim countries simply because of democracy but I think and hope you know what I mean when I said that, for instance, I did not grow up with parents telling me the "real story" like many children in that area, Jewish and Muslim.  
In a nutshell the reason why I don't think it will ever be settled amicably is because even if the Palestinians were given half of all the land and they both shared Jerusalem they would still not accept it.
+Gary McCollom I just read your comments. I was too busy last two days.
Thank you for describing my attitude as  civilized even I differ with you on many points.  I believe and can  feel from your words that  the  drive power behind your discussion is genuine ethical.  This encourages me to engage more with you.  Let me first apologize because I am not fluent in English. Hope you can get what I mean to say.
1- For those Jews I refer you to. Let me explain,  I see them from other perspective.  I don't see them as critics to Israel. on the contrary I see them as real defender of Jews and Israel. but  they have deeper understanding ' Care and believe that win win is the real victory.   Any Critics to Palestinians or any group of them that serve the same goal is welcome. not from me but I believe from  many Intellectuals here. 

2- I agree with you  that it is almost impossible to solve this conflict amicably now. but I differ with you about the reasons.
 For the 1947 UN Partition plan. if you look deeper into the subject , you will see the following:
a) UK  have mandate since 1920 on Palestine was  helping Jews  according To Belfore Declaration (1917) to  make Jewish state in whole Palestine.  
b) Even  the claim that Arab army attack the new born Jewish state was not true . the reality that when UK decide to end it's mandate to Palestine;  the Jews have modern well trained Army of over 50,000 solder. Much  stronger than Palestinian fighter. who has been armed with few simple guns.
c) Saying that Arab Armies from several Countries attack The Jewish State  in 1948. Is a joke.   Imagine for example that  the leader  of this army was  English Man. Mr. GLOB. It was show off.  Imagine that this  army request the Palestinian to leave their home. and promise them to come back after war.  There was no real war. and they never allowed back home.

d) May be you argue why the Palestinians refuse the UN partition Plan then?   
My answer that Palestinians then was victim of their own lack of international political experience. and from other hand the Arab Army (LEAD by British Leader ask them not to accept it. and they are coming to liberate them!!!!!!!!!!!!. false promise as I said above.
 It is crystal clear that Palestinian were victim of  well planed conspiracy then.
ASSUME they accept it then it will not change the course of zionism plans. 
It could only eliminate using it as false excuse. and invent another excuse.
The palestinians in 1992 accept OSLO accord with 20% of the land.  Israel accept Oslo theoretically, However  Israel kept negotiating   for 20 years and you know the result. nothing . Even Minus... more settlements in Palestine, more discrimination ..... etc.

I- Jews and Christians telling the Real Truth about Israel History

II-If you listen carefully to the son of the General. he described all wars since 1948 much better.

3- When Palestinian Accept OSLO Accord with  major  nation   support including myself.  
Some groups like Hamas and other resistance mainly in GAZA. declare that Israel Leaders don't listen to peace talk, only resistance can push them.   After 20 Years of Peace Processes without peace. the people here start  supporting Hamas logic.

4-  Having said all above, I  still believe amicably solution could be reached once more and more people on both side continue to engage together to stop those bloody  decision makers. who continue with their inhuman plans that all will suffer from it on the long run.  As more of us determine that Justice, equality  and coexistence . win win.  is the only way out.
if there is a well there will be a way.

5-  One last Hint.
I noticed that in older comment. you bring attention to the killing in other Muslim countries.  and  you ask why the world don't pay attention same as to the killing in GAZA.  I hope that we agree that killing any where is the worst human act.  and Killing in Syria or Pakistan should not Justify killing in GAZA.  It make it same or more Ugly Because it is done by what  you call (Democracy).  BTW   do you think that  Democracy+ occupation +Apartheid  Can Mix?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

6- Why Muslim Countries look Backward and Mostly Dictatorship?!!! I hope we can discuss soon. 
+Gary McCollom I agree with you 100% I support Israel and their fight against terrorists who murder in the name of allah 
+Peter Lewis why don't you tell us where you're from Peter? Canada by any chance?

Where the schools for Native Candians tore the children from their families and abused them, as recently as 20 years ago?
From England of all places, but very pleased to see that Israel will be investigated by the ICC for its terrible crimes in Gaza. 
+Peter Lewis nice to see you worry about all parties ... Just wait until muslims become the majority in England and force Shariya on you. Maybe then you will see things differently 
I worry about war crimes and crimes against humanity, whoever is responsible, especially nations who espouse liberal values.
+Peter Lewis the Palestinians have a somewhat state status in tgw the UN. Shouldn't they be investigated for war crimes too?
+Gil Barel  People who think themselves smart and civilized,  like yourself, at the same time only spread hatred and dig in history for excuses to defend aggression and dam clear genocides,  ugly occupation.  need only to seek cure by psychiatric, or keep shut up while nice people in this world try to promote real freedom, peace and justice.
+M. Murra so why did you write? You are neither nice nor people. Take you suggestions and shut up.
+M. Murra didn't we agree you would shut up? Let the nice people debate.
What crimes would they be? Firing rockets which never kill anyone?
+Peter Lewis " What crimes would they be? Firing rockets which never kill anyone?"

Exactly. These Khaibar class rockets that can carry a 375lb explosive payload 125 miles are attempted murder of hundreds of Israeli civilians at a time. Israel would have to be as stupid as you to wait until one of them evades Iron Dome and hits aTel Aviv highrise.

The fact that this has not happened until now does not mean firing them is not a crime.

Even someone as little sense as you must surely know attempted mass murder is a crime. The fact that Hamas has failed until now in no way diminishes their crimes, anymore than hitting a policemans Kevlar vest means nothing happened.
Hamas executed 18 Palestinians today.  I guess that's a ho hum.  No tweets from actors or singers.  No worldwide acrimony.  Why is that?  Is a Palestinian life only worth exhorting over when killed by Israeli bombs?  Why isn't twitter abuzz with angry people?  Why isn't the UN investigating a war crime? At this point, we all know the answer.
Typical biased comments from Israeli zombies. What do you expect Palestinians to do when they are being massacred by missiles from the IDF? Why do we have an ongoing crisis across the Middle East when Israel is allowed to proceed with criminal behaviour?
I'm unclear what is biased.  I stated facts and asked questions that you apparently have no intelligent response to so you have to resort to name calling.  I don't agree with every move Israel makes, nor do I agree with every move any country makes.  It's a democracy and it was voted on.  Any other democracies in the middle east you know of?
We have an ongoing crisis in the middle east because the extreme is allowed to rule.  Need I remind you that over 90% of Muslims in the middle east are killed by other Muslims.  Sorry for obscuring your Israel bashing with a fact.  Do you care that now over 190,000 Syrians have died?  Is that not more egregious "criminal behavior"?  Does that bother you?  Or maybe it's easier to vilify Israel.
Most Palestinians and Israelis want to get along.  Eliminate the extremists (Hamas, Islamic Jihadists) - eliminate the problem.  A tall order I know.
The fact is that Israel has been allowed to persist in breaking international law by continuing to settle illegally on land on the West Bank, and persecute Palestinians in a very brutal way. They have been breaking UN resolutions for many years, and are a constant source of aggravation for muslims in the Middle East. The boil must be lanced if we are see any progress the way, I do not condone other criminal acts, but they cannot justify Israel in its pursuit of aggression and persecution.
+Peter Lewis "What do you expect Palestinians to do when they are being massacred by missiles from the IDF? Why do we have an ongoing crisis across the Middle East when Israel is allowed to proceed with criminal behaviour?"

As with the majority of the Palestinian's problems, they have brought this in themselves. Exactly what purpose was served when the Palestinians started firing thousands of rockets at Israel?

The "ongoing crisis in the Middle East" has NOTHING to do with Israel. Or perhaps you'd like to explain how the death of 192,000 in Syria has anything to do with Israel?

Poor Syrians. If only they could get a token Israeli involved, perhaps the world would give a damn.

Retiring UNHRC chairman Navi Pillay bemoans the lack of world action on the 192,000 deaths in Syria. Perhaps if the UNHRC had spent more time on Syria, instead of being solely focused on Israel, they could have accomplished something.

Am I exaggerating? During her term, the UNHRC issued as many edicts on Israel as the rest of the world combined. Israel is the only nation formally on the permanent agenda of every UNHRC meeting.

Only the useful idiots easily manipulated by the same images of war that occur in every military conflict (but never make it to the newspapers or 24hr network news channels) believe that Israel is less moral than other countries rather than the reverse.
Hamas just summarily executed 20 people they accused of collaborating. They just admitted they ordered the kidnapping and murder of 3 Israeli teenagers, and called it a "heroic action." These are your heroes, your noble "victims."

If they were successful in their efforts to kill thousands of Israelis, you'd feel feel more sympathetic to the Israelis. Or maybe not, maybe thousands of dead Jews would lift your spirits as much as it would lift theirs.

The fact that you support them because their murderous aims are thwarted shows what a dolt you are.
You do not help your argument with insults, and shows how poor those arguments are in fact. Turkey by the way, is the largest muslim democracy in the Middle East.
 Israel has gone far beyond what is regarded as civilized behaviour in war-like situations, and is killing many innocent civilians, and it continues its aggressive and criminal stance, for which it will be held accountable. The ongoing Gaza and Palestinian crises have stoked resentment among muslims, and partly explains why the region is in such a state. Part of the blame can be put at the door of Israel but also at door of the USA (for invading Iran under Bush jr) and for the UK for supporting them. 
Let's say, only for the sake of this argument, that Israel has been too aggressive in this war.  Do you think that Hamas has an aggressive and criminal stance?  They have indiscriminately sent rockets into Israel for years (I won't even talk about the suicide bombers).  I think we can agree that no other country on the planet would put up with that.  Why aren't you up in arms about that?  Oh, because Israel is building settlements.  That justifies Hamas's incessant aggressive and criminal activity?  Hamas had a chance to build a better society for the Palestinian people and chose to build terror tunnels and buy weapons instead.  Does that not bother you?  Oh, because Israel AND Egypt have a blockade (gee, I wonder why)?  Last year Assad used chemical weapons and killed over 1,400 people (maimed many more).  Aggressive and criminal?  The list of aggressive and criminal activity by countries around the globe, many of whom are committing real genocide, is ample (see Russia/Myanmar etc).  You, for some reason, choose to focus on the ONLY country out of all of them who wants to be left alone.  You choose to focus on the only country out of all of them who has never started a war that wasn't meant to protect itself.
+Peter Lewis your hero, Turkey, has killed 40,000 Kurds, most of them Muslims. Unlike the Palestinians, the Kurds are not looking to displace the Turkish nation.

The very word "genocide" was created to describe the Turkish atrocity committed against the Armenians. Unlike the Germans who acknowledge their past, Turkey continues to deny the Armenian Holocaust.

Turkey, our NATO "ally," has 1600 soldiers in Afghanistan, but none in a combat role, as they claim to refuse to bear arms against fellow Muslims. Didn't seem to be a problem while slaughtering Kurds.

Favorite Turkish TV show : a series depicting Israelis as vampires.
HamAss is ISIS. Free Palestine from HamAss 
+Kyrinn S. Eis Not really. There are additional expectations of Occupying powers. Since they are, you know, occupying.

UN Chapter Chapter XI, entitled the “Declaration Regarding Non-Self-Governing Territories”, which states that

"Members of the United Nations which have or assume responsibilities for the administration of territories whose peoples have not yet attained a full measure of self-government recognize the principle that the interests of the inhabitants of these territories are paramount, and accept as a sacred trust the obligation to promote to the utmost, within the system of international peace and security established by the present Charter, the well-being of the inhabitants of these territories…

To that end, Member states are “to develop self-government, to take due account of the political aspirations of the peoples, and to assist them in the progressive development of their free political institutions”.

So you were required by law, at least to care for them. Lacking a moral impetus.
+Murlin Evans Take care of them? You mean like the 210,000 Palestinians (as distinct from Israeli Arabs) treated in Israeli hospitals last year? Or the 130,000+ truckloads of food Israel brought to Gaza last year?

Gaza, of course, is not occupied. There was no blockade when Israel left in 2005. No blockade until AFTER thousands of rockets from Gaza. Until after Gazans kidnapped Shalit, killing his comrades.

No blockade until 2007, after the Palestinians proved the need for it.

2010 UN Palmer Commission found the blockade was legal and appropriate.

Every Palestinian rocket was a war crime, aimed only at Israeli civilians.

Palestinians : "Israel hit me back!"

They knew the response, they knew the consequences of firing rockets from within homes and hospitals. The 4th Geneva convention says protected civilian structures lose their protected status when used for offensive fire. This is there to prevent the unavoidable consequences to civilians that result from using civilians and civilian structures by combatants.
What is proportional force? It is using just enough force to prevent the aggressor from continuing their actions.

By this measure, the force the Israelis used was insufficient. The Palestinians continued firing rockets at Israelis and 1,000s of civilians from around the world at an international airport, which the Palestinians bragged about targeting.

Palestinians brought this tragedy on themselves.
So if you simply cease your war atrocities, chances are they will probably blow themselves up? But that would not serve the interests of Mr. Feiglin who needs to ensure a Jewish Majority prior to annexation. Only need concoct a few more "wars on terror" to shave off any additional 15-20K Palestinians, then annexation will be a done deal.
+M. Murra I picked the same words, repeated by every Muslim leader of significance, from Mohammed to the present. The very word "Islam" means submission
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