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Ismael Rodriguez

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5 Prizes - Chosen at Random on October 22nd 12PM Pacific Standard Time @Zedomax - LG G Flex 2! C4ETech - OnePlus 2! @Mrwhosetheboss - One Plus 2! @droidmodd3rx - LG G3 with VR Headset! @MSTechCentral - 3rd Gen Moto G! @twildottv - Nvidia Shield Portable! To enter, simply subscribe to all YouTube channels involved using the links!
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Ismael Rodriguez

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Elon Musk not at all worried about competition from Apple

Bahaha, this is classic!

"They have hired people we’ve fired. We always jokingly call Apple the 'Tesla Graveyard.' If you don’t make it at Tesla, you go work at Apple. I’m not kidding," Musk says...But he doesn't seem to take their plans too seriously as a threat to Tesla...."Did you ever take a look at the Apple Watch? (laughs) No, seriously

#Tesla #Apple #ElonMusk #AppleCar #OverpricedShite 
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Ismael Rodriguez

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I'm a student of life, looking for my place in the world. And milkshakes. Oh, and Jello...there's always room for Jello.
Computer upkeep and maintenance, attentive listening and problem solving, familiar with Microsoft Office, familiar with many online social networking services.
  • Self
    Computer Maintenance/Repair, 2004 - present
  • Self
    Freelance Wedding Officiant, 2008 - present
  • South Jersey Hospital System - Newcomb
    Food Service Associate, 1997 - 2000
  • Denny's
    Service Assistant, 2001 - 2004
  • Currency One
    Cashier/Teller, 2004 - 2005
  • Family Dollar
    Cashier/3rd Key, 2006 - 2006
  • Communication Services for the Deaf (CSD)
    Communications Assistant, 2007 - 2009
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Vineland, NJ
Brooklyn, NY - Millville, NJ - Minotola, NJ
He who angers you...conquers you.
Wait...I need an introduction? Eh, probably. Let's start with "hello" and end with "hello"?

By the way. see that "Send an Email" button or maybe that "Send a message" button on my profile? Feel free to use them or post a message and introduce yourself when adding me. I'll usually accept most tech & Android bloggers right off, but this isn't a popularity contest like on Facebook and Myspace...I'm following interests, friends and family only. Introduce yourself and say hello.

YOU ARE NOT ALONE. Please see my links section for a post on important hotline information for suicide prevention and other assistance. Or contact me directly. Your life is precious and I'll gladly listen, give advice, or help guide you to the assistance you need.

  1. I am an Atheist...get over it. There will be no God discussions as I do not like wasting time on fairy tales or other such delusions of grandeur. (Especially if you're a hypocrite.)
  2. I accept followers, but if I don't know you personally, don't expect a reply any time soon unless you're going to introduce yourself.
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  4. DO NOT tag me in photos that I am not in. I will remove tags and potentially block you just for the annoyance.
Bragging rights
Found what I was looking for...and accepted that it couldn't be mine...yet.
  • New Jersey Career Center
    PC Specialist, 2014 - present
  • Cumberland County College
    Drug & Alcohol Counseling (Cert.), 2012 - present
  • Cumberland County College
    Social Work, 2010 - 2012
  • Harrison Career Institute
    Computer Operations & Help Desk Analyst, 2003 - 2004
  • Vineland High School
    Diploma, 1993 - 1997
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A pleasure to be a patient for. She was quick, responsive and her bedside manner was excellent. If I see her again, I believe I'll be in good hands.
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The lines can be long, but that's as much an issue with the economy as it is their efficiency. Front-end workers do tend to be strict and stolid, but many of the caseworkers that I've met have been very down to Earth and ready to provide you with any information necessary to assist you. If you come prepared and avoid trying to bullsh*t the system, you'll find most appointments quick and efficient. As with most social services, there's room for improvement, but they seem to have improved quite a bit over the past 2 years or so.
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