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Join us tomorrow night for an important webinar presenting a unique tax savings solution. If you are experiencing a high tax burden this year, or during the past 3 years, you won't want to miss this webinar.

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Dessert and Dividends

Join us on Tuesday, November 8th for a dual presentation of two new investment opportunities.

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Wealth Principles Made Simple (Nanaimo Event)

Back By Popular Demand!
Would you like to make 10X your money in 2-3 years? Or how about earning a steady 8% on a diversified portfolio, that pays you monthly? Join us for dessert and coffee and an exciting evening of financial education to learn how to achieve these kinds of results for yourself.

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'In many ways we are still the strongest economy in the country' despite recession, economist says.

Article by Erin Collins, CBC News.

Despite the hard times Albertan's still earn far more than most Canadians, with Alberta's per capita GDP sitting at around $77,000 compared with about $53,000 for the rest of the country. It is just one reason why University of Calgary economist Trevor Tombe says Alberta could still be Canada's best economy.

Read full article on Island Life Financial:

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The Advantages of Private Equity

A new article by Zack Penner from Everest Development Group, the company behind the Acheson investment opportunity. You can read the full article here:

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ClearSky Pre-Launch Dinner Event, July 5 (Victoria & Nanaimo):

Summer is here and we invite you to a special pre-launch dinner event with Clear Sky Capital, as they present two new opportunities: an apartment building in New Mexico and a Car Wash Fund in the sunbelt states. Whether you’re looking for nice income or capital growth, these options offer something for everybody.

In keeping with our tradition of increasing our clients’ financial education, I’m excited to discuss a topic that comes up in almost EVERY client meeting.

RRSP, TFSA, RRIF, RESP, RDSP, LIRA, LIF, DBPP yikes! Do all these acronyms make your head spin? Join us at our dinner event as we navigate the various registered account types offered in Canada.

To see full event details and to register.

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Are you frustrated with the low returns in your RRSP?  Learn how to accelerate your RRSP using passive Real Estate investing, and learn about Everest Group's investment opportunity: the Acheson Commercial Corner.

For more information and to register, click here:

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Cashflow 101 Game Night:  Monday, April 4th.

Come play the Cash Flow 101 board game, designed by author (Rich Dad, Poor Dad) and business guru Robert Kiyosaki.  Learn how to raise your financial IQ and escape the rat race.  This brilliant game provides realistic scenarios to learn about investing and cash flow, without risking your real money.  Experts say if you read or hear something, you’ll remember only 10% of what you learned a week later. The best way to learn is to DO it, or SIMULATE doing it. That’s why this game is so powerful.  Come learn the secrets to building financial freedom, and meet other like-minded individuals who love talking about investing strategies and how to make money work harder for them.

Complete details and registration here:

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Seminar:  How To Invest Like The Wealthy
Do you ever feel like the best investments are only offered to the wealthy, while the poor and middle class are offered mediocre options designed to keep them in the rat race?  Join us on June 18th to learn how to invest like the wealthy, and create your own personal pension. 

The seminar will take place in Victoria and Nanaimo on the same day:

Victoria event:

Nanaimo event:

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