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Island Block MFG specializes in Brick, Block, Paver, Cultured Stone, Bluestone, Nicolock, Cambridge, Belgard, Capital and other Masonry Supply.
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Hardscaping Project Tips for All Types of Property

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October 30, 2015 by editor Comments are off

Winter is well on its way, but that doesn’t mean the outdoor areas of your property have to suffer! The leaves continue to fall off the trees and your summer plants are in hibernation, so now is the time to approach outdoor remodeling from a new perspective. Paving stones are impermeable to the colder weather, so considering installing or updating hardscaping is the a great winter project.
Incorporating pavers into your outdoor space a smart move for residents and businesses in the tri state area because these products are hassle-free and low-maintenance all year round.
Here are a few suggestions for incorporating pavers into backyards, front yards, garden areas and commercial property.
Artistic additions
Lining your dining area with pavers create a beautiful designs and allow for easier cleanup. Playing with different shapes and layouts make your paver patio more than merely a covering for the ground; it adds an aesthetic element to the space that is more art installation than floor. Paver seating benches, retaining walls and borders allow homeowners to create different outdoor areas divided up in a stunning manner, regardless of the amount of space they have to worth with.
Installing paving stones around the perimeter of a space or structure, like a shed or playhouse, can add a finishing touch to an outdoor feature that needed that extra “oomph” to look ready for company, for play or for sale!
Paver pathways
Paving stone pathways don’t have to lead to anywhere in particular to add a fun element to your outdoor space. A small garden, fire pit, or even a winding path to the area where you store your trash cans can be made more magical by laying individual large slab pavers or having a paver walkway installed.
Different levels
A small garden area with some shade provided by towering trees, a path to a waterfall or fountain area or paver steps down into a fire pit. Varying levels create cozy hangouts, and it’s not even necessary they serve a purpose other than relaxation or reflection. Using pavers creatively to form different levels have the potential make smaller outdoor spaces seem larger. 
For more information about hardscaping, contact Island Block & Masonry Supply or come visit our showroom, conveniently located for all residents of the tri state area on Long Island.
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As outdoor living areas become more and more popular throughout the tri state area (every season but winter!), companies like Cambridge are steadily releasing new products that coincide with three or four season outdoor fun for use with or without their paving stones.
Open kitchens and fireplaces provide some heat for you, your family and company to keep warm during the ever-chillier nights as the Fall season is fast approaching. It’s like your own restaurant or lounge right in your backyard, now all you need is a server!
At Island Block & Masonry Supply, we provide the highest quality paving stones, retaining walls an d outdoor living kits from a variety of carriers. Among the products we have available at our Long Island location, centrally located to serve the entire tri state area- are Cambridge Outdoor Living Solutions, such as fireplace kits, outdoor pizza oven kits, outdoor kitchen kits, waterfalls, fountain kits, fire tables and fire pit kits, outdoor grill module kits, patio pub and bistro tables kits, bar module kits, pergolas kits, pavilion kits and other finishing touches, including paver lights and wall lights.
The nights may begin getting darker earlier but it’s easy to light up your brand new outdoor relaxation zone with the New Cambridge Solar Powered Paver Lights and the New Cambridge SolaGlo Paver™ – the latter is a “green” lighting option – a totally sustainable alternative to both conventional solar and AC powered paver lights.
A paving stone driveway, walkway, retaining wall and mostly all other projects are stunning and functional on their own, but add in some fun features, like lighting or a fountain kit for example, and it creates a beautiful haven that you can relax in and enjoy your smart investment.
Contact us at Island Block & Masonry Supply or visit our showroom to see examples of stunning paving stone projects! Whether you own a home and want to spruce up your property or you’re a business owner/commercial developer, the experts at Island Block & Masonry Supply will work with you to help build a quality outdoor space that will prove to be a worthwhile investment.
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Paving Stone Patio Planning for Tri State DIY Enthusiasts

We came across a few things that do-it-yourselfers should keep in mind for easy paving stone patio installation on the DIY Network site. We outlined some of the highlights below for you to consider as you choose between the variety of quality product lines we offer at Island Block & Masonry Supply, such as Cambridge, Nicolock, Boral and Unilock.
Pavers make for efficient projects. It’s much easier to keep your project on a tight timeline when you use products specifically made for outdoor wear and tear, such as Cambridge Paving Stones with ArmorTec or Nicolock Paver-Shield Pavers. Easy to install AND easy to maintain makes for an easy process overall, and the affordable cost and simple repairs are kind to your budget and clock. Fix damaged pavers one at a time and there’s no need to re-seal, as these products are made with a proprietary mixture that seals from the inside out.
Beware plumbing, cable and electrical lines. It’s smart to avoid any potential major blunders by thinking ahead and giving your local utilities a call- have them somehow mark any of the above PRIOR to planning out your patio area. When it comes to planning the space for your paver patio, it’s necessary to dig down a few inches, about 6 inches or so, before any installation begins.
Landscaping cloth is your friend in the battle against weeds. This special cloth serves as a barrier between the soil and the base you will lay for your paver patio. Without this barrier, you would be welcoming weeds and other uninvited guests to show up and ruin your paver party. Here’s the formula DIY Network provides to calculate the amount of cloth you will need: Multiply the length by the width and add 10 percent.
Tamper the base. Don’t throw some sand on the designated project area and call it a day. You need to tightly pack the base using a compactor/tamper. Give your paver patio the best chance of staying damage free by starting with a level, smooth playing field so to speak. The more tightly packed the base, the more level the pavers will lay and the better quality your patio will be.
At Island Block & Masonry Supply, our goal is guiding residents of the Tri State area on the path to creating truly stellar and one-of-a-kind paver projects, whether Long Island people and businesses want a paver driveway, need a commercial project completed or simply want some garden borders for their outdoor space. Visit our showroom or call 631-443-4521 to speak to our experts.
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Types of Real Stone Veneer

We carry five types of natural stone here at Island Block & Masonry Supply, all of which are resistant to extreme environmental factors, such as freeze-thaw cycles that we experience during and after the harsh winters of the tri-state area.
Real stone veneer, as the name denotes, was created through natural forces, so the color and texture of the stone is present throughout the entire piece. Since each piece of natural stone is different and unique, this creates a one-of-a-kind finished project.
Natural stone veneer is perfect for those seeking a natural or more rustic look when adding features to their exterior or even interior. Real stone veneer or natural stone veneer is a product that is commonly used to beautify interior or exterior projects. For the exterior, this material can be used for siding for example; on an interior, it can be used for a fireplace. It can be used as a substitute for wood, brick, stucco or vinyl for exterior siding or cladding.
Below see the variety of natural stone we carry at our Long Island location, conveniently located for easy access to residents and businesses within the tri state area.
Flagstone: Flagstone is a flat stone that fits very well for residential as well as commercial projects, as it’s perfect for usually paving slabs or walkways and patios. Flagstone is also a great fit for memorials, headstones, facades and other forms of construction.
Cobblestone: This stone just looks so fitting when a project need a historic feel, and it is every bit as sturdy as any material used for projects with a more modern aesthetic.
Wall Stone: We carry wall stone is several different cuts here, including pattern and tumble cut.
Stone Veneer: This is also referred to as porcelain stoneware. It’s manufactured under high pressure by dry-pressing fine processed ceramic raw materials with large proportions of quartz, feldspar and other fluxes.
Stone Tile: Stoneware tiles with glaze are perfect ceramics for floors. Stoneware has a water absorption rate of less than 3% percent, and it’s frost proof due to its low porosity. This stone holds up against brutal winters. Stoneware’s high density and amazing mechanical strength make it a great for floor coverings exposed to high traffic such as for industry, commerce or public areas are made of unglazed stoneware.
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Unilock Paver Product Spotlight

We carry four complete Unilock product lines at our Long Island location of Island Block & Masonry Supply. These fine paving stones fit in perfectly with the assortment of outdoor remodeling projects preferred by residents and businesses throughout the tri state area. Take a look at the information on each of the Unilock lines we keep in stock and contact us if you need some help choosing a certain type of paving stone.
Endura Color Pavers: We carry more than 10 different types of this particular product line of Endura Color Pavers by Unilock. The Artline Endura Pavers are reminiscent of subway tile avallable in five different color washes. The clean lines are a perfect fit for a minimalist, modern outdoor design.
Endura Color Plus Pavers: There are nine different types of this line, all of which boast an exceptionally strong stone with color that endures. The Umbriano® is particularly fitting for a pool patio because of it extremely dense molecular composition. Its makeup gives makes these pavers impervious to chlorine or salt pool water, as well as de-icing salt erosion. Sharp edges and gorgeous color options make Umbriano and the other Eundura Plus Pavers a favorite among architects and designers.
Unilock Permeable Pavers: The Dura-Mat Unilock Permeable Pavers collection consists of concrete units that fasten together to form a permanent protective “carpet.” The unique interlocking system enables these pavers to contour in various types of terrains. Another great feature of this product is the solid-to-void ratio, which allows for vegetation growth.
Perhaps the most permeable of Unilock’s collection is the Uni Eco-Stone. Not only does this paver allow for maximum drainage to promote water runoff and fuel the natural ecosystem, but it has full capability to handle the weight of a vehicle and normal wear and tear.
Classic Pavers: Out of the nine Class Pavers from Unilock we carry, the Brussels Block® has a rustic warmth and timeless beauty that define this paver. An antiqued, tumbled finish gives this paving stone the kind of one-of-a-kind look mimicking age-worn cobblestone.
Granite Stone™ is made with real pieces of granite, chips to be exact. No other paving stone can match the majesty and character if this paver.
As a family run business for the last 60 years, Island Block & Masonry Supply is passionate about helping Long Island residents and business people as well as those throughout the tri state area with all of their residential or commerical block and masonry needs. We take pride in our strong emphasis on stellar customer service. Visit our Long Island showroom today or call 631-443-4521 to speak to our experts.
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Springtime Paving Stone Issues

There are numerous environmental advantages of having a paving stone driveway or patio as opposed to concrete or asphalt, but being environmentally friendly doesn’t mean you have to tolerate everything nature produces, especially when it affects the beauty and function of your pavers.
It’s well into spring in the tri-state area, everything is blooming, and we have definitely waited long enough for some nice weather with the horrible winter we endured. Though pavers that have been installed appropriately won’t be threatened by weeds easily, there is a still a chance that problems can crop up- no pun intended.
The first step to any paving stone project that keeps its integrity in the long term is purchasing the right products. The experts at Island Block & Masonry Supply will work with you to determine the appropriate products for your outdoor remodeling project, increasing the likelihood that your new project will last long term and won’t be susceptible to damage from weed growth and other issues, such as the harsh winter weather that we often experience in the tri state area.
Here are a few steps to prevent any damage to your paver driveway, patio, pathway or other paving stone project:
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How Paving Stone Projects Can Increase Your Home’s Value

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October 15, 2015 by editor Comments are off

If you’re looking for a surefire way to increase both the value and the enjoyment of your home, look no further than a paving stone project.
Pavers have the ability to withstand harsh winter weather; this make these products a great fit for properties throughout the tri state area that experience snow, ice, rain and then humidity in the warmer months. If you are considering listing your home, especially during the winter or cooler months, a paver driveway will only help improve the opinion potential buyers have of your home.
Paving stones can provide an aesthetic upgrade to your driveway, walkway, pool deck, garden or even an outdoor fireplace to make it look more inviting and luxurious to homebuyers. Paving stones can also provide an upgrade to an outdoor patio to impress family and friends during barbecues and summer events. To put it simply, paving stones can add extra curb appeal and resale value to your home.
When the weather warms up, paving stone backyard patios practically scream “barbecue!” Paver benches and retaining walls can give a fire pit or barbecue area a homey campfire vibe that is sure to attract prospective buyers.
But there are also numerous maintenance benefits to installing paving stone. Unlike concrete or asphalt, you won’t have to worry about your driveway cracking as it ages, and maintenance and upkeep should be minimal. This should be appealing to homebuyers who don’t want to spend a lot of money on ongoing maintenance.
Unlike pavers, concrete and asphalt can develop cracks and hollow areas. This damage may create an uneven surface, which is a safety risk for anyone walking o your driveway.
Paving stones hold up much better in the severe winters we experience in the tri-state area, as you won’t have to deal with a splitting or damaged driveway during the winter. Pavers are dense and the joint sand in between each stone gives them the ability to flex and recover from the ice and snow.
If you are considering any sort of outdoor remodeling project with paving stones, contact the masonry experts at Island Block & Masonry Supply for a free consultation, or call us at 631-443-4521. - See more at:
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Paver Patio Guidelines for DIY Projects

We have even more considerations for the brave do-it-yourselfers out there in the tri state area who have chosen to take on installation projects all by themselves!
Intelligent as you may be, the team here at Island Block & Masonry Supply wants to ensure that everyone who does their own paving stone patio installation does it right from the get-go so you don’t experience issues and damage later on that may be difficult to repair.
Correctly installed pavers are a cinch to repair, as it is only necessary to replace the damaged stones, which come out easily if laid right.
Create a pathway for drainage
In the last blog, we told readers to level and tamper their patio base and foundation! Keeping that in mind, it needs to have about ¼ of an inch slope every two feet of patio (with the angle turning down AWAY from your house). This will keep your beautiful paving stone patio dry and damage-free.
Create a sturdy border edge
Pack those pavers in tight and you won’t have to worry about them moving around (know there is always a slight amount of “give” in the pavers to account for freeze/thaw, etc). Add pavers, a cement edge or metal edging to your patio in order to keep the structure as stable as possible and help prevent weed growth.
Embrace color variations in your pavers
Regardless of the brand of paver you use (We have high-quality product lines available at our Long Island location), a little variation in the color is inevitable. Similar to wood or tile flooring, you have to expect a slight variance, but you can make it work, after all most pavers are all-natural in appearance and texture to give the illusion of real rock, stone or other concrete material.
Be sure to keep extra pavers at-the-ready
It’s always convenient to have a few extra pavers on hand in case of damage. Keep them in a safe place for easy access when needed.
At Island Block & Masonry Supply, we prioritize customer service above all else. We pride ourselves in our ability to provide quality, expert guidance on paving stone and masonry products, projects and supplies to residents of the Tri State area Visit our showroom or call 631-443-4521 to speak to our experts.
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Product Spotlight: Nicolock Paver-Shield™ Pavers – Collections and Applications

We have numerous Nicolock products available here at Island Block & Masonry Supply, including the very popular and durable Nicolock Paver-Shield™ Pavers. We are conveniently located on Long Island, NY and proudly serve the entire the tri state area, providing materials for all types of paving and masonry projects.
Nicolock Paving Stones are fortified with Paver-Shield, which provides an ultra dense surface offering vivid color and a barrier of protection from the elements.
Pavers with Paver-Shield are specially formulated for quality, strength and performance paving stones can be used for countless applications and are available in a wide variety of color choices the possibilities are endless.
The following is a list of Nicolock’s Paver-Shield™ Pavers that we distribute from Island Block & Masonry Supply.
Alpine Ridge: These pavers have a subtle natural cleft texture and slightly chamfered edges. The three rectangular shapes allow you to install These pavers can be installed in either a random or staggered running bond pattern. Best for- patios, walkways, pool decks; available in 7 colors.
Blue Ridge: This collection is a textured 3 piece combo with a deeply textured surface resembling cleft natural stone. Best for: patios, walkways, pool decks; available in 9 colors.
Cobblestone: This is the original interlocking concrete paver, which offers the look and feel of fine Italian tile. Bes for: patios, walkways, residential driveways, pool decks; available in 6 colors. This collection is also available in 8 cm pavers for commercial use.
Colonial Cobble: The textured face and “pillowed” corners lend an “Old World” look to this collection. The 6×9 alone can be installed in a running bond pattern or used together with the 6×6 to create stunning patterns. Best for: patios, walkways, residential driveways, pool decks, driveway aprons; available in 8 colors.
Holland Stone: Traditional brick with the added durability of concrete. Best for: patios, walkways, residential driveways, pool decks, driveway aprons; 17 colors available.
Double Holland: Exactly how it sounds! Double Holland pavers are twice the width of traditional Holland Stone. Bes for: Patios, walkways, residential driveways, pool decks, driveway aprons; colors available by special order only.
Ridge pavers: These can be used as a border for Stone Ridge or Blue Ridge in addition to applications as a field paver. Best for: patios, walkways, residential driveways, pool decks, driveway aprons; available in 10 colors.
Stone Ridge: These three modular sized stones work for a random or staggered running bond pattern installation. Best for: patios, walkways, pool decks; 10 colors available.
Contact us at Island Block & Masonry Supply or visit our showroom to see examples of stunning paving stone projects!
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Bagged Material for Masonry Projects

We only stock the highest quality products at Island Block and Masonry Supply, the tri-state area’s premier supplier for all of your masonry supply needs. Located in Wyndanch, New York, we have everything you need for your residential or commercial masonry project.
Since 1947, we have been providing the tri-state area with concrete block from the same location.. With a complete line of concrete block manufactured on site and the delivery equipment to meet your project’s needs, we are the first-rate choice for contractors and homeowners alike.
We have a wide selection of all the bagged materials workers and do-it-yourselfers would ever need for their masonry projects.
Here is a sampling of bagged products that we offer:
Portland cement
Mortar type n&s
Fine sand
Concrete sand
Polymeric joint sand
Dark mortar
White mortar
White Portland
Cement, Lime
Calcium chloride
We are happy to help residents, business people and all contractors throughout the tri state area with all of their block and masonry needs. For the last 60 years, we have run a family-oriented business with a strong emphasis on stellar customer service.
Over the years we have seen many people come in looking for top quality bagged materials that they can’t seem to find elsewhere. Be assured that when you shop with Island Block and Masonry Supply, you are only getting the best quality products that anyone can buy- the same quality materials that professional contractors use onsite.
We also carry the masonry tools you need for any project. Every project throughout the Tri State area and beyond has specific needs, and may require different tools to get the job done. We have everything you need to complete your project on your timeline and above-and-beyond results. We assure you we can find what you need- if we don’t have it in stock when you call, we will order it.
There is a reason why we are still the number one masonry and block choice since 1947. If you do not see the particular item you need in our above list of materials, please call us at 631-443-4521. Our block and masonry specialists will obtain what you need and make your project one step easier!
- See more at:
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Outdoor Living Trends for Summer 2015

It’s nearly summer, and that means that tri-state area residents will be spending a lot more time outdoors. Installing a paving stone patio or walkway, creating a sunken seating area with pavers and a paving stone fire pit are just a few ways those who live in the northeast can take advantage of the warmer months by creating an outdoor space for entertaining and everyday use.
While paving stones have a timeless look, and the fade and color-proof formula helps them retain their vitality for years, there are some trends that vary year to year when it comes to outdoor remodeling and design.
Cooking components, multi-level gardens, fountains, fire pit kits are becoming more popular every year as homeowners enjoy the lifestyle for which these features provide.
It’s not just outdoor living that is on the up and up, paving stone driveways, columns and steps are some projects people take on to enhance the front of their property, greatly boosting the home’s curb appeal.
Cambridge, a manufacturer of paving stone products we carry here at Island Block & Masonry Supply, noted on its site that using paving stones in various ways can help you build the illusion of a bigger space.
Larger pavers on a small space can make the area seem more roomy.
Cambridge Pavingstones produce many options for larger-size pavers, as well as cast stone slabs, and steps and stepping stones.
The layout of pavers can also affect how big the space appears.
Cambridge recommends laying paving stones at a 45-degree angle with the widest part of the pattern facing the entrance side of the space.
The experts at Island Block & Masonry Supply work with clients throughout the tri state area on a variety of outdoor remodeling projects. Visit our showroom and we will personally help you determine the products that best suit your space, project wishlist and budget.
We also work with businesses and organizations on countless commercial projects. Whether homeowners or a business owners, we love working with our clients to help build their dream outdoor space that will last for years to come, increase function and improve the aesthetic quality of your property.
- See more at:
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Borders and Hardscape Lighting Options

In our most recent blog we discussed the benefits of paving stone driveways (and other projects), especially for homes in the tri-state area, which are subjected to harsh winters, flooding and other weather woes. One such advantage being the affordability, long lifespan compared to concrete and asphalt, and the minimal maintenance required.
We’ll continue to build on the theme of the last blog: Tips to help you decide which products fit your project needs best, as well as some fun addition to seemingly standard outdoor remodeling to make your home stand out- adding curb appeal and a fun flair to your property.
Add a border
A paving stone driveway, patio or other project is beautiful in and of itself, especially with Cambridge’s fade-proof colors- the other product lines we carry also come in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes, with kits and other fun additions available.
Borders allow you to customize and personalize your projects by choosing different color pavers, or different size or shape pavers, to outline the outer edge of your patio or driveway. This allows you to customize the shape of your project- creating a square, circle or curbed pattern.
Fire pits look amazing with a circular border consisting of different colored stones than on the “interior” side of the project.
Accent on lights!
A “sunken” hangout spot made of pavers with seating and a firepit in the middle is an awesome addition to any outdoor area, but adding landscape lighting  takes your project up a notch and adds a magical element to your yard in the night.
We offer hardscape lighting options, including AC-powered models that work beautifully with any project that uses Cambridge pavingstones or wallstones, like an outdoor living room. We also have Cambridge Solar Lights for pavers.
Let the experts at Island Block and Masonry Supply work with you to determine what type of projects work with your property, guide you through the process of picking out products and help you with all of your paving stone and masonry needs. We’re here to help anyone in the tri-state area! Give us a call at 631-443-4521, contact us via this online form or visit our Long Island, NY location.
- See more at:
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