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Another company that shouldn't be in Wyandanch. No concern for the people.
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Finding the Right Path with Paving Stone Walkways

September 14, 2016

Paving stone walkways can provide a perimeter for a residential property, help visitors navigate commercial buildings with confusing parking lot systems and multiple similar looking structures or bring a focal point to expansive yards and gardens with several areas of interest.

Sloping landscapes benefit greatly from installing paving stone walkways. Throughout the tri state we see many areas that feature hilly residential and commercial properties, like the north shore of Long Island for example. For uneven grounds, guests walking from their car parked on the street, or from your driveway to your front door can prove difficult and even hazardous for people of any age, especially the elderly.

Installing a paver walkway using products from one of the quality lines we offer here at Island Block & Masonry Supply, like Nicolock or Cambridge Paving Stones guarantee a stellar look, affordable price and more safety.

A slip-proof outdoor walking surface is of utmost important in the northeast. The tri state gets some nasty winters here and when the snow has been shoveled, the area de-iced or the rain is pouring, it’s comforting to know that the paving stone walkway is a safe place to trek from car to home if you don’t have an attached garage. Rainy weather won’t require rain boots with a paver walkway or driveway, since you won’t be trudging through mud to get to the door.

Our region’s freeze-thaw cycle, followed by April showers can be tough on materials heavily trafficked on your property. With paving stones, there is give and a level of porousness that allows water to flow through the pavers into the ground below, reducing pollution and stormwater runoff.

Help guide visitors and guests on the chosen path to your front door or property gate with a paving stone walkway. This prevents people from walking their own path, creating damaged landscaping, grass and gardens — providing a sure way for them to get from point A to point B hassle free, all while taking in the beauty of the pavers they are following to get to their destination!
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Bringing Your Outdoor Remodeling Design from Dream to Reality

August 3, 2016 by editor

Many people see the commercials for paving stone outdoor remodeling on TV and get the impression that the expense of installing such a stunningly beautiful hardscaping area in their own backyard would be out of the question.
There is a price to pay for sure, but both at time of installation and especially throughout the years and maintenance, paving stones are well worth the investment. In addition to being equipped to handle the seasons we experience here in the tri state area, the harsh winters, which lead to a freeze/thaw cycle, as well as the warmer summers, paving stones keep their intense, vibrant color for a lifetime.
Repair is easy, remove the damaged pavers and replace as needed, removing a whole section is not a requirement — this saves you time and money throughout the years, along with saving you the hassle of having to call in installers, it’s easy enough to repair yourself in many cases.
So first you must decide on the project: a new patio, garden area, retaining wall, driveway? Next take a look at the space, how do you intend to use it? The possibilities are endless?
Next, choose color, pattern and determine which of the high quality paving stone collections we carry here at Island Block & Masonry Supply work for your project, taste and budget.
There are tons of variations in paving stones shape, size, texture, color and other attributes that make pavers a great choice for all types of outdoor projects.
Answers to questions like these will enable you and your contractor to create a beautiful, functional and productive outdoor living design for you and your family to enjoy for years to come.
Determine the vibe you are hoping to achieve with this outdoor remodeling project.
Would you like to create a unique outdoor paving stone design? Even for you do-it-yourselfers, Island Block & Masonry Supply is here to help. Contact us or visit our Long Island showroom, convenient to all in the tri-state area, today to discuss your project with our experts.
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Paving Stones Provide Quality Designs, Affordable Repair

July 8, 2016

Many people may drive past a home with a beautiful paving stone driveway, or visit someone with a backyard patio, seating area and fire pit completely made of pavers and be under the impression that paving stones are a significantly expensive, time consuming and high-maintenance undertaking, but none of that is in fact true.
Fairly simple installation, minimal maintenance and overall care and an affordable price tag are just a few of the reasons why people throughout the tri state area choose to hardscape their homes, offices and commercial buildings property with paving stones from one of the fine manufacturers we carry here at Island Block & Masonry Supply on Long Island.
Though the starting cost can be slightly higher than other option like concrete, a wood patio and so on, owners of paving stone hardscaping can expect to spend little in the way of maintenance. There’s no need to seal or stain regularly, and with interlocking pavers, you can remove one paver at a time. This makes repairs simple, and perhaps most important of all, time and cost efficient.
Just think: for example, when a poured concrete driveway is cracked or damaged, the entire driveway must be repaved, otherwise the shades may not match and it will not look inviting. Paving stones are quite an upgrade from a poured concrete patio. With pavers, you won’t have to worry about your driveway cracking with age — and what homebuyer wants to spend a lot of money on ongoing maintenance.
The variety of colors, shapes, and sizes available from the variety of product lines we carry here at Island Block & Masonry, such as Cambridge, Nicolock and Boral, give — residential and commercial — customers plenty of options. Different textures range from a naturally textured stone veneer, to a more smooth ledgestone, and much, more more.
Contact Island Block & Masonry Supply today to discuss your project with our experts. Give us a call at 631-443-4521, contact us via this online form or visit our Long Island, NY showroom, conveniently located to all within the tri state area.
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Paving Stone Patterns and Designs

June 8, 2016 by editor Comments are off

There are so many patterns to choose from when installing a paving stone driveway, patio, walkway or other hardscaping creation, and though there are several tried-and-true ways to lay the pavers that provide for strong and aesthetically pleasing designs, there is ample opportunity to be creative and show your individuality.
The Basket Weave Pattern originates from the old English. This design, which is created by laying paving stones in a sort of perpendicular pattern between pairs laid vertically and horizontally, was commonly used during that era. Colors aren’t limited, in fact, the more colorful the better. Between the alternating paver angles and the bright shades, this design is especially eye-catching. The old English layout works best for those who want their property to emit a historic feel. The durability of the basket weave is another positive, as it is appropriate for an outdoor project, even the most high trafficked areas.
This next design is a pattern used across all European countries, so homeowners looking for some European flair may want to check out the European Fan Pattern. Don’t expect to be able to do it yourself on this one though, this design, like the circular, often proves to be a challenging installation. This gorgeous pattern is worth the extra work though, as its durability and stunning visual elements make it a solid choice for commercial designs as well as larger residential projects like driveways and patios.
One of the more simple paving stone patterns to lay is also among the most popular for homeowners due to the fact that it’s fairly standard and simple: the running bond. Laid side by side, the pavers give the illusion that the space is larger or more stately than it actually is, which is always a plus for homeowners and commercial developments alike. This design also requires far than cutting and shaping than other patterns, which minimizes waste and makes thing faster and easier.
Contact Island Block & Masonry Supply or visit our Long Island showroom, convenient to all in the tri-state area, today to discuss your project with our experts.
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Environmental Stoneworks & Unilock Pavers

Island Block & Masonry Supply boasts numerous high quality paving stone product lines in addition to masonry materials, do it yourself kits and other We offer the Northeast Ledgestone, Northeast Fieldstone and Northeast ProStack collections from Environmental Stoneworks.
Northeast Ledgestone is available in 16 different colors, and while all have distinct properties that set them apart, all of the mini collections within this line boast natural looking stone and vibrant, realistic colors.
Northeast Fieldstone With more than 27 colors available, this environmental stoneworks collection is more like large, irregular shaped stones than the Ledgestone Collection’s more structured look. This collection works well with those seeking a more rustic appearance.
Available in 10 different and vibrant colors, Northeast ProStack combines the straight lines of the Northeast Ledgestone Collection with the Fieldstone characteristics to offer a truly realistic and classic look to any outdoor remodeling and redesign project.
We carry four different “parent” collections of Unilock Pavers at the Long Island showroom of Island Block & Masonry Supply, conveniently located to the entire tri state area. Under the main four, there are eight types of permeable pavers, eleven Endura Color Pavers, nine Endura Color Plus Pavers and nine classic pavers.
Island Block & Masonry Supply offers numerous types of eco-friendly permeable paving products, which help encourage a decrease in water pollution. Permeable pavers have a porous formation that is different than standard pavers, this allows water to flow back into the soil and into the water table rather than turning into runoff, which unfortunately flows into sewers and then into the tri state area’s already polluted waterways.
As a family run business for the last 60 years, Island Block & Masonry Supply is always looking to assist Long Island residents and those involved in commercial development, as well as those throughout the tri state area with all of their residential or commercial block and masonry needs. We always seek to provide the best customer service, and our experts love to help our customers find the best products for their project. Visit our Long Island showroom today or call 631-443-4521 to speak to our experts.
- See more at:
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Eco-Friendly Paving Stone Options

April 10, 2016

Here at Island Block & Masonry Supply, our staff along with many of our wonderful clients and customers, are conscious of the environment and try to be as eco-friendly as we can, when possible. Along with minimizing the carbon footprint, certain types of paving stones are more friendly to the environment than others.
We proudly carry several varieties of eco-friendly paving products. Permeable pavers assist reducing water pollution because of they consist of more porous material than other pavers. Block concrete and brick does not have this ability. The porous consistency of permeable pavers allows water to percolate back into the soil and into the water table, this limits runoff water, which usually ends up flowing into sewers, polluting waterways in the tri state area.
We noted in a previous blog that the Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute (ICPI) stated that more and more professionals are choosing permeable interlocking concrete pavements than ever before due to the environmental advantages of the material and its ability to meet low impact development goals.
Unilock permeable paving products are available at our Long Island showroom.
Features: Multiple shapes, color retention.
Features: L-shaped design, can withstand heavy commercial loads.
Features: Custom finish and color options; has the ability to be mechanically installed.
Features: Erosion control pond lining.
Features: Textured surface, three compatible sizes.
Town Hall™
Features: Appropriate for traditional and permeable installation methods; distressed appearance.
Features: Erosion control; favorite of landscape architects.
Uni Eco-Stone®
Features: Maximum drainage
One of the most permeable of Unilock’s collection is the Uni Eco-Stone. This paver product enables maximum drainage, promoting water runoff, and helping the natural ecosystem in turn. Though permeable, it is exceptionally strong. The Un- Eco-Stone has the full capability to handle the weight of large commercial vehicles.
While some paving stones are more eco-friendly than others, choosing the right products can help you contribute to less pollution, helping the environment, and possibly saving money in maintenance costs over time.
The Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute (ICPI) has listed numerous ways in which concrete pavers provide solutions to ecological problems.
- See more at:
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Eco-Friendly Paving Stones for the Tri State Area

August 28, 2016 by editor

We are very conscious of the environment and our impact on it here at Island Block & Masonry Supply. And our staff, along with our clients and customers, always have an interest in being a friend to environment and installing eco-friendly paving stone projects when it’s appropriate as often as possible. There are various types of paving stones that are friendly to the environment and can help us minimize the carbon footprint we are leaving behind on the Earth for our family for generations to come.
Island Block & Masonry Supply proudly carries several varieties of eco-friendly paving products. Since they are made from porous material, permeable pavers help reduce water pollution even more so than other paver products. Slab or block concrete and regular brick does not allow for reduced water pollution since its surface is not porous. Permeable pavers enable water to flow into the ground below into the water table, limiting stormwater runoff, which usually ends up flowing into sewers, polluting waterways throughout the tri state area.
The Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute (ICPI) stated that more and more professionals are choosing permeable interlocking concrete pavers than ever before due to the environmental advantages of the material and its ability to meet low impact development goals.
We carry Unilock pavers here in our showroom and one of the most environmentally friendly collections from the product line is the Uni Eco-Stone. This paver allows for maximum drainage, and it promotes water runoff, which helps the natural ecosystem stay on track and do its job! This permeable paver is also extremely strong and durable, and it has the full capability to handle the weight of large commercial vehicles.
The below Unilock permeable paving products are available at our Long Island showroom. Eco-Priora™; Eco-Optiloc™; Eco-line™; Dura-Mat™; Thornbury™; Town Hall™; Turfstone™; Uni Eco-Stone®.
Everyone here at Island Block & Masonry Supply enjoys working with our customers to help them pick out the products for their project and helping to answer any questions. We help people throughout the tri-state area remodel their outdoor space, so let us help you enhance your property by visiting our showroom.
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Nicolock Toscana Antiqued Pavers – Natural and Durable

July 28, 2016

For many homeowners, the look of naturally aged stone is what they are going for when they choose paving stones. People love the Toscana Antiqued Pavers collection from Nicolock because it combines the natural look, but it is extremely durable due to its makeup of high-strength concrete, despite it tumbled, weathered appearance.
State-of-the-art tumbling technology gives Toscana Antiqued products the “distressed” look that is perfect for most paving stone projects used to amplify a home’s property.
With a wide range of colors, sizes and shapes, paving stones are the right choice for adding curb appeal and function to your outdoor area. Nicolock Country Pavers are a great fit for residential use, like patios, walkways, residential driveways, pool decks and driveway aprons because of their cobblestone look and functional appeal as well.  Country stones are available in sizes 6×6 and 6×9’, which have the potential to be combined or used separately for beautiful patterns and designs. Another use is for borders of other paving stone types. Consisting of 4 sizes in the range of 3×6 to 9×9, the Country Comb is designed for random pattern installation.
Country charm is exemplified by Nicolock’s Antiqued Holland collection. With the ability to be installed side to side with tight joints, the Holland pavers work well for any variety of hardscape ground project, such as pool decks and patios.
Neutral and gray colors, along with ageless appeal set Nicolock’s Olde Towne pavers apart. Modeled after European stone slabs, these pavers possess a textured surface that appears as if it were naturally worn by carriage wheels and millions of footsteps. These pavers are available in three modular sizes, and work well with large areas for bigger ground projects. An increased thickness of 2-3/4″ offers extra strength and durability.
Evoke the romance and magic of ancient Rome with Nicolock’s Pompeii Pavers collection. This paver is great as a circular accent for the end of a driveway, a patio, or as a pavement border.
Island Block & Masonry Supply staff knows all there is to know about paving stone and masonry projects. We enjoy consulting with our customers from throughout the tri state area, whether we’re assisting them to project details or guiding them on product choices. Visit our showroom today or call us at (631) 443-4521.
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Great Collections for Paving Stone Patios

June 30, 2016

There are countless paving stone manufacturers out on the market, each with various collections in colors and styles spanning far and wide, it can help to have some suggestions from experts to help narrow down the playing field. When embarking on a paver project you have so many choices, and here at Island Block & Masonry Supply, we take pride in our ability to help our clients narrow down their choices and pick the absolute best product for their particular project.
Unilock’s Mirada paver has tons of texture that those who appreciate a more lived-in look will love. It is weathered and “tumbled” so if you want clean straight modern lines than this look isn’t for you. There are numerous shapes and sizes in the collection that come together in a package, allowing the installer to interlock the paving stones into beautiful distinguished patterns and designs.
The Renaissance Collection from Cambridge Paving Stones reflects the glorious piazzas of the European Renaissance. Beautiful stone that is aged naturally makes this collection a fitting choice for homeowners wishing to infuse a little history into the look of their property. Cambridge pavers are made with ArmorTec, which is a proprietary blend that protects the pavers. Mixed into every paver during the manufacturing process, it serves as a defense against weather damage and wear-and-tear.
Belgard Pavers makes a Mega Lafitt paver that marries the appearance and texture of flagstone with the durable manufactured pavers. Larger pieces and modular shapes gives the installer free roam to create a unique project.
Cassava by Unilock boasts a gorgeous, weathered look with dimples. This paver is designed to resemble a traditional Brussels paver. With the ability to be laid in numerous design shapes and patterns, this paver can also be put to good use as a gravel walk border or to serve as an accent to add some flair to a more standard paver design.
As experts in paving stone and masonry projects, we enjoy consulting with our customers. Come visit our showroom and let us help you pick out products for your dream hardscape project! Visit Island Block & Masonry Supply today, located conveniently for residents of the tri state area, or call us at (631) 443-4521.
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Paving Stone Patterns & Designs

Paving stones laid in different patterns can create totally unique looks. Your patio, walkway, driveway or pool area doesn’t have to consist of pavers in a straight line parallel to one another, create some visual interest and show your personality and style by switching things up from the standard designs.
When you use pavers, you have a lot more freedom to create the design of your dreams than with concrete slab or other materials. With gravel, sand, grass or moss as a filler in between pavers, you can put together a truly unique look using elements of nature to spruce up what some may deem a more plain look. Projects like a driveway and pool area work best with the sand in between for a closer, tighter fit that allows for some give when the freeze/thaw cycle of the winter and spring comes.
Some are more popular than others among all of the possible patterns, and many patterns have been used time and time again because they are beautiful, different and create a strong base, which is especially important for driveway and heavily trafficked areas.
Laying paving stones in a circle shape looks great when used in conjunction with other patterns, like a herringbone pattern, which we will discuss next. Rounded edges don’t necessarily mean a full circle, a half-circle or less works too. The circular paving stone pattern is a fitting addition to large expanses of paving stone areas because it breaks up the space and compliments the accompanying designs and patterns.
A herringbone patterns basically equates to paving stones being placed in different directions to ultimately created a V-shape. Using a 45-degree angle or 90-degree angle, the herringbone makes for a great pattern in any outdoor space, adding a fun visual element that isn’t straight-laid pavers. Because of its strength due to the alternately laid pavers, the herringbone pattern works well on high traffic areas like driveways and patios because of furniture and cars are moving around on it.
Want to create a unqiue outdoor paving stone design and don’t know where to start? Contact Island Block & Masonry Supply or visit our Long Island showroom, convenient to all in the tri-state area, today to discuss your project with our experts.
- See more at:
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Available Paving Stone & Related Products

April 28, 2016 by editor Comments are off

Unique appearance, strength, porousness, convenience, affordability, and more define the look, texture and feel of paving stones. At Island Block & Masonry Supply we offer several paver product lines that we know boast the best quality in the industry.
Cambridge Pavers
We are a top provider of Cambridge paving stones with ArmorTec, with 10 stunning collections available. Each collection has factors that differentiate it from the others, but all are fade-proof and provide a lifetime of lasting, vibrant color.
Cambridge Retaining Walls
We offer numerous Cambridge Wallstone Systems here at Island Block & Masonry Supply. Our customers can pick from several styles in colors that match or complement your Cambridge Pavingstones to complete your complete landscape design.
Outdoor Living Solutions
There are nearly 20 different categories of outdoor living solutions by Cambridge that we have available here in our Long Island location, convenient to the tri state area. Such products include fire pit kits, bar module kits, mailbox kits, pavilion kits, and of course, plenty of finishing touches.
Paving Stones
Nicolock Paving Stones are fortified with Paver-Shield, an ultra dense surface with more color and more protection. Nicolock pavers boast full color from top to bottom, all throughout the paver. This full color integration ensures that these pavers will be colorful and bright for a lifetime.
Toscana Antiqued pavers by Nicolock appear as naturally aged stone, but possess the durability of high strength concrete.
Nicolock manufacturers several variations of eco-friendly environmental paving products, all of which we carry here. We also offer paving slabs, wall systems, kits and other accents.
Boral Cultured Stone
We offer Cultured Stone by Boral and Boral Prostone Veneer. Known as the “Original Stone Veneer,” Cultured stone is available in more than 20 textures and 100 colors. Prostone also creates the look of natural stone, and is available is 8 distinct textures and 17 natural colors.
We are experts in paving stone and masonry projects, and enjoy consulting with our customers, whether it’s helping them pick out products or referring them to knowledgeable engineers and builders. Visit Island Block & Masonry Supply today or call us at (631) 443-4521. - See more at:
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Paving Stone Facts & Ideas

March 29, 2016 by editor Comments are off

Many people may not be aware that concrete paving stones are actually more affordable and easier to repair than a slab of concrete. Rather than pouring an entire new patio- since concrete slabs would be uneven if you poured more concrete mix in just one spot- pavers allow for easy fixes. If only one is damaged, as is usually the case, you can easily just replace it. With some pavers it’s even possible to turn it over instead of full replacing it.
Warmth and fun
What’s better than some comfy seating and even an outdoor bar or kitchen? A fire pit. This functional beautiful feature is available from Island Block & Masonry Supply in kit form, making it a project that is fun to do as a family and will add value to your outdoor space. Living in the tri state area, we experience cold weather a lot of the year, and nights can always get chilly.
With a fire pit, you and your company can stay outdoors even when the weather starts to cool down. It’s not only for warmth though. Fire pits are a beautiful and unique element to add to any yard, and who doesn’t love chilly nights gathered around a fire roasting marshmallows for s’mores?
Splashing around
Create a focal point in your backyard with a fun water feature like a waterfall or fountain. Rock column fountains are pretty and unique ways to add an interesting piece to your outdoor space without breaking the bank.
Pick a color palette
Paving stone are now available in a large array of colors and the possibility for creating mesmerizing patterns is endless.We offer everything from serene and neutral earth tones, like deep gray with rich brown accents, to warm-toned paving stones set against the lush backdrop of the northeast in the Spring and summertime. Regardless of the climate where you live and the color of your decor and surroundings, there is a paving stone collection, set and tone that fits your project.
Contact Island Block & Masonry Supply or visit our Long Island showroom, convenient to all in the tri state area, today to discuss your needs with our experts.
- See more at:
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