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Isla McKetta

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Go beyond "storytelling" as #contentmarketing buzzword with my latest post for Moz
"Storytelling" can be more than just jargon. This post will show you six types of stories you can inject into your site content to develop a compelling, powerful brand story.
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Isla McKetta

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My last @moz post before maternity leave!
Quick note: This article is meant to apply to teams of all sizes, from the sole proprietor who spends all night writing their copy (because they're doing business during the day) to the copy team who occupies an entire floor and produces thousands of pieces of content per week.
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Isla McKetta

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Ideation is the bomb. Find out how to do it well to set yourself up to create amazing projects.
A fantastic idea is the heartblood of any content campaign or project. Excitement around an idea is what sustains you through the (sometimes) long slog of creation, and it's part of what gets your audience to share, share, share. Which all makes coming up with the idea sound kind of intimidating. But finding the right idea doesn't have to be difficult. Where ideas come from...
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Isla McKetta

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Viral content doesn't have to be a one-time-only occurrence 
The hardest part about success is replicating it. Learn what to look for when auditing content that's gone viral so you can earn even more shares next time.
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Driss from morocco 
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Isla McKetta

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Anyone can be a better writer. If communicating with clients is part of your job, you must read these #writingtips  
This is a post about how anyone can write a clearer, more persuasive report. And the lessons contained herein can help you with any form of corporate communication, whether you're writing for a client or your boss. Get ready to sound smarter.
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Isla McKetta

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(apologies to Langston Hughes for the following account of my weekend #poetry  )

What happens to repairs deferred?

Are they fixed
Magically over night?
Or fester and build up—
Over time?
Does it accumulate 'til
The pre-Thanksgiving weekend—
When all family's due?

Maybe they just seep
And molder and crack.

Or do they explode?
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Isla McKetta

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I've always struggled with how best to integrate my personal and business selves. This post is a new high for me on that front re #content and #contentmarketing  
Learn how to turn empathy, surprise, delight, and information into the kind of content your audience will connect with and remember.
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Great detail +Isla McKetta context is everything

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Isla McKetta

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What happens when you let a creative writer loose on #SEO? Choose Your Own Adventure-style learning!
"How can I learn SEO?" is a deceptively simple question. The standard approach is to attempt to appeal to anyone who's interested in SEO without any idea of your previous experience or the actual reasons you want to learn SEO. That's fun. Especially the part about weeding through tons of information that might not even apply to what you want to learn. So let's fix that. This guide is...
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Isla McKetta

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Even working in #inboundmarketing, I'm finding a lot of value in these quick videos
We're excited to announce a new collection of video tutorials focused on tips and tricks with Moz tools, each in two minutes or less. Welcome to your Daily SEO Fix!
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Isla McKetta

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My latest post for +Moz - #writingadvice  on how to say more with less 
Learn how to write fewer words while making a stronger impact on your readers, customers, and decision makers.
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Isla McKetta

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Webinars: the sales/information tool that are usually so poorly executed. It doesn't have to be that way!
Here at BuzzSumo, we’re obsessed with finding ways to convert our leads into customers. We obviously invest time on customer service and educational content, but the most effective method of converting – by far – is through a webinar. In … Continued
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Isla McKetta

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Content marketers: Go break some rules already! The rewards are worth the hassle.
Data and insights can be incredibly valuable, but should never be treated as gospel, and the only logic worse than "because that's how we've always done it" might just be "because everyone else is doing it." Content is no exception. When was the last time you broke a few rules?
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Literary novelist reviewing books from around the world.
Isla McKetta is a novelist by night and a blogger by day. She earned a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing at Goddard College. Isla’s undergraduate studies included Bachelor’s degrees in Political Science and Sociology from the University of Washington and a certificate in Literary Fiction from UW Extension.
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Working with Anne-Marie was a dream. Easy back and forth despite the fact that I live out of state and she asked the right questions to make sure my husband and I got the deductions we're entitled to.
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