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Wow yeah, definitely compared to those guys!
Peter Mayhew is like 7' 1¾" (2.18 m) Wow!!!
loves this! thanks for sharing.
Carrie Fisher's mother (Debbie Reynolds) was pretty petite. I guess that explains why she is.
who is the guy next to Harrison Ford. I know Mayhew is the tall one in the back, but who that on Ford's left?
It's Vader..

Solo, Vader, Chewy, Luke..
Leah, R2D2
Harrison: "We thought we were being cast for a new Addams Family movie, but somehow we got stuck playing in some kind of silly sci-fi fantasy flick by that American Graffiti guy instead. Hope he won't make us wear leather jackets in space."
Peter: "Yeah, I wanted to play Lurch. Now I'm some damn giant monkey."
David: "Quit crying. I have to wear a mask and my voice will be dubbed over."
holy! the actress to play princess leia is SHORT
She also served as the chief Ewok in ROTJ and head Jawa in the original film. Ok maybe not.
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