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Hyperactive friendly ingress player
Hyperactive friendly ingress player


Comm bomb request guys!!!!

Happy 30th Birthday @Needleboom!

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Sadly ill be missing out on the glyph challenge this weekend cause of the weather. I may still do a history piece on it though so that I can participate in some way. <3
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Eureka IFS Feb 2019

We are a small little community but we have a big heart even as our weather tried to keep people from coming!

Sadly most of our travelers were unable to come into town because of a storm that came into our area. Since we are such a rural area many agents have to travel a bit to get here and traveling in the storm that was predicted meant risking getting stuck in our town. We are prone to slides and being cut off from the world so it was understandable that some could not come. We never want to risk anyone's lives. That being said, We were very lucky that in the two hours that our event happened, we had clear skies because not even a couple hours later the storm started and we got our first snow of the year.

Weather wasn't the only thing trying to stop our event though. Sadly, a few agents got sick as well! We all wished them well and hope to see them at our next event. One of agents cars tried to catch on fire as he was coming our event and luckily, as i have been told, he was able to meet up with agent at the event and fix his vehicle before going home almost an hour away.

This was even before our event started. Once it did we had some fun trying to get Prime on our Enl families phone and once it finally worked, i was able to guide them through some of the short cuts. Again, our event did not lack excitement as two of the accounts became locked out of any action on prime because of insufficient level (?) once they got out of tutorial. We tried everything to fix it but Luckily, while we do prizes for ap and trekker, the thing that makes our events great is just the social gathering.

We do not get a lot of time to catch up with each other as most of our group has family or jobs that require a lot of time. We use these events to get together and catch up on each others lives. Yes, there's a bit of competition for some, and one family comes to these events because these two hours are the time they get to play together, but we spend a lot of time talking to each other and talking about the things we look forward to. We use these events to plan future events and gatherings, to talk about which anomalies we can all go to together.

We spoke about one agents travels and a game we call where is Bob? This agent travels everywhere around the world and we have a ton of fun trying to find the next place he has visited. We spent a lot of time looking at the pictures of his latest travel and then talking about odd places that portals can be. That's when we found out there are portals in Chernobyl. Not just portals but actually missions too, one titled Chernobyl - I Had a Bad Day and another titled Radioactive team... We jokingly said we should have an IFS there but..... That probably wont end up well.

There were a lot of smiles and laughter shared. This is one of the main reasons i run these events and will continue to when i can, even if we don't meet the requirements for the badge. We have way more fun just spending time together and having a reason to. I know most IFS's running right now are because people want the badge, but i can say my community only see's it as an extra perk and will continue our events through it all.

#IFSEureka #IngressFS #ingress #morethanagame +Ingress +Andrew Krug
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Some days we just need to enjoy what's thrown at us. Today was a good day to be away
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Omg I'm so sorry everyone! I realized when I made the IFS event on gplus it added everyone on my friends list when I listed it as public. I'm incredibly sorry... I didn't realize this until now.
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Glyph Challenge Liberate

Are we starting a new sequence or adding to our previous? I do not know yet but i do know this glyph was different than our others!

This is my #GlyphChallenge submission and it was an interesting one. We have quite a large storm coming through our area at the moment that is leading to landslides and flooding, which our area desperately needs the rain but it made it a bit hard to go out and get this done. Wifi and cell service is a bit shot…. The perks of living in a rural area!

So i had no choice but to wait for the rain to at least stop going sideways and attempt to gain information when i could, on this glyphs history.  I didn't want to use to same portals i used from my Capture challenge but was lucky enough to have another cluster to use. The problem was, claiming portals. See the area i did this in was already a low signal zone….. It took me 30 minutes to even get Prime to load my portals but patience goes a long way. Even when my portals didn't want to give me keys, i decided to walk around the area and enjoy the weather. In my hacking, i finally got the +Dunraven Foundation videos too which was awesome as i couldn't seem to hack them anywhere else. It took a total of 1 jarvis and 1 ada to complete this challenge because my bursters wouldnt load to kill the one enlightened portal in the way.

I of course did the composition glyph “Less* with the main glyph Liberate like i do to most of my glyph challenges. I considered doing the anime glyphs again, as there is one in Liberate but as it has not been released globally, i felt it wouldnt fit yet.

Edit! I have been corrected on this part

So onto its history, which is vastly different to our 2018 glyphs. Liberate has never been part of our Avatar glyphs. It also was never studied by +Stein Lightman , and wasnt obviously in any of our anomalies. It also did not, to my knowledge and limited ability to research it, enter our scanners before the sequences were introduce. I was wrong on that! Thank you to MommyBlues in Essex that linked me to the Niantic Project boards that shows the Liberate was actually first shown back in #Minotaur in the Ingress report!

They are very quick to show them but they are in there and in a later post Omnivore would decipher the message!

This happened in August 2013, putting the first introduction of this glyph around the time of the others and far before glyphs would enter our scanners in the form of the glyph game in Feb 2014/

Continuing on. It was used by +Klue S. in the mission ADAEscape IV where she directed agents to complete the mission and make both the glyphs Begin and Liberate as glyph art in the scanner. Interesting that now we are doing glyph art of Liberate again. I wonder if we will see Begin in the future. Posts on that past art can be seen in the links below.

#ADAEscape started back in our universes #Darsana by Klue when she gave cards to agents after the Charleston Anomaly. Here is the link to that below.

This would lead to multiple missions that would help Klue all titled #AdaEscape and all requiring agents to make glyph field art.

I find the choice of the the glyph used this month interesting because like our past glyphs, this one once more is like the others and is being put in the spotlight in Primes history very close to the time it was introduced into our past history. This is still true even with the fact it came out sooner than Darsana. I definitely needed to look a bit harder for this one because there was definitely history i outright missed. Sadly in the time it took to write even this little bit, my wifi and phone service had gone out 8 times but i was incredibly thankful to have the agents in Essex help me!

I really like these challenges, they are certainly challenging to me in different ways. I still think there are specific reasons these glyphs are being chosen because the history is so close together and they are all in the public spotlight before the glyph game was released. I do not know at this time if this glyph is starting a new sequence or continuing on with our old one but to be safe this is what our sequence has looked like so far.

All Capture Creativity Resistance/Enlightenment Pure Harmony/Peace  With now Liberate

I hope everyone had an amazing weekend and if you found anything sooner than when Klue used this glyph in the history, please feel free to comment or message me! Until then, continue glyphing agents!   

+Ingress +John Hanke +Edgar Allan Wright +flint dille +Carrie Campbell +Andrew Krug +Operation Essex +H. Richard Loeb
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I had a dream last night about doing my glyph challenge today. It is down pouring here but I'm going to make it happen and I have a couple ideas!
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Eurekas first 2019 IFS! Come out and fight it out in old Town Eureka! We will have a variety of interesting prizes and games for people to participate in. This is a family fun event please be sure to RSVP or join our telegram group. Gameplay will start at 10 and end at 12 but like always we will go over to Gallagher's for lunch! Lunch is optional!
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