People people I just got done playing the walking dead game I have to say it Fucking amazing. Man the game almost had me crying and I love playing Lee and protecting the little girl. For my walking dead people it a must buy and for gamer people it a new take on a zombie game. 
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I will be buying this tomorrow. Im so glad you reminded me about it because i forgot.
On Xbox live and or PSN. On PSN it cost $4.99 for one chapter but get the bundle for all five chapters for next going month price tag is $19.99. I got the bundle and I haven't look back yet 
Available on Steam right now.
Hey +Isaiah Mullins i just brought the bundle. I played the demo and i loved it. I cant wait to play more. #thewalkingdead #ps3
Havent got that far yet! I hate puzzles so i will probably have p�oblems.