I'm sorry folks, but that really F up for Apple to that. I know their not breaking the law, but on man those taxes could have build roads, schools, and so much more. But hey that life and Apple loves money than their customers. 
The New York Times on Sunday outlined legal methods used by Cupertino, California-based Apple to avoid paying billions of dollars in federal and state taxes. One approach highlighted in the report: Ev...
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It is always the 'haves' who know how to manipulate the system. Such a shame. How are you? You were quiet this weekend.
It depends on if you're a conservative or a liberal on whether or not this is Ok with you. Conservatives are all about big business and have formed these laws to allow corporations to do this exact type of thing.

Somehow a flat tax needs to be implemented and EVERYONE pays their part. The current tax code is so complex that loopholes are all over the place and the companies know how to exploit them. 
Apple is just one company. If you add in all the other big corps it's billions and billions in lost revenue for the country. At some point companies can earn too much money!! The thing that really pisses me off is how the big oil companies make HUGE profits yet are still getting government subsidies. It's not right. Yet the conservatives wanna tax the hell out of middle and lower class. 
Well sir Big Oil is worst than tech any company out there. Sad to say America won't stop using big oil until something we can fix happens. 
+Aidy P. you are so right, the thing is they have the money to play tax lawyers to find the loop holes for them. +Joe Dean what gets me is these companies is that they work the system to get as much help as they can, make high profits but cry if their sales are not what they expected all while forgetting how well their companies are benefiting.

GE was another company that pays little in taxes, NBC which is owned by GE (along with other Networks) never reported this while the news was circulating online
As much as we talk about big oil, Apple is the only company that might reach the trillions in value. I don't hear about anything charitable they do. Creating jobs is in their own interest. I'm not fooled one second by that warped reasoning.
+Relojo Asenime & let's not talk about their business practices. People talk about customer service being the best not realizing that they try & charge you on everything. You're iMac or iPhone is messed up....pay for a new one because whatever happened to it is the customer's fault. So no wonder they make as much money as they do
There is always the right way for doing the wrong things
i shouldn't be surprised. huge corporation skirts taxes.
which is why the loopholes need closing, I would also point out that if you have shareholders then you have to maximize profits and that includes taking advantage of any loopholes that allow you to make more money.. (which is why companies arent people)
+Mari Thomas the messed up things is when people start making a big stink about it the government will then attempt to do something but it will never happen. Once those companies start secretly meeting with officials, their attempt will die down
Just add Apple to the corporations doing this such as Bank odds America, Verizon and a number of others. 
I read another article on the and apparently Apple was one of the first Tech companies to start spring this. I'll post another link later. Very good read!!
Seeing that Apple has more money than the US, I think it can handle money well (or better than the government, anyway).
Cheating the gov out of revenue is not handling your money better. KPMG one of the big accounting firms was found guilty of telling corps how to skirt certain taxes. Even those it wasn't illegal they were forced to pay reparations and were close to being shut down like Enron. 
Really!! I work for KPMG. Great company with great people but with a few very bad apples that are now GONE!!!