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Isabelle Fortin | Art Director | Senior Graphic Designer
Isabelle Fortin | Art Director | Senior Graphic Designer

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It's that time again where we take someone from G+ and add them to an existing movie poster !!

Yes my friends, it's been way too long !!

And because of his incredible patience, I have chosen +jaykob someone who has asked me a long time ago to make a mashup, i hope he likes it :)

+Movie Mashup Tuesday is brought to you by +Mark Rodriguez & myself ! 

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A Google+Create Program Initiative.

To participate in celebrating International Women’s Day, Create Program put together a fun theme, #SheInspiresMe.

I've shared this one more than once I believe, but it is truly one of my most inspiring and happiest moments. After fighting 2 consecutive cancers in the span of 2 years, these photos were taken the first time my mom was strong enough to come out to dinner with the family. I was fully aware and so grateful of what beautiful gift this was. I have been grateful for each day since then.

She truly does inspire me.

Also tagging a few ladies to keep the love going, perhaps some of you would like to participate ? +Cilla C +Isabelle Cardinal +Elizabeth Hahn +Eve Aebi +Anneli Westman :) 

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Thank you so so much +Denis Labelle for bringing this article to my attention

Also H/T +Pierre Provost :)

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No reservations

Without making any reservations on Saturday night, my first choice for dinning was completely booked. We wound up in a super cozy little spot that had such a unique style, it looked quite promising.

“You don’t have any reservations?” Asked the totally charming Hipster at the front … thinking we would get politely refused once again, I was ready to move to…plan C. “I’ll see if we have space in the speakeasy” . I felt a sudden burst of anticipation. We followed him downstairs to what seemed to be a well stocked bookshelf that turned out to be a hidden door. My anticipation only grew… I had never seen such a cool space.

It was probably one of the most interesting nights I had a long time. In this little candle lit, wooden cave with an abundance of super original music, I could not stop thinking how lucky I was the night’s events led me to this path

I’ve come to realize that so much of where I am now is nowhere near where I ever expected to be. Many situations that surfaced have created detours that led me to very interesting places. I now see all these detours with a positive light instead of fear.

And a quick note to +John Getchel I actually DID take this photo with my phone, after playing around with it & finding that it had a fully manual mode :) 

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When I saw +Google+'s post about sharing the one thing that we can’t live without, for me the answer was automatic… MUSIC.

I often say that I consume a lot of music but if I think about it, Music consumes me

Music is what fuels my moods, my thoughts, my creativity, my passions. I knew at a very young age that I had an obsession that was different than all my friends. My continuous curiosity about music started at about age 10.

When I hear something new that I enjoy, it is one of my life’s biggest pleasures, it has so much power over me. No doubt about it, music is one thing I could never live without.

I’m thinking of a song right now and I get goose bumps

#CantLiveWithout #GooglePlusCreativeInitiative 

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One Thing I Can't Live Without --- Not a person :)

Name it, post it and add #CantLiveWithout

Share the LOVE
What Can't You Live Without?

Valentine’s Day is typically reserved for celebrating love and showing appreciation for your significant other. This year, beside declaring your undying love, we also want to celebrate your biggest passion - we want to know about the hobbies, places, or items that you hold dear.

What is the one thing that you wouldn’t be able to live without? Something that you cherish more than anything else - maybe it’s your daily cup of coffee, a record Collection, or your love for stand-up comedy.

Share this special something on Google+ and show us by tagging #CantLiveWithout

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Holding it all together

I have to admit, it's been a rough couple of weeks months, I have been extremely overwhelmed with work ( work that I am so lucky to love so much ) & home life is pretty busy as well.

My usual work pace is always very hectic but I am always on top of it ... except that at the moment, I'm having a hard time holding it all together, my mind is drained & I'm too tired to be creative for myself.

But I ♥ and miss you guys :)
and also because #FridaysAreBokehlicious #bokeholics

+Leo Deegan +Art through the Aperture Photography +Nicole H +Sean McLean +Shelly Corbett +Betty Habesch +Kal Pant +Elizabeth Hahn +Michael B. Stuart +Paul Moody +Toshinori ABE +Winnie Young +Graham Knights +Keith Elliott +Jacek N. Kozioł +Jasbir S. Randhawa +Darion Jackman +John Balboni +April L Hill +Shannon Adelson +Dylan Johnson +Shelly Gunderson +Robin Griggs Wood +Kathleen Kent +Angie Smith +John Getchel +Uwe Duwe +Magdalena MadZ +Wendy Baker +Dawn Siadatan +wolly wolly +Berit Schurse +Tom Tran +Eve Aebi +Isabelle Fortin +Cooksterz Littlefield +Chris Draper +Tisha Luk +Wendy Verboom +Janice LaMere Hackney 

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15 Coffee Posters To Hang Above Your Coffee Station

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{ From The Clothesline } Guess

I have a penchant for Guess Handbags, this one was a gift :) 
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