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The agreement marks the end of an era for the company that once defined the Internet.

Eat Nutritious food, Sleep well Stay #healthy

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순대볶음, Stir-fried Korean sausage
yum yum yum... Sundae and noodles are greatly harmonized on the plate. It looks not that spicy but it was so spicy. I had to drink cold water each piece of sundae biting. Let's look at Korean sausage !!!

Korean style of sausage which has various inside. Some sundae has noodles like this, some sundae has beef or veggies inside. It is one of the most common snack with ddeokbokgi and fish cake.

You can eadily find this food at snack cart on every corners of street.

This much is 5,000KRW(Similar to 5USD). About two persons size.

Famous town?
There is Sundae town in Sinrim-dong area where the most restaurants sells their own style of sausage. Go to Sinrimdong sundae town at sinrim station in Seoul.

Best selling type?
I think just simple basic sundae is the most popular one.

With some drinks?
Sure, it really goes well with Makgeolri(Korean style of rice wine).

Ok, now you know about what the sundae is, where the good place to go in Seoul. Let's enjoy it !!!

#sundae #sausage #Koreanfood

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The lappet moth gets its name from the decorative skin flaps found on its caterpillars’ legs.
Lappet moth (Kunugia divaricata) spotted by Albert Kang

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