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Professional Artist and Founder of 1stAngel Arts Magazine
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Oil Painter - Founder and CEO 1stAngel Arts Magazine | Social Area Manager Fine Art America

My name is Isabella Shores, aka 1stAngel, better known as Abbie to my friends, and I am the driving force behind 1stAngel.Arts Magazine

1stAngel Arts Magazine is for all creative people.  We publish stories about art, crafting, photography, music and writing, plus the creatives life.

Foremost on the magazine are interviews and we welcome you to submit your interview by filling out this questionnaire Talk The Talk Interview

Please visit my artwork and personal blog Abbie Shores

My Interests

My loves are mainly the countryside and animals but I also adore motorbikes and bicycles…..anything with two wheels 

Horses and German Shepherds and boats and ships are my first loves though and they are the main driving forces behind my art

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Survive a busy arts forum as Manager, every day.
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1stAngel, Isabella Francesca Abigail Shores


How private are you on fb...You aren't and they have a dossier on you 
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Happy #EarthDay

Sleeping Goddess at the Lost Gardens of Heligan, England
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The lady with the pups sent us a fix....

Hannah on the left and Darcy on the right.  Darcy's legs are very grey and he is slightly smaller than Hannah who is actually the largest puppy in the litter  They are 4 and a half weeks old
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+Robin Gomes
LOL yes they are ... well actually they are 2 of 10
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Introvert problem? No problem.
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death surrounds us and makes us hers
everyone in black and crying aloud as the music plays
papers rustle, throats clearing as the eulogies read
weeping through the black lace and sickly sweet smell of the lilies
heart pounding loudly in my ears drowning out the words
trying to awake from nightmares in a woken world
wanting time to STOP. turn back the clock to yesterday
to feel you again and hold you close keeping you alive with wishes
not once but thrice this year already
saying goodbye to loves
is that too much or can we take more?
how much black velvet can one wear in a year
how many lilies grow across the earth
how many more curtains do we watch closing, taking them away

death surrounds us and makes us hers
and all we can do is watch

In Loving Memory
Julian died February 2014
Ron died March 14
Max died April 2014

Please, no more
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Excellent! Thank you for sharing Lars
Google Search Operators

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Very useful tips, thanks for sharing this.
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Going kayaking 
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Fine art on canvas, paper,metal,acrylic sheets,Greeting Cards. As large as 6 feet by four feet.

available at HTTP:// main shop 

Please share. 
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Meet the new members of my family
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Been here several times now and always enjoy it. Very friendly staff and special cheap lunchtime menu. Recommend it highly.
Food: Very goodDecor: ExcellentService: Excellent
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