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I'm kind of a loner.
I'm kind of a loner.

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The #blackfisheffect is still going strong.
SeaWorld's profits plummet by 84% - do they still have a future?

SeaWorld is in big trouble financially. The 2013 documentary Blackfish has opened the public's eyes to the truth of how performing Orcas are treated at amusement parks. And, similarly, The Cove has exposed the way in which these animals are sourced from the wild.

Public opinion has changed and SeaWorld are pushing a marketing campaign to try and change our minds. What they don't seem to realise is that the horror is so great that the vast majority will not be swayed back.

They now have an opportunity to do the right thing. With their experience and resources, they could set up large sea pens to rehabilitate performing whales and dolphins. They could care for injured wild animals before returning them to the ocean. They could run whale watching tours so that people could be truthfully educated about these animals. They could stop forcing the animals in their care to perform tricks for entertainment and give them back at least a semblance of the natural lives they deserve.

In short, they need to wake up and realise that their world has changed irreversibly and they need to act now to save themselves and the animals in their care.

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Do you think Edward Snowden should be pardoned? 
Only 33% of Americans want Snowden pardoned – poll

Only 33 percent of American voters said they want National Security Agency (NSA) whistleblower Edward Snowden pardoned, while a majority of voters want him to be federally prosecuted, according to the pollsters Morning Consult.

Released this week, the poll comes after the White House rejected an online petition last month calling for the Obama administration to pardon Edward Snowden. The majority of voters not only agreed with the administration’s position against pardoning Snowden, but also want to see him tried in court, according to the poll.

Results from a telephone survey of more than 2,000 American voters found that only 33 percent supported a pardon for Snowden, while 43 percent opposed a pardon. Another 24 percent had no opinion. When asked if they would support government prosecution of Snowden, 53 percent said they would support the government, with just 26 percent opposed to prosecution.

In June 2013, Snowden blew the whistle on NSA programs to conduct mass surveillance on Americans, handing over an archive of documents to journalist Glenn Greenwald in Hong Kong. Once the story broke, Snowden fled to Moscow. The US revoked his passport, stranding him in Moscow’s Sheremetovo airport. Snowden applied for asylum in Russia, where he has lived ever since.

At a press conference in March 2015, Snowden’s lawyers said the whistleblower wanted to return to the US and was working with a team of German and American lawyers to see if he could receive a fair trial.


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Pretty dope, Ontario!
Ontario moves to ban Orca captivity while Taiji trainers take freedom away from 13 dolphins ... and counting

In stark contrast, I'm reading live updates from Taiji, where a pod of Bottlenose dolphins has been netted in the cove for almost an entire day, and reading great news from Canada about changes to their marine mammal laws. The Taiji hunters escorted dolphin trainers into the cove a few hours ago and so far they have forcibly removed 13 from their family. In Ontario, there are moving to ban the acquisition and breeding of Orcas as well as improving the conditions of many other captive sea animals, including seals and dolphins. Things are changing and I have every faith that one day we'll look back with horror at the way we used to treat these beautiful animals.

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I have recently been debating the issue of orcas in captivity with several others on YouTube and while searching for orca documentaries, I came across this unbelievable and truly miraculous account of wild killer whales partnering with humans in Eden Australia during the early twentieth century. The collaboration between these two distinct species not only supports how intelligent orcas are, but how incredibly thoughtful and compassionate they can be towards people ... 52 minutes well spent.

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