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Obama is not a liberal.
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Deportation has nothing with liberalism to do....
Not so much deporting as separating immigrant families. A lot of these cases had kids born in the US, and their parents were deported. A liberal president would have given amnesty to those families.
I pledge allegiance to the police states of america. to any of you non-americans who think this country is the land of the free, home of the brave, and a land of opportunity i have some bad news -- it is none of that.

It is a country designed to generate wealth for the rich and project "americas needs" to the countries of the world that defy what we demand.

it is a country that is more concern with projecting a distorted view of democracy that taking care of the democracy it already has.

it is a country that does not take care of the health of its citizens unless that have the cash to pay for that care.

BUT it is a country that i can say all of this in and I do not have to fear my government as i would if i were in a country like china.

:D And as always, when we are talking about deportation of people in the US please remember this:

I am ready to be deported at any time, I have US and British Citizenship options.
Maybe, but not necessary.. we are maybe talking about different things. I was talking about the ism.. a true liberal would never have done so. But you maybe meant liberal as in social liberalism.
Mr Obama has deported more people than most presidents in the history of this country. We have crops that are rotting in the fields because of legislation cracking down on both illegal immigrants and those that hire them.

+Isaac Trumbo the US born children of illegal immigrants are referred to as "Anchor Babies" because it helps with obtaining citizenship. These "Anchor Babies" are then punished by having to choose to follow their deported parents or find a way to stay. I am a supporter of allowing any person to stay in this country that is willing to work to do so.

+Daniel Sandman I agree that comparing liberalism with a policy of deportation is a non-sequitur. On another topic, why the hell is it so hard to setup audio on UbuntuStudio 11.10? :D
It should not be that hard.. what is your hardware? A general tip is to use usb for equipment.
i shall try that. I am lucky at least i keep my /home on a HD of its own so i dont really mind reinstalling. i just want to get it right.
That is the recommended way.. and pure ingenious if you ask me! Half hour and everything is set and running as normal.. ;)

The pro for UbuntuStudio is that they have configured the kernel to allow the least latency possible. Why it would be good if you are a musician to try get it working. But then if not you have plenty on other options.

I set my brother up with Ubuntu and he had an external soundcard connected with usb. He just plugged it in and selected the soundcard from the sound menu and was good to go. The default sound manager is a bit basic though... if you want a better one you could look up "pavu-control" or something similar. It gives you better control.
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