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Maureen Dowd has outdone herself trafficking in gossip and slander in this opinion(ated) piece. Still, as hatchet jobs go, this one is pretty lazy, really just a laundry list of hearsay. Only in paragraph 11 are we treated to an "original" insight:

`...the writer also wonders about the Mormon practice of amassing archives of the dead and “praying them in” as a way to “retrospectively ‘baptize’ everybody as a convert.”`

Outrageous. How dare those people pray for strangers. Do we really want people so interested in others' eternal happiness that they would, er, ...PRAY... for them? I demand they stop praying at once. [BTW, that goes for Rick Perry's friends' ex-gay conversion prayer circles too.]

The real wonder to me is that Ms. Dowd can dash off this reheated pseudo-controversy for money. As a NYT subscriber, I think I deserve better.
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