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Rearrange photos and move photos between albums

Hi, I’m +Isaac Sparrow an Engineer on the Google+ Photos team.

Rearranging photos and moving them between albums are two of our top feature requests. Today, we’re excited to launch an album organizer so you can better tell the story of your photos.

To get started, open one of your albums and select Organize album from the Options menu. With the album organizer you can:

Sort photos by time: Click Order by date to sort all photos in the album by the photo date, from earliest to latest. Click it again to sort them from latest to earliest.

Reorder your photos: Select the photos you want to reorder and drag them to their new position in the album. You can also move selected photos to the start or end of the album by clicking Move to top or Move to bottom.

Move or copy photos to another album: Clicking Move lets you move or copy selected photos to one of your other albums or to a new album.

Delete a bunch of photos: Click Delete to delete the selected photos.

Once you are done, click Done organizing to return to your album view. Happy story-telling and keep the feedback coming!
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Nice! this functionality is much needed to make the solution more compelling. Keep 'em coming.
Great news! What still seems to be needed is to set the Album thumbnail though?
Excellent. I literally needed to do this again less than an hour ago.
I used it today, a VERY welcomed feature!!
+Sebastian Kobs This is also something I would like. For now I have found that downloading and using Picasa is the only way to achieve this.
That's pretty good Sparrow.
Finally!!!! Still don't know why this took 9 months but THANK YOU!
please find a way to keep comments to your own photos you share through your own albums.
If you drag and drop to the album cover photo slot does that pic then become the album cover photo?
New Chat bar is very good to like this.
+Isaac Sparrow Could you also tell me how to transfer / upload Gmail photos directly to Google+ albums, without having to download them first? Using share button, as was suggested by some, does not do it! I want to create or use an existing album with these photos first, before using share option....I do not always want to share photos with my Google+ circles directly from my Gmail.
This feature does not seem to have been rolled out to everyone yet.
I also do not have the organize album or options.
+Isaac Sparrow , when you move a photo from one album to another, will that affect the shared posts where the photo is displayed in any way?
Album cover picture is also very needed, please.
And one unrelated question: Why i'm not able to upload more then 1GB video to my G+ albums, while able to upload it on Youtube account(verified)?
I´ve been waiting for this feature.
Actually I´m uploading fotos in picasa to organize them.
But it´s not in my albums at the moment.
nice, but when I click on options, I do not get those.
where is the options menu you are clicking on with albums view?

Found options within the album. Still no ability to sort.
Guess this will roll out gradually.
+Hans Berendsen I'm pretty sure this feature will be available for pages as well once it's been rolled out.
Sweet! I've been waiting for this!
could u tell me how i could put it on my website
but what of the age old glitch where G+ makes extra repeat posts without any prompt when trying to share several photos
so this can tell a story?
+Gerwin Sturm i felt sorry for you when i read this... but you knew it was coming soon.. ;)
what's the next project you'll be working on?
This is an awesome addition. I disliked having to do this in picasa.
Cool, so can we re-arrange the order of the albums other than changing the date? I rather want to leave the date intact.
I was just playing around with my pictures the other day wanting to be able to do this. Thank you so much for this.
Can I have a #protip? How do I tag a photo that has been uploaded automatically via my phone? And can I tag ANY image at all using the G+ app or on the web using my tablet?
+Isaac Sparrow Thanks for the update. A quick query if I may .... why does G+ treat the images on pages differently to those on the main profile?

I've made a new page on my profile and uploaded some photos, but I need to reorganise them into different categories, but can't.

There does not seem to be any option to recategorise them on the page edit options, and none of the images from the page are showing in my Picsasa or google photos account either.
About Godd*** time, If I had to settle with them being stuck for much longer I think I was going to lose another Robin.
I don't have the Organize Album option from the options dropdown. Now what?
+Isaac Sparrow - This is nothing new from Google! Google Picasa use to have this organization feature and then when Google Picasa was integrated into Google+ Google took that function away. It's about time you guys bring it back.
If I copy a photo to a new album and someone comments on that new copy, will it spawn a duplicate of that photo in my G+ stream?
+Thorben Groth no need to be sorry, I just take this as Google hurrying up because of my extension ;) No idea about next projects but something will come up eventually :)
+Thomas Hawk most likely yes... for Google it's the same as if you have uploaded the same photo twice to different albums.
for some reason the option has not been added to my gooogle plus yet. is it because i am outside US?
+Thomas Hawk yes b/c it's a new photo with a new conversation. For example, you might copy the photo to a new album and share that with a different audience. The new post draws the new audience in. Or, even if the audience doesn't change, you might be starting a new conversation around the photo, in which case the original audience might want in on the new conversation. The new post lets them know that there's a new discussion going on. In which case, I wouldn't call it spam ;)
+Thomas Hawk I believe it will. The sharing from an album to another effectively breaks the link to the source photo, it is just a copy with none of the feedback (+1 or comments) connected to it. I am sure this current implementation is just an extension of the longer procedure which involved using Picasa to organize, copy and manage your photos.
+Isaac Sparrow Thanks so much for this! I was wondering when this feature might come over. I'm a big fan. Thank you for all your work on this!

Now we just need a button (like picasaweb) that allows us to give people access to contribute to an album.
Wait...I don't have organize album. Somehow a bunch of my photos are in the wrong albums and I can't rearrange them! UHG! What was wrong with Picasa???
Has it been mentioned (cause I was thrown this way) that profile photo albums and scrapbook albums cannot be locked? Would it be possible to offer us options to lock down those two albums for re-sharing? Because not so long ago I had my profile photos re-shared to someone else's stream, and it felt really weird...
+Vincent Mo and that is one of the reasons why I can't/don't use albums on Google+. For someone sharing their photos publicly to the same audience, respawning a dupe adds no value -- it fragments the conversation around a photo and annoys an audience who has already seen a photo once and now has to see a new version of the exact same photo again.

I view albums more as organizational tools and less a thing to start a new conversation all over again with duplicate photos. In my thinking a photo ought to be able to belong to a few different albums without necessarily flooding someone's stream with the image over and over. I might, for example, have a photo that is in my "best of 2012" album, and also in my "night photography" album and also in my "neon signs" album -- all shared publicly. Spawning the same photo 3x in my stream is too high a price to pay to try and use albums as organizational tools on G+. I'm not sure that there is any way around this problem.
Thank you +Isaac Sparrow , +Vincent Mo and others for this update. I have noticed that Google+ actually pics up the IPTC caption. Why not pick up the title for a picture as well as a few others of the IPTC fields? It would definitely make Google+ even better for anyone trying to keep their pictures organized.
Is there any way to download numerous pictures at once to my computer?
So +Google implements also "Album properties" and PicasaWeb is dead.
Looking forward to being able to use, but not showing up for me yet. Has it launched?
Looking but not available on mine either!
At last!
It just doesn't make sense that such basic functions take so long to roll out though.
Still need more options in G+ Photos that already exist in PWA. Pretty mad.
I hear ya, +Thomas Hawk - you and I are in the same demographic when it comes to most feature needs and wants :)
+Isaac Sparrow if I re-order photos in an album, will this order be used by the mobile G+ app and third party applications integrating with picasa (like Just Pictures)?
Hi Isaac - the options I have under the options menu is 'share album' or 'delete album' - 'organise album' is not an option?? Any suggestions?
Please make these features available for all, thank you
Is it possible to do this on an android phone or tablet with the Google+ app?
Hallelujah! I have been wanting this since I started an account way back. It doesn't seem to have become live on my albums yet though.

Now if only you guys could do something about album posts spawning new posts that's always on +Thomas Hawk's nerves.
Like various other posters above, I don't have "Organize" in my Options menu. Just "Share Album Via Link" and "Delete Album". Is there something I need to do, or will this just eventually become an option for me as well?

Glad this came out, I was just talking to friends a few days ago about the need for reordering photos. =)
Thank you! That makes it so much better.
When will you add the number of views at the bottom?
Under the options menu I only get share and delete where is organise????
good - but you can't drag and drop pics into the stream anymore. Any ideas why not?
I never done this yet it still rollin
I think a couple people asked this already but didn't see any responses so... will moving photos to different albums "break" them in posts in your stream or to blogger posts? When I click the move button it warns me that they will stop showing up on other Google properties so I think it will. It would be nice if this were not the case so I could get rid of all the single photo albums created per day in the Photos From Posts super album.
Sounds good +Isaac Sparrow! But I do not have this feature in my albums right now, really don't know why...Apparently, it will show on in next 24 hours as usually new Google+ improvements do.
How about allowing the "Your albums" link on the left be a dropdown where we can create collections of albums? Storing all albums at the root level only works so well until you have a large number of albums...
THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! Keep the improvements coming! I'm now relying exclusively on Google+/Picasa for online photos. :-)
ac biji
I tried,but its not showing "organize album " menu in options.
The organize feature is still in the process of rolling out world wide. This can take a little while. Hang in there :)
+ac biji : They roll out updates slowly, not to everyone in a single go. So, just wait for another day.
+Isaac Sparrow Sorry if I missed this addressed in the comments above, but, do you know if the changes made here sync back to the Picasa album you may have started out with? For example, I know if I have a picasa album, and I share it, and then make changes to the same Picasa album in Picasa, when one were to view said album in Google+ the changes also would be visible. Do you know if it is the same in reverse?
+Isaac Sparrow Any chance we'll be able to create albums with photos from posts? Or add photos to another album if we just posted them?
like the update, looks good and works great! thanks, it really helped me!
I have so much to learn. Tx for getting the ball rolling.
Oh finally, I've been using picasa web to do this
oh sorry GOOGLE i dnt know about these people; how can i make da comments on these high personaulties there fore i want leave from this option with excusemnt with out any cmments yours sincere ahsan mohammad shamsi 
gud nite every one here i dont see like this comment before ,sorry google, sorry guys c u sincere AHSAN 
A couple of requests:
1. Can we have "re-order album order" please?
2. Just because we make a photo the album cover in Picassa doesnt mean it should become the first photo!
there is not quated my options so wt can i say about this, sorry thanks ahsan shamsi
I'm wondering if time/date still comes from upload timestamp or the actual EXIF data in the photos? Also not sure if it has been made easier to browse the pictures - before there was only one big tile table of thumbnails you could scroll through with no timeline or date stamps to navigate by, I really hope that has changed also...
i hv purcheased a new device a couple dayz ago + i dnt see dis feather show on my nokia E5 before so, hw can i do update or do more in this connection befre this i was on pc not known abt mobile like this thanks ahsan mohammad shamsi 
Stick it in your bum bum ya dang packie!
hey that sound interesting. what exactly do you do online
"Profile Photos" pretends to be an "album" ... but it has no such Options menu.
As always, I was able to do what I wanted using picasa, but G+ remains incapable of even re-ordering my Profile Photos "album."
Great! Now if we can only get some ROLE-based security in there so I can use Google Photos more professionally.
+Bob O`Bob Was it supposed to organize your profile photos or your albums?
Glad you are looking into improving the album features, it could be a really powerful tool.
The Information Manager in me thanks you!
Very good, it was about time to quit doing this in Picasa, instead of Google+ itself. Well done.
Now, a small request - how about being able to see the total number of views for a photo in Google Plus directly as well, instead of requiring us to do in Picasa? Perhaps in the Lightbox view?
Woohoo! Thanks +Isaac Sparrow. How about replacing a photo ... you load it, you get some comments, but then you reprocess and improve it, and you want to replace the one you already loaded... is that part of the new features and/or coming soon?
That's great! If Google Photos can edit the location data (pin photos to maps) then I don't ever need to go to picasaweb any more.
Finally. These features should be given.
How come I can't find Organize Album button under Options menu?
WHEN shall we be able to see (and use) the new functions?!
Awesome! I've been waiting for this update. Thanks guys!
This is great! Now if you can just get in there and fix how wonky the albums have been lately, we'll be getting somewhere. My albums are all still showing blank spots in between random photos that could have photos in them. It makes the albums look ugly.
Just tried it! and works! its so great to be able to organize my pictures without having to go first to Picasa web albums to organize them.. I think is a great improvement! Thank you
Hey +Isaac Sparrow I think that a more logical way to sort things like images on G+ is -- to do it in the same way as we use the circles now for our G+friends.
Inside each circle an image can be sorted freely. Same principle for everything, which keeps it simple! (maybe not simple to code ... thought.)
Wishes for that, a circle of images could limit the size of the downloadable contant, and there are certainly many other options to make each circle of images useful.
+Isaac Sparrow do not forget the number of views at the bottom please!
Hey +Isaac Sparrow i have one try to organize my images in one folder. to make some manual sort in small folder with 40 images is huge inconvenience... when in edit mood - the images are so big - so i can't see even a half of them, after every small move the chrome window friezes for a moment - it looks like it make save twice - when i move and when i end with "done"
why to create the wheel ? the same feature available in Picasaweb legacy app and working so well with tiny images when i organize, with no friezes, very fast and it possible to do it even with 100 pictures and to see all images..
i stay with Picasaweb..
Oh HORRORS! There is no "Options" menu for the most important folder -- Photos from Posts. That's the one that I need to re-arrange. :( :(
This is great!
Still, there are many problems with the way Google+ handles photos.
Such as:
1. When adding photos to an album, the mail sent to people links to the album instead of the new post which might contain info bout the photos.
2. You should let us use Title and Caption for each photo.
3. I'd like to be able to post an existing photo in a post without creating a new copy inside 'Photos from Posts". Moreover, each comment on this post should be added to the photo (On the album).
Who could we contact about it?

Thank You.
Step in the right direction, but I've noticed that when you add images to an album that's organized by date, they aren't automatically slotted in the right place, you have to reorder? And I agree with +Victor Bezrukov 's comment on manual ordering.
+Connie Bunke I just found out you have to click on one of your albums first. Not your "photo's from post", it looks they are excluded from this feature. I hope I am wrong about that.
Great update, thanks!
Ultimately I'd love to have the full Picasaweb + Picnik functionalities embedded in G+. What I miss the most is the ability to correct red eyes on pictures taken with the flash...
This is good work, but I have to say, I could really use Instant Upload functional...
Thank you for the feature. Are the posts affected by moving photos to other albums or is it like when I do it in picasa?
Can I rearrange the albums too? I don't want to sort them by date because the newest 4 are the first thing a new person sees from my photos after the Scrapbook.
Agree with Juliane. Organizing albums alphabetically would be great, for me :)
For those of you who can't find this feature, make sure you aren't looking at the photos from posts "album" which isn't really an album it seems to be a meta album, since every day is it's own album (gack!) I upload most of my photos not to albums (either from phone or web) and I can't easily batch transfer selections to albums later. Please please make it so we can organize the photos from posts and put them in to "category" albums after the fact.
Finally! Next feature I'm waiting for: be able to rearrange pictures when sharing pictures taken from your phone! (I.e., pictures not already in a particular album)
Why are you using albums instead of tags? But if you keep holding on to this old way of organizing files, you should allow album in album options. To add one more to this endless wishlist.
Oh, so I can now do this in G+ without having to go back to Picasa? Great. One more convenience.
Chan Li
great feature ! thanks ! 
+Isaac Sparrow: thanks! this is nice & useful but a bit too little too late. my fundamental problem with albums is the rigidity of the album <> post relationship (or, the lack of "category" or "label" possibilities). as i usually share only one photo per post, i have millions of "albums" of single photos, each of which is named after the date of the post. there seems to be no option to organize these photos in any other way: thematically, for example, to create, say, a "Travel Photo" album. or, am i missing something?
+Isaac Sparrow I tried the sort by date on an album of 109 photos. I forgot that I had images from 2 cameras, and the time is obviously not synced on the two.
The images sorted all wrong, and my album is f***ed up. I did not press the "done organizing", but went straight to the home page to abort without saving. Guess what, it saved anyways, so the "done organizing" is kind of no point, and my album order is still messed up.
Do you plan to implement an undo button in the future? :)
+Isaac Sparrow, this feature has not yet appeared on my albums page. Do I have to be using Chrome to have it?
+Isaac Sparrow I don't know if it has been mentioned, but scrapbook photos is missing as one of the folders to be able to copy photo to.
That's very intresting , my circlemember ,who lives by me in my flat ,is busy with that problem ,and I beginning just to become a little bit familiair with Google + ,she convinced me,too sign in- and I'm on the Internet sinds Win'98 ,studied just fo FunDelphi- but Picasa is wonderful software when you're used to Windowsw-Photogalleries f. years , and G+ at all awesome ,I'm not so young and not such a nerd anymore ,but you by Google+made something very beautyful!!
+Isaac Sparrow. A sort by uploaded date would be much more useful to me than sort by the date the photo was taken.

And as +John-Henning Rath stated, when I noticed I did not have a sort by uploaded date option, I left the page without clicking "done organizing." G+ decided to organize my album anyway. Disappointing...
I don't see this functionality in my G+ albums. How do I get it?
Definitely a feature in the software perspective, but from the user side, it was a glaring issue that should have been considered originally. (like plussing photos)

Great to see this rolling out though.
Bert D.
I second the suggestion by Bryn Forbes - "Please please make it so we can organize the photos from posts and put them in to "category" albums after the fact."
Actually, this update is really useful but should be extended to "G+ posts" albums, soon!
Just consider the Album-Sync function of Android OS! It's really a pain in the arm when I look at my >30 albums, because each G+ post is sent to its own separate album :-(
Please let me organize my albums too!!!
It would be great to:
- change the sort of my "Automatic uploads from phone"-album
- Create sub-albums (in both my albums and phone-uploads)
i am unable to move pics within albums - can move them to the top or the bottom.
does it mean i dont have the functionality yet? many thanks
I wonder if Google+ will add functionality to re-arrange and move "Photos from posts". I would like to move some of them into new/existing albums.
How about an option to re-arrange the order of your albums? Perhaps someone said that already but it would be great if I could get my albums to display in alphabetical order so I don't have to keep going to Picasa to flip through and find what I want.
I think it would be great if google+ get rid of "photos from post" album wich is not manageable. google+ should ask to put the picture in an album before posting so we can have complete control of the albums and pictures, including sort and visibility.
So far is great job! I am waiting to have control over "photos from posts" album.
I love Google + photos BUT for some reason on a new posting of photos the option to organize photos does not appear above the photos the way it does for the older albums.  Any idea as to why this would happen and how to fix it?  Thank you.
I want to delete or move the photo's from my scrapbook album but when I click the more button and then click on the organize button, nothing happens. What can I do to delete/move these pictures? Is there something wrong with my google plus and is there something I can do? BTW, I can "more" and "organize" on my other folders.
Doesn't work with the album 'photo's from posts' :(
Having control over the Photos from Posts would make a lot more sense. If you want to promote ease of sharing, but then don't allow for full organization of sharing anything from the main update space, it's not really user friendly, now is it?
I used to us Google album to re-arrange my photo in the right order. Now Google+ does not have the Thumbnail to view all photo and quickly rearrange in the right order. Why?
I am trying to rearrange photos i a very large album.  I can only move one picture at a time.  Then I have to either or choose done organizing and go back in to move another picture.  Is there a way around this because it takes twice as long to organize an album this way?  
How about moving the "Share", "Add Photos", "More" buttons to a frozen pane? If I am selecting a bunch of photos from a large album I have to scroll all the way back to the top in order to move or delete the  picture.
How do I transfer all my pictures from my personal google profile to my google page? Also all of my pictures on my phone currently upload to my profile. How do I control this?
How about Sub-Albums???  Nice to have an album for a particular trip, and then albums for each location underneath!?!?!
I think the bigger question is:  Why doesn't Google listen?    

People have been asking for better album sorting and photo categorization for a LONG time.  There is no response, no dialogue.  Why, why why?  

Do they not care about this?  Perhaps it's time to put someone who actually uses the product, (or would want to, if it were more usable) in charge of the team.  Or at least run a real user-group and LISTEN & RESPOND to these needs in a timely manner.

I've worked in tech for close to 30 years and can't imagine that it is 'that' hard to make these changes. 

Sooo frustrating!

Do I have to go back to Flickr?  (also disappointing after acquisition by those who don't care.) 

What to do?    Any suggestions?
This is a step in the right direction. Like others above, I hope to see the ability to re-order albums next. I'm involved in a couple of year-long photo projects, with an album dedicated to each one, and having those albums slide further and further down the stack as time goes by is a real pain. Still, good work, and thanks.
Yes, reorder albums, but I HATE how Photos From Posts works. There is no way to move them to other albums, except in Picasa. That used to work right, moving comments with the image, but now it breaks/loses the comments. Google, I understand search, don't sort but sorting is important, too! 
Thanks for the info +Isaac Sparrow, but I have a query. I have been busy organizing my photo's, and adding a heap to an album called 'Trip', I didn't realize but I added over 1000 photos with the move photo's to album feature, and it didn't come up with an error to say I couldn't move them, they were removed from the album I moved them from, but I can't see them in the new album. Where are they?? :(
Well, OK for rearranging photos within an album or sharing or moving them to other albums. What about album properties then ???
Would be great if only it did work... Huge backstep in comparison to Picasaweb who had a very simple and efficient way to allow it...
And the change somehow messed up the previous organization...
This "Google Plus everywhere" idea is beginning to really get in the way !
+Isaac Sparrow Is there a way to prevent pictures added to posts from going into auto-generated albums with the date as the name? It fills my phone's gallery app with these albums, and there doesn't seem to be anything I can do about it short of unlinking the entire G+ account (which I don't want to do because I want some of the albums to be available).
Still not working !
How did you guys get to such an unusable design ?
How am I supposed to organize an album with 100 pictures when I can display 7 or 8 at the same time on the screen ?
Plainly and obviously unusable.
Heu guys !
Why don't you have a look at ANY picture manager ?
It seems that you would probably learn a lot !
Can I please have an Order by title/name button? I never have nor ever will have a burning desire or need to organize my images by time.

Same goes for my individual albums I want to be able to set them in order by name as the default. Its a frustrating mess trying to find the right album to drop my images into when they are all scattered by time.

I use my account to quickly show clients / friends / families new versions of digital art I am creating to quickly get feed back on my process. organizing them by time slows that process down to the point where I might as well send them an email... except that will just waste space on both of our email accounts.
I find the "photos from post" pretty annoying. The album that is generated for them has a very stupidly formatted name like "Month, day Year", which means they don't appear in chronological order in the Gallery app in Android.
when I click Organize, I see some of the photos in the album, but not all of them. This is totally annoying. How do I see them all?
Ahhhh good.  I'm glad it's not just me!  I am 100% committed that "Photos from Posts" needs this. 
Feature request: I would like to select a photo, hold shift and select another photo, and have all the photos in between be selected too.
Each of my albums is titled by date numerically ( year, month, day) and sometimes followed with a subject,  i.e. location or person.  Google photo allows me to rename any album with anything I want, but  if I load a folder (album) out of date order the album is not displayed in chronologically on the page with all albums.  Not a great filing system.  This should be a simple fix.  And should work with numbers or words alphabetically.  So why is it not possible?
How do you rearrange the Album tiles? When someone looks up my public albums that I have posted I'd like the Albums to be in a certain order.
I think my issue is still not resolved.  That is my ALBUMS are titled by date, i.e. 2014-11-27, and I add a text description, i.e. Thanksgiving.  But when I load a folder (album) of photos and title the new album as described above, some albums do not appear in chronological order, i.e. 2113, etc are mixed in the 2014 albums.  Apple (mac) stores downloaded photos in folders by date and in perfect order.  Why does this not happen on Google  Photo?  Otherwise I'm happy with the system.  I'm having fun with the bursts you create!
I'm looking but I am not seeing any 'options'. And this method of getting help does not look promising. I am not going to read through 283 comments.
Add a comment...