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Didn't realized I've switched and consolidated to Samsung Android devices
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Gary Ng
Galaxy Nexus should be next
so when u gonna join the gang?
Galaxy XII ah??? .... I heard the battery is quite weak. Cannot last the full day. Well that what the feed back i'm getting. What say you??
S II.. well, it's ok for me.. didn't last to the night but still ok. But anyway, they've got a 2000mAh battery that you can buy. The phone came with 1650mAh battery pack.
So means to say can purchase a new battery or its just an add on?
purchase a new battery. I heard it's only RM 130
ooh ok..... then should be ok. I'll let u know when I join the gang.... hahaha
Don't wait anymore.. the price has dropped to RM1,899 now for outright purchase. Used to be 2,099..