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My HP 240 G4 laptop bluetooth connection doesn't work. The card it's a broadcom BCM43142 hybrid device. The bluetooth administrator on Control Center shows activity but it would keep searching forver and don't connecting with any device.

¿There is a driver or any other solution for this issue?

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I have had a better experience with Network Manager wifi network detection/connection since last Solus 3 update.
(Broadcom BCM43142 802.11b/g/n card in a HP 240 G4 laptop)

*P.S. Bluetooth don't works yet.

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The new Setup Center.

It likes me!

I need to install «Pdf shuffler» to edit (crop and rotate pages) a pdf file, but program requires python-poppler and python-pypdf which there aren't on Solus repos.
Somebody has any idea how to solve that?

There is a way to install UBports Ubuntu Touch through Solus OS? I tried with Magic Device Tool (MDT), it's already intalled via git and runs but when I try to flash my phone (BQ Aquaris 4.5 UE) MDT says that respective file does not exist. That didn't happen on Ubuntu. I'll appreciate any help.

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¿Cómo podemos iniciar un proceso por crímenes de lesa humanidad contra el Gobierno de Guerrero y todos los que resulten responsables de perpetrar, apoyar u ocultar el crimen?

Can I delete systry icons on Solus Budgie? Bluetooth icon for example, I don't use it at all.

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Mendeley Desktop does not install on Solus altough appears like installed, the app menu don't shows it. I looked for it on Terminal and eopkg says it's not found on repositories. It's not available any more, +Solus or I'm having an issue?

Why when I upgrade Solus, the Budgie UI doesn't change and not looks like the clean Solus 3 installation one?

Hello community. I'm a school teacher and i need to connect my Solus 3 Budgie laptop with a projector, but it seems not recognize it, usual keys combination for switching monitors does'nt work at least.

Can somebody help me?
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