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The scientists said I had to wait for a "transfer window", whatever that is. Shows what they know.
-- Jeb Kerman

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Taking the scenic route?  /never played
They just wanted a better tan.
yeah that's a hell of an encounter approach.  Is that what you were going for?  was this intentional?
Yup. I subscribe to the MOAR BOOSTARZ school of interplanetary travel.
has ksp gotten around to worrying about things like food and air?
food?  air?  g-forces?  such things matter not to a Kerbal.  
Although there are mods that experiment with these concepts. Search for  Scott Manley on Youtube for some mindboggling examples of complexity.
The standard transfer is about 1000m/s dV. This transfer was about 4800m/s.

Finding this particular transfer started out as obnoxiousness and luck. I just kept pushing the maneuver node until I got an intercept. My rocket didn't have enough dV at the time so I launched into a different orbit. Then I built a bigger rocket. :)

Once I had a rocket that could make the transfer, I used a transfer calculator to re-find the burn I had found by chance the first time.
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