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Isaac Budmen
Comfortable Foot Attire Enthusiast -- Artist, Designer and Inventor
Comfortable Foot Attire Enthusiast -- Artist, Designer and Inventor

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Check out my display for the +MakerBot NYC retail store!
Stop by the #MakerBot Retail Store in #NYC to check out Isaac Budmen's 21 Words for the 21st Century display. It's a visual encyclopedia of new tech words that are changing the way we speak and #innovate . Budmen is also giving a MakerBot #Innovator Session at the store in March. Learn more here:

Download this #free #webinar to get started with free and easy #CAD for #3Dprinting
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3D Printing Typography
When we think of printing typography our thoughts naturally wander to posters, signs, billboards, newspapers and other manifestations of words in print. With the advent of 3D printing we can breathe a third dimension into this historically flat form of comm...

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Today we released Series II of the 8 Bits, 3 Dimensions Collection with a +WIRED exclusive! This is a collaborative project between +Adam Lister  and I that started a few months ago with an art swap between us. The deal? a portrait of me in his amazing 8bit style for a 3d print of his superman. Here we are today and it has grown into one of my favorite projects to work on! Can't wait for our next series!

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I have +The Book on 3D Printing and some of my paintings for sale over at the Square Marketplace -- check it out 

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'Reflecting Ingenuity' - original work, acrylic on canvas - Reflecting Ingenuity - original work, acrylic on canvas — inspired by the way the reflections of sunlight off the water broke my vision of the George Washington bridge during my last trip to the city I created this piece.

Find this piece and others for sale at 

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A few weeks ago +Arland Whitfield & I put our heads together to try and scan a full size building to be 3d printed. Between his expert flight skills & my experience 3d scanning we've had some success -- Check out the write up & results of scanning Syracuse University's Holden Observatory!

#3dprint   #3dscanning   #3dprinting   #3dscan   #building   #architecture  

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Selling some of my paintings and a few products from my work during the past year, check it out and please share! 

#3dprint   #painting   #artist   #designer   #etsy  

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Uploaded scans from my time at the Met last week, this one is a 3d printable Frank Lloyd Wright originally designed statue for the Chicago Midway Gardens. Since his death this statue has seemed to pop up at virtually every Frank Lloyd Wright site I've visited... #3dprint  
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