Linkstar in Graz/Austria 20.02.2018
Idee: @ikickass


keyfarming: blubberblase01, isgalaxy2,mirak21, Seppastian, skapete and some unnamed

Agents from around Graz: Andone, bearpig, blubberblase01, eisfux, isagalaxy2, Kichererbse, kyoTenebrae, Mirak21, Morguan, Rashaun1534,Seppastian, SkaPete
Screenrecording/OP support: Teg0ng
Guests from Maribor(Slovenia) Galvazija,CaqKa
Guests from Kaliningrad (Russia): lola1506, ,yankapunahilkka

Missing on the Picture Andone and Dog Hunter, SkaPete, Rashaun1534

Siterep: We started at 22:00 after a Teamfoto. The access to this Portal,15.442684&z=17&pll=47.072985,15.442684 is closed from 22:00 to the morning hours. We spread out into all directions and started linking. After some time 3 RES agents ( Cybot, Milkthegoat, eepi) started to destroy portals with links. At 24:00 Resistance agents mysteriously made it into the closed-off courtyard and flipped the portal.. Due to this we stopped our actions and resulted only with max 618 Links.

All Agents went safely home. Thanks to all participants. Agents keep moving
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