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We are updating!! 
We are updating our website! Its been a while and we have lots of information coming about bankruptcy and debt.

The new site is live but have patience we are working on it to give the best experience to our friends
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Financial Stress
Financial stress is a pretty common experience. There are many polls and studies suggesting that a majority of people find they are "very stressed" about money and debt. Just about everyone at some point will experience some stress in regard to their finances.
More important, the proportion of people stressed by money worries appears to be going up. Financial stress has also been linked to many health problems like depression and a long list of physical ailments and diseases. With the constantly rising costs of gas, food and housing our feelings can be overwhelmed by the financial stress coming out of our everyday life. Many people worry about their inability to save or prepare for retirement.
One level of stress can sometimes lead us into making choices that will further increase our anxiety. For example, one may try to numb the anxiety over their financial difficulties by drinking, smoking, overeating or practicing other unhealthy coping behaviors in an attempt to take the focus off their financial problem. But, it all catches up, the relief is short lived and the next level of stress will likely be even more severe.
Sometimes, people who are stressed will shop or go on spending sprees to try and escape the tension. It is not uncommon that a person in severe financial trouble will have made a significant purchase just before seeking help with their money problems. They do something that they clearly cannot afford like taking an expensive vacation or even buying a new home. The new spending further drives up the anxiety. The situation becomes so difficult they finally seek help.
People who are already under financial pressure often cut corners in areas where money might be more wisely spent. For example, we might delay basic home or auto repairs. Or, we can delay dental or other expensive self care options. Over time, a small problem that goes unchecked turns into a larger problem that becomes more difficult and more expensive to repair. All of it just adds to our feelings of being stressed, trapped by our financial situation; hours and hours of worry, sleepless nights, nervousness, moodiness and difficulty deciding what to do next. These are all characteristic of financial anxiety.
When we are stressed our judgment is affected. We may spend increasing amounts of time worrying; procrastinating over different options, and losing confidence in our ability to decide. In fact, the more we worry the more alone and uncertain we may feel. All of this leads to our feeling more isolated; we may feel too stressed to talk about the problem.  We do not have the confidence to seek help or take steps to change the situation. This anxiety can get to be so great we become frozen in our belief that our situation is hopeless. We think nobody cares, nobody will help us, and we feel powerless to change what is happening in our lives.
An important first step in dealing with the stress and the overall financial problem is just talking with someone that you trust about getting help. It is remarkable how quickly the stress will begin to ease once you make a decision to get some information and help in resolving your financial anxiety.
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Cash Store Financial Services Inc., the payday lender that has fallen into bankruptcy protection, said Friday that its shares will be delisted from the Toronto Stock Exchange next month.

The stock, which is currently suspended from trading, will be removed from the TSX as of May 23 because the company no longer meets the exchange’s listing requirements, Cash Store said in a release.

Edmonton-based Cash Store, swamped with debt, has put itself up for sale as it tries to restructure its operations.

Bankruptcy and financial issues happen to lots of people and companies.  Its hard these days not only for individuals but businesses too.
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2013 saw a 9.3 percent increase in bankruptcies filed in Canada

Proving that consumer debt is still something that is difficult to resolve in the country.

To be fair, however, bankruptcy is something that can happen to anyone, anywhere, and it is a problem that most people find difficult to overcome alone.

A bankruptcy trustee essentially oversees a person’s or a business’ financial affairs while the court processes the case.

To be more specific, it is the trustee’s job to identify and take possession of a bankruptcy applicant’s assets and help resolve his or her case much faster by providing the court with sufficient debt-related information.

Bankruptcy is a stressful chapter in one’s life and the experience often ensures that one can’t be too careful in the future.

Nobody is expected to recover from debt alone. Consulting with professionals is the best first step in recovering from debt.
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