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At the INFORMS meeting in Charlotte, there was a panel discussion on social media and Operations Research. As an audience member, I raised some concerns about the volume of information and the lack of an editorial filter. Little did I know that such filters do exist, but they are fully automated, causing us to potentially miss things that are interesting.
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Like the "information overflow" discussion, the "filter bubble" theme is already a bit dated (~spring 2011)... - and not unchallenged, e.g.
What it essentially comes down to is: never put all your "trust" in a single source - but also establish filters to cope with complexity of diversity. - Actually, nothing new here ...or is it?
[PS: And it's quite obvious, of course, that the old "editorial filter" model doesn't really scale to today's needs.]
+Florian Bahr I agree, topic is a bit dated, but still highly relevant discussion. Besides I like the clean and simple explanation by Eli Pariser.
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