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Find Out How to Score Higher with New Ranking Model

There is a new Credit Scoring Model in Town and It's coming for YOU! The revised algorithm used in determining credit scores is again changing, with major changes that have enough weight to make both cautious consumers along with high limit borrowers rethink their credit plans.A major change we are being told is that: those who currently that have high scores and have stood by the the time tested practice of never closing a credit card account may now possibly loose points.

Who is using this new credit card scoring algorithm and who is behind the scoring changes? #creditrepair, #creditscore, #bad credit, #credit repair, #credit score

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See more tips on credit at

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How to get the best credit card rates

How many times a day do you receive offers through email? Or that call for a free credit card with some money back offer, along with the possibility of a low introductory rate and other wonderful perks of the credit card world? So, How to get the best credit card rates? Look, all banks, credit unions and other financial institutions compete for maximum customers by deluging the public with a myriad of perks to tempt customers into taking their card deal. In reality, a credit card is nothing more than another form of borrowing money to be repaid at a later date.
How to get the best credit card rates by choosing using these factors

- See more at: #creditcardrates #creditcards #bestcreditcard #businesscreditcards

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"Cut Your Payments in Half!" or "Consolidate Your Bills into One Low Monthly Payment!"

Will Credit Counseling Work for You? read more:

We all have seen these ads and when you see ads like these, most likely they are from a Credit Counseling firm. Let's investigate the basis or principles behind this Credit Counseling approach and reveal the main problems most consumers face when they ultimately enroll in one of these programs.
The common term "Credit Counseling" is really misleading, since it has absolutely nothing to do with the preservation or credit score improvement. In reality, most Credit Counseling will certainly damage your credit if precautions are not taken. This single unpleasant fact is downplayed by most in the industry.

- See more at:
#creditcouseling #creditrepair #debtsettlemet #buildcredit

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Click here for Finding Credit Cards For People With Bad Credit - See more at:
Finding Credit Cards For People With Bad Credit Credit cards for bad credit. Finding the best credit deals with poor to bad credit is tough and may be, these are the only credit cards for people with bad credit might be the only cards you qualify for.…Click here for Finding Credit Cards For People With Bad Credit - See more at: #creditcards #creditcardsfor badcredit #badcreditcards

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Go to for more info on Credit Mastery books and training for professionals.

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Check out the Personal Credit Repair Section in Credit Mastery

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Credit Mastery Business Credit - Personal Credit in 3rd Printing Shipping Now ! v3.0 Updated 2016! #creditmastery #howtobuildcredit #credirepair
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