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bravo!! finally 
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Sjajne vesti dolaze nam iz Francuske. Zakon iz 1804. godine tretirao je kućne ljubimce kao “pokretno dobro”, što je i dalje njihov status u mnogim zemljama, pa i u Americi.

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Tom Anderson originally shared:
Here's the 9 myths this article "debunks":

Myth 1: Left-Brained People Are Organized, Right-Brained People Are Creative
Myth 2: Your Memory Is An Exact Account of What You See and Experience
Myth 3: You Only Use 10% of Your Brain
Myth 4: Alcohol Kills Brain Cells
Myth 5: The Internet Is Making Us Dumber
Myth 6: Listening to Classical Music Turns Babies into Geniuses
Myth 7: Brain Games Make You Smarter
Myth 8: Your IQ Is Fixed and Stays the Same Throughout Your Life
Myth 9: Your Brain Works Better Under Pressure

I thought that some of these were significant enough that it may change some people's behavior, or the way they talk about things. Worth reading. :-) Also, since the descriptions are brief, I'm not convinced the germ of some of these ideas have really been "debunked" :-)
Brain games will make you smarter! The internet is making you dumber! Alcohol is killing your brain cells! The brain is a mystery we've been trying to solve for ages, and the desire to unlock its secr...

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Deborah Wroe originally shared:
Owl Marketing joining the Google+ business page revolution
Marketing, Communications, Events, PR Social, Media

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ma dajjj,ahhaha:)
Tom Anderson originally shared:
One of Google's long-time strategic advantages -- and one that impacts everything they do -- has been their proprietary data center design and use of easily replaceable low-end PCs as servers. Though Google has kept they key details secret, you'll find some interesting facts revealed in +Steven Levy's new book In The Plex (which, by the way, I highly recommend: In short, the "world" (and world of competitors) generally knows that Google is doing something unique and powerful, but no one quite knows what it is.

How is Facebook fighting back on this front? Facebook is leading something called the "open compute" project, which is an "open-source" / Linux-type attitude applied towards hardware and data center design. Facebook and other members of the group share notes on the designs used by some of the biggest online companies in the world, including Tencent, Baidu and Microsoft. Members (including Dell, ASUS and Intel) are completely open with their "wins" and "losses" in terms of energy efficiency & hardware design. As Quentin Hardy notes in his NYT article on Open Compute (, "By creating Open Compute, Facebook most likely hopes to neutralize some of Google’s advantage in data-center design, by putting Google in competition with brains from around the world working on a common standard."

Put simply, with the introduction of Open Compute in April, the battle between Facebook & Google has gone beyond the software and consumer-facing "feature" level... The battle has a new dimension and has moved to an area that we as consumers don't think about much, but is incredibly important for issues like data integrity, speed, and economic efficiency. We tend to think about the features of a service, but data center architecture can have huge impact on the up-time/quality of service (think of Twitter's constant fail-whale), and just imagine how devastating it'd be if a large social network ever lost a significant amount of your data. Doubling or tripling your infrastructure for backups and potential outages is not cheap nor is it easy. These issues represent the gargantuan tasks that employ thousands of people at companies like Google (and hundreds at Facebook).

I've mentioned before that Facebook has a history of making smart moves to leverage the power of platforms & crowd-sourcing ( Open Compute is another smart move and typical Facebook. Because Google is secretive about their own data center design, we can only speculate on what reaction they may have to it, and wonder how far ahead of the world Google is in their current infrastructure. Man I'd love to spend a few hours in one of Google's data centers. :-)
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His posts are always good.

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Thank you for the invite.. Here is a #workinghours   mix  :) 

best regards,
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Feelin' this mix.. real smooth
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Tom Anderson originally shared:
What do you think of these new G+ photo features that launched this morning?

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THE SCHOOL OF COOL - Radio show // Every Tuesday @ 22h on PLAY.FM Radio.

Link to the radioshow:

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koji car ahhahaha
Abdul Wahab Akbar originally shared:

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Listen to The School Of Cool Radio Show NOW @Play.Fm radio !! Host mix by +Mladen Petrovic and guesst mix by Chriss K! :)

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A place to be definitely! You'll run into a smiling bunch of good people with crazy sense of humor, amazing taste in music and oh well, come and see it for your-self! smile emoticon #cultureexchange
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Good home-like atmosphere and a friendly and reliant service.
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7 reviews
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Fun-EFing-tastic view, the food is okay, service not so high level but it's fine. :) generally love to spend time with friends here. :)
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I LOVE this service. Aside from being affordable, there is absolutely no price on the customer satisfaction. - Fast Service: He answered immediately the following morning after I submitted my request around midnight the prior day. - Convenient: After my first submission I simply text him for recurring services and he normally responds immediately. - Affordable: It gets even cheaper if you are a recurring customer along with monthly coupon codes. - Friendly: Probably the most important. He brings a smile as well as fresh laundry saving me hours of work and more time to do my daily to-do's. Thanks!
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