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New post: How to Search Outside of a Geo-Area on LinkedIn.

Remember, +Donna Svei shared a search for a keyword ("wireless", I think) - that was showing mostly the 2nd level connections as the top results? It put on top the members who live in the same area as you.

This still remains the case: LinkedIn likes to show people, who are your neighbors, on top of the search results list.

Learn how to overcome that "ranking feature".
I'd like to share a tip on how to search LinkedIn for the members outside of a certain geographical area. There are at least two good reasons to search outside an area: 1. If you search by keywords...
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Splendid search, thank you +Irina Shamaeva 
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I have described my two favorite sites to hunt for productivity tools, ways to search for information on those sites, and ways to find other sites to hunt for productivity tools. :)
Google search usually works fine to respond to most short queries or questions, if the online information exists. Specifically, Googling can provide suggestions for software tools. Just Google prod...
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Irina Shamaeva

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Don't miss the most-popular webinar in 2015, coming up on Feb 12 at noon EST - nearly full!  
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Irina Shamaeva

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If you missed the post "LinkedIn Search Results Unblurring Tool": LinkedIn blurs search results on the first results page after you've hit the commercial search limit. Read how to un-blur them.:) 
If you have hit the new Commercial Use Limit on Search on LinkedIn, your search results screen will look like this - the first few results are shown and the rest are blurred:   Amazingly, the ...
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Note: this is only going to be useful for Recruiters among you.

How to sign up for fewer LinkedIn Recruiter (LIR) accounts and get members of your team to take advantage of others' LIR accounts, without breaking any rules.

It was featured on the "LinkedIn Tips" channel. :)
If at least one of your colleagues has access to LinkedIn Recruiter (LIR), you can take advantage of that for sourcing and searching. Team members and collaborators can re-use another member's LIR subscription and perform unlimited searches - without breaking any rules. The key is to use the little-known "Hiring Manager" add-on functionality. Let me show you how.I have access to LIR, but was not aware of the "Hiring Manager" feature, until one da...
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+Irina Shamaeva thanks
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Hit the commercial search limit on LinkedIn? Try this tool: 
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Thanks for sharing this +Irina Shamaeva brilliant
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Irina Shamaeva

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New post: ZipRecruiter Resumes (and a few tricks to make the best use of the new system) 
It looks like ZipRecruiter, that has been offering job posts and social shares of jobs, is rapidly working on adding resume database access, currently in Beta. Applicants for past jobs can opt-in f...
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Irina Shamaeva

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Don't miss the most-popular webinar in 2015, coming up on Feb 12 at noon EST - almost full! Review and register 
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Due to many requests, repeating the webinar that was sold out last week - explaining how to work around the multiple new LinkedIn limitations; presenting all sorts of alternative searches and messaging techniques. As always, one month of support is included.
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Irina Shamaeva

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Sometime ago, the numbers of shares of a LinkedIn post were visible in an incognito window; now it doesn't show that. I just ran into a piece of code that shows. for any given link (a LinkedIn post or any  other link), the numbers of shares of that link on LinkedIn, also on Twitter, and FB. 

You do not have to write any code to access, there's a link to a user interface where you just paste the link in question.

+Andy Foote 
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Good to hear! :)
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Irina Shamaeva

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To entertain you guys, who have hit the commercial search limit, here's a way to see the blurred profiles.Just touch up the HTML code to un-blurr them.

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Ok thanks +Irina Shamaeva 
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I am good at finding people

Irina Shamaeva is a recognized leader in Sourcing, Social Recruiting, and Internet Research.

She is Partner and Chief Sourcer at Brain Gain Recruiting, an executive search firm with the focus on placing software development and management consulting candidates nationwide.

In addition to sourcing for her agency, Irina takes on Sourcing /Name Generation/Internet Research projects across numerous industries and geographies – which she loves doing!

Irina shares her sourcing discoveries, tips, and strategies in blogs and lectures. Her blog Boolean Strings has enjoyed 160K+ visits so far in 2013. Thousands of students have attended Irina’s webinars on Search Engines, LinkedIn, Social Recruiting, Internet Research, and productivity tools.

Irina is Founder and part of the Team at People Sourcing Certification Program, now in its second year, that has become the program of choice for recruiters world-wide. By now the program has graduates from 16 countries in the world, and from companies such as Apple, Microsoft, PepsiCo, Target, Allstate Insurance, HomeDepot, Verizon Wireless, Capgemini, and more.

Irina’s latest speaking engagements included:

Irina won the largest number of sourcing competitions than anyone else, which includes the “big” SourceCon challenge in 2009, the contest in 2011, the SourceCon challenge in Atlanta in Feb in 2013, and the prequalifier contest for SourceCon Seattle in October 2013.

Prior to Brain Gain Recruiting and People Sourcing Certification Program, Irina held engineering and management leadership positions at biotech and high technology companies in the San Francisco Bay Area, including Applied Biosystems, MDL, and e-Motion. Irina holds a Master of Science Degree in Mathematics from Moscow University.

To learn more about Irina, check out her LinkedIn Profile , follow her on Twitter, and circle her on Google-Plus.

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