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Irina Shamaeva

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Searching Internationally? Find out Everything You Need To Know About X-Ray in my new post.
German holds the second place among the most spoken languages in Europe.  The top Social Network for the German-speaking people is More than a half of XING members, about 8 MLN, are Germa...
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Irina Shamaeva

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Interesting. New on LinkedIn: see your followers who are NOT your connections (if there are any)

These are shown on top, above the connections.
I have little idea how LinkedIn chooses the order. One of the top results for me is a member with 0 connections (and is therefore outside of my network); the other one is an "excutive agent and representitve,crystal bohemia" in Jordan - interesting, but I am not sure what has prompted this to be a top listed person. It looks like I have ~1000 followers who are not connections.

I imagine it would make sense to be able to send a message to a follower who is not a connection, but at this point the functionality is not there.

The bubbles show various statistics. It would be nice if they were clickable, providing some search capabilities, but they are not.
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OK, thanks!
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Irina Shamaeva

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Looking forward to the eRecruitment conference in Amsterdam on April 16th - who is joining?
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New post, on How to Find the #' of Social Shares for a #LinkedIn post - or for any page, featuring #sharemetric 
How many times was a LinkedIn post (such as this one , for example) shared - on LinkedIn and on other social sites? When you view a LinkedIn post, you see the numbers of "views" and "likes", but no...
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Irina Shamaeva

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Breaking: 5 Major Boolean Syntax Changes
Things change so fast in our profession! Here are the five major elements, that have just changed in Google's Boolean search syntax. If you are reading this blog, you will be one of the first peopl...
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Do you guys see something funny in this screenshot?
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+Irina Shamaeva I think when things like this happen and you know they shouldn't appear this way, someone forgot the feed the hampsters that run the fans at the server farm. Like those that like to describe their funky weather patterms, 'wait 5 minutes and it will change'. In LinkedIn's space, it's more like 5 hours/weeks/years.
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I have a question for the group. Is it OK to invite a follower (whom you do not know) to connect? Or can this be perceived as spam?
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Thanks +Hannah Tighe - of course, there's need for personal interaction. The lesson is, I suppose, that if you communicate elsewhere, sending a LI request just to connect needn't be elaborate and can remain standard.
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Irina Shamaeva

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New post: Sourcing Internationally in Non-traditional Ways (the Netherlands examples)  
A true Sourcer needs to be open-minded, resourceful, and creative. While some sites and tools may seem to cover the "wrong" territory, many can be used quite productively if you give them a chance ...
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Irina Shamaeva

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If you need to search for professionals as part of your job, the Sourcing Program is for you - Don't miss the Info session on April 8!  
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Join the free Info session about the Sourcing Certification Program on April 8, 2015 & learn about the best ways to educate your team on everything in Sourcing, give them a reference framework, and additional productivity sourcing tools, including people aggregators. As a heads-up, Program fees go up on June 1st 2015. 
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Attention colleagues: major news here #Boolean   #googl   #googlenose  
Things change so fast in our profession! Here are the five major elements, that have just changed in Google's Boolean search syntax. If you are reading this blog, you will be one of the first peopl...
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I am! This one is an April 1st post though, so it's best to negate every statement there to really understand how things work on Google. None of the 5 statements are true.   #googlenose  is true though - actually no, that one is also a joke, by Google, a couple of years ago.
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The workshop Sourcing without LinkedIn is SOLD OUT. Scheduling an additional session, stay tuned #sourcecon #sourcing
Bring your most challenging searches to this special interactive Workshop, covering every major method to to find professionals outside of LinkedIn.
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I am good at finding people

Irina Shamaeva is a recognized leader in Sourcing, Social Recruiting, and Internet Research.

She is Partner and Chief Sourcer at Brain Gain Recruiting, an executive search firm with the focus on placing software development and management consulting candidates nationwide.

In addition to sourcing for her agency, Irina takes on Sourcing /Name Generation/Internet Research projects across numerous industries and geographies – which she loves doing!

Irina shares her sourcing discoveries, tips, and strategies in blogs and lectures. Her blog Boolean Strings has enjoyed 160K+ visits so far in 2013. Thousands of students have attended Irina’s webinars on Search Engines, LinkedIn, Social Recruiting, Internet Research, and productivity tools.

Irina is Founder and part of the Team at People Sourcing Certification Program, now in its second year, that has become the program of choice for recruiters world-wide. By now the program has graduates from 16 countries in the world, and from companies such as Apple, Microsoft, PepsiCo, Target, Allstate Insurance, HomeDepot, Verizon Wireless, Capgemini, and more.

Irina’s latest speaking engagements included:

Irina won the largest number of sourcing competitions than anyone else, which includes the “big” SourceCon challenge in 2009, the contest in 2011, the SourceCon challenge in Atlanta in Feb in 2013, and the prequalifier contest for SourceCon Seattle in October 2013.

Prior to Brain Gain Recruiting and People Sourcing Certification Program, Irina held engineering and management leadership positions at biotech and high technology companies in the San Francisco Bay Area, including Applied Biosystems, MDL, and e-Motion. Irina holds a Master of Science Degree in Mathematics from Moscow University.

To learn more about Irina, check out her LinkedIn Profile , follow her on Twitter, and circle her on Google-Plus.

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I am good at finding people.
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