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Your Digital Marketing RoadMap - infographic
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Are you planning to leverage mobile, social and search for your marketing campaign? Do you have a road map for your digital marketing journey?

Properly marketing business in the digital realm can seem overwhelming, but it isn't as hard as you think.

Kaisersosa team has shared an infographic, visualizing the essential components of an effective marketing plan and focuses on the areas that should be considered in a digital marketing strategy.

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10 Rules That Every Business Needs To Know Before They Post On Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest & Instagram
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Wondering, how to use social media for your business marketing? And how to build a strong presence for your company?

Well, gaining a loyal fan-base doesn't happen overnight. It takes, a lot of time, consistency and creativity.

Sure, you can get lucky now and again by automating your posts and without responding to comments, but if you really want to be successful in social space, there are some rules you should follow.

Here are 4 infographics from SocialResearchStrategies that break down how to post on Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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"Life isn’t about avoiding risks it’s about making calculations & going all in with the things you love".


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Irfan Ahmad

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“Happiness is like a butterfly. The more you chase it, the more it eludes you. But if you turn your attention to other things, it comes and sits softly on your shoulder.”

 - Henry David Thoreau.

H/t +John Paul Aguiar 
Happiness Will Find You When You Least Expect It

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You're welcome +John Paul Aguiar.

+Jessica E. Roberts :).
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#followfriday is a place where Social Media and Creativity collide! Because social media without creativity is boooooring!

Help +Dustin W. Stout to reach TODAY his 1,000 followers... so he can go ahead in his creativity. Just click Follow on

Text h/t to +Marguerite GAZZE
Working Furiously for 1,000 Followers!

This is what I look like as I scour the internet for memes, cat gifs, and other things of entertainment value to get this page to 1,000 followers! Can we make it happen today?

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Well Allrighty Then!
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Irfan Ahmad

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How to Manage Your Social Media Presence [INFOGRAPHIC]

This infographic by suggests some ways to manage your social media presence upon entering today’s competitive job market.

H/t +Rebekah Radice.

For larger version of this image:
10 Tips to Manage Your Social Media Presence

Does your time spent on social media feel out of control?

Are you spending too many hours on non-productive and ineffective activities?

Get your social media under control!

10 tips to help you manage your social media presence via Social Times.

See it here:

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Britons trust Google more than their families

"The people of Britain trust Google more than they trust their own families, friends or significant others according to new research.

More than half of UK adults and 77 per cent of the countries' 18-24 year olds would trust the search engine to answer a question more accurately than their partner.

Google is also named as the most used platform to verify breaking news, over friends, partners and social media.

The survey, conducted by +Search Laboratory , found that women were slightly more likely to trust Google than men, despite men searching more frequently."

"The search engine has pretty much killed the pub debate as any argument is almost always ended by the phrase ‘I’ve Googled it…’ whereas 10, 15 years ago you might have heard ‘I’ve asked my mate…’ and I think it’ll be a long time since we start saying ‘I’ve Twittered it.’" said Ian Harris, founder of Search Laboratory.

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+Tigran Khanzadyan actually I am more worried about google bending the results to suit the highest bidder!
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2014 Digital Marketing Trends - All That You Should Know
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Digital media evolves pretty quickly, and if you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it, because each year new tools and technologies are transforming this marketing channel.

So which marketing trends will shape 2014 and what are some key takeaways that marketers should pay heed to in 2014?

DigitalTrendsBriefing and eConsultancy study of more than 2500 marketers and internet professionals shows that:

20 percent marketers think customer experience is the single most exciting opportunity in 2014. 68 percent say email is core to their business, 42 percent never use responsive web design, 86 percent believe social media efforts will do provide ROI.

This visual from InfoGraphicDesignTeam highlights some key trends, challenges and opportunities which marketers need to be aware of during 2014.

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Thank you guys. :)
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Irfan Ahmad

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10 Stats Showing That Email Marketing Is More Alive Than Ever
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"As with many digital tactics, there's always someone proclaiming the imminent death of email marketing. It's "Killers" are said to include social media, instant messaging, mobile apps, and spam. However, it's still here, it's growing and the following data can prove it.

According to eConsultancy's report Email marketing industry Census 2014, US marketers claim that revenue from email marketing has increased proportionately by 28 percent in one years (2013 - 2014)."

Read all in below visual from +Uberflip.

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Getting Bored of Social Media? You're Not Alone
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"Social network users are more active than ever - some 73% of online adults now use a social networking site of some kind. But new research also shows 61% strongly or somewhat dislike over-sharing on social media; other reports show signs of disinterest and boredom.

According to YouGov study, nearly 4 out of 10 British online population claimed to be getting bored with social media and say they will use it less."

Take a look at this infographic created by Delvv, visualizing why you're still bored.

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Nice one :-) +Irfan Ahmad
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