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He sure is! Looking at his calendar makes me glad that it is not really *my calendar* 
Busy is as busy does...very funny. I don't get alerts by Gmail at all anymore. I guess Google doesn't want me to show up.
Just emails or texts notifying me of appointments. I have it set for an hour before certain appts. but it just stopped working. There are a lot of things not working on my laptop as was in previous months and every tech tells me it is due to my Chrome extensions and conflicting background apps open. Their answer is to buy a MAC. Just replaced OS and have more problems than prior to replacement.
Oh, I see. I don't use reminders at all. They drive me crazy, but I know many people love them. 
You are young....just wait. Sometimes I wish I had reminders to set my reminders :)
I'm guessing we're about the same age +Anneliz Hannan. I just said those reminder notifications drive me crazy. I didn't say that I don't have a need to be reminded. :)
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